Top 10 Low Investment Business Ideas To Start 2023

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

Low Investment Business Ideas

With the plunge in the economy of the country, it isn’t safe anymore to depend on white-collar jobs alone. Entrepreneurs as well as working class individuals can begin any low investment business to augment their jobs.

Small business ideas may sound tedious or like a sole proprietorship business and most people are not cut out for the stress but to be on the safe side you can at least start up something, there are low investment businesses you can make a thorough research on and if you are passionate about them or find them profitable enough you could begin.

Low Investment Business Ideas

Nowadays, nothing is nonprofitable, you can make profits from any business; it only depends on your packaging and strategy. Below are low investment business ideas to work with:

1. Fast Food Point

Ever wondered why food always tops the chart? This is one commodity no one can live without. Folks may decide to eat once but that once could be at your fast food point if you prepare sumptuous meals.

All you need is a rented space in a strategic location, clean it up and be sure the utensils you use for food preparation are always clean, then work your magic on food and blow the crowd away with your delicious foods. This low investment business idea is sure to bring you plenty.

2. Online bakery

No fewer people still prefer a loaf of bread in the morning, it’s quick food. However, your bakery mustn’t be limited to bread making, you can bake cakes, doughnuts, pastries, and even cookies and sell them online. This is even cheaper as you do not need to worry about renting a bakery, you can bake in your house and sell them online.

You’ll need to sell on a platform but be sure to advertise your business on social media, you can offer facilities at midnight as few bakeries do that, this will tell people you’re serious about your business. This is a much preferred low investment business idea.

3. Ice-cream Parlor

Ice-cream Parlor is a delicious dessert for thousands of people, if your ice cream isn’t nice, people might likely patronize you a couple of times then they’ll stop, spread the news and that’s the end of business for you. If your ice cream is nice, however, that is, you make delicious ice creams with different flavors then you are sure to have people flock in to buy.

4. Photography

Photographers do not only capture images, but they also capture moments and they understand the validity of their jobs. Even if you have no knowledge of photography, as long as you are passionate about it, you can learn and then set up your studio or in your house. You can be paid for a session or more to capture pre-wedding photos, birthdays, anniversaries, etc and you could want that.

5. Private tutor

Private tutorship is one of the best home-based business ideas. If you’re passionate about teaching and sharing your knowledge with others then you can begin this. This is the lowest investment business idea to come up with, you do not need a dime to begin, you only need to locate the people that are interested then you schedule days with them and start.

6. Lime Soda Shop

Lime soda is one of the most sought-after drinks, tons of people would opt for soda in place of those sugary drinks and you can produce your own soda. You’ll have a little outlet and some raw materials to begin.

You can make your own lime with no sugar or additives but provide soda of different flavors, the novelty is what people seek.

7. Fitness Trainer

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy now and working out is the new normal. If you’re capable of being a gym instructor, then you can look into this job. People might want to employ a personal fitness trainer and that’s a look turn because you’ll have enough time to engage in other jobs.

8. Party planner

Well, well, well, people throw parties, weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, etc every day and what good is it if you’re good at making party plans yet they keep hiring someone else? Party planning is a good low investment business idea you can start by word of mouth, tell your friends and family members what you do and let them publicize you. You could equally sell yourself on social media platforms and get invited to make plans that will light up the place.

9. Public transport

With your car laying outside your door, you can start this low investment business, you don’t even need to register except that you will need to pay your taxes, so why not earn from what you already have at hand?

10. Hair salon

Contrary to hearing people think about this business, it is actually a low investment business that only demands your skill, then your clients will speak for you if you are good and make referrals.

There are no small jobs anymore, whatever you find to do, do it with all your might, you do not know what low investment business you will cash out with.

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