How to Apply for London School of Economics and Political Science Scholarships in 2021 for International Students

Last Updated on January 11, 2021

Are you looking to apply for London School of Economics and Political Science Scholarships in 2021 for international students? If so, then, you would need to know about the processes involved in applying for scholarships. This article aims to provide a candid response to how you can apply for London School of Economics and Political Science Scholarships in 2021 for your study abroad.

Studying abroad is undoubtedly a great way to develop additional social, academic and language skills, while adding unparalleled depth to your university experience. Study overseas can improve your university years as well as ultimately give you a competitive edge when it comes to your job search as recruiters are looking for those who have actively used various ways to expand their experience.

While it is true that some students would prefer to apply for scholarships to study abroad at the University College London. Studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science offers a variety of unforgettable experiences.

London School of Economics (LSE) is a public research university located in London, England, and a member institution of the federal University of London.

LSE is one of the best universities in the world for economics. Founded in 1895, it has produced the world’s best economists and experts in other fields in humanities and social sciences.

The university has produced 17% of all Nobel Laureates in Economics (13 out of 78). The academic excellence in economics and other humanities and social science fields has produced the world’s economic leaders and continue to do so.

Interestingly, the London School of Economics contains a very high number of international students. There are 10,833 total students in this university including 7,544 international students.

These numbers show that international students make up approximately 70% of the whole student body! The high number of international students prove that London School of Economics is willing to educate and finance qualified international students.

Applying for London School of Economics and Political Science Scholarships for International Students

The London School of Economics and Political Science recognizes student excellence, diversity, and achievement through an array of scholarship opportunities. These scholarships have been developed with international students in mind.

LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme 

  • Scholarship Awards- 6,000 euros to 26,000 euros each year. (Tuition is approximately 18,000 euros per year for international students)
  • Eligibility- All international students
  • Number of Recipients- Approximately 16 awards
  • Application Deadline- Prospective students need to be accepted into this university first to apply for the scholarship. The admission opens in September 1st and closes in January 15th. After the student is accepted into the university, he needs to submit the scholarship application by late April.
  • How to Apply- You need separate application form in addition to the application for admission. To access the scholarship form, visit LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme Page.

LSE PhD Studentships

  • Scholarship Awards- Tuition, fees, living stipend of 18,000 euros per year
  • Eligibility- All domestic and international students pursuing PhD degree
  • Number of Recipients- 100 students per year
  • Application Deadline- April 27
  • How to Apply- There is no separate application form for this scholarship. You must be nominated by your department after you have received admission to London College of Economics. For more information, visit LSE PhD Studentships Information Page.

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