How To Write A Letter Of Appreciation (with sample) 2022 Update

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

Letter Of Appreciation

In our day-to-day dealing with ourselves, appreciation is considered very important especially when we receive help from anyone. This show of appreciation usually acts as an impetus to receiving similar assistance or gift in the future. Appreciation is a show of gratitude for something done to or for you. It could also mean an act of expressing gratitude to someone who has done something to help you or acknowledging a person who went out of their way for you which is not only thoughtful, it’s memorable.

People are inherently motivated by the expression of gratitude. Writing a letter of appreciation to someone who’s lent you a hand makes it more likely that those who’ve helped you will do so again when you need them. Appreciation could be done verbally, via text messages, or in letter writing.

What is a letter of appreciation?

A letter of appreciation is a letter that is used when one person/party wishes to express appreciation to another. Personal appreciation letters are sometimes hand-written in cases in which the addressee is a friend, acquaintance, or relative. Appreciation letters are also sometimes referred to as letters of gratitude. These types of appreciation letters are usually written as formal business letters.

When to write an appreciation letter?

There are likely many times in your life when it is appropriate to write a letter of appreciation. You might receive a gift, advice, or professional connections from a person in your personal or professional life. Regardless of what favor you are showing gratitude for, an appreciation letter can make a positive impact on someone you know.

How To Write A Letter Of Appreciation

In writing an appreciation letter, you must make it brief, simple, and sincere. The following are what to include in the appreciation letter:

  • Begin with greetings: In writing a professional letter to a business contact, potential employers or people you are not familiar with should include a title in the greeting such as “Mr.” Or “Ms”. For personal letters to someone close to you (relatives) tend to call for more personal greetings using the recipient’s first name.

The greeting you choose will set the tone for the letter. For this reason, it’s important to use the appropriate greeting to begin your message of appreciation.

  • Body: This involves sharing your gratitude experience. It involves showing what’s done to you, how exciting and impactful it has been to you, and the results or benefits the help or support has brought to you or a community. Letters of appreciation can take various forms; it could be on the following; when lending a helping hand or support, providing a referral or recommendation, job interview, etc. Note, in appreciation you need to take your time to carefully approach/arrange your appreciation note to fit the circumstances.
  • Close: You could add any additional thought and information. Choose an appropriate closing ending politely, e.g “thanks again”. You sign your name at the bottom of the letter if it is to be delivered physically but if it’s by mail simply type your name. The most common closing for professional letters is “sincerely “but other options include “Respectfully”, “Best Regards” and other similar phrases.

Benefit of Appreciation

  • Feeling genuine appreciation lifts people up.
  • It helps us channel our energy in/on things that create value other than things that divert and preoccupied our minds which are of no or less value.
  • It creates room for more assistance/gifts in the future.
  • Appreciation turns obstacles or challenges into opportunities. E.g commending someone’s effort on a job will help boost their confidence and aid better performance (improves self-esteem).
  • It creates and strengthens relationships.
  • It helps us find more meaning in our work: Being appreciated for our work or service rendered helps boost our passion for our day-to-day activities.

Sample letter of appreciation

Sample 1

Dear Mr. Duke,

I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for your excellent mentoring during my internship program at vikas farm limited. You were not only a source of encouragement but also an instrument of impacting knowledge one the rudiments of agriculture ranging from crop to animal production; you turned every mistake into a learning opportunity. Your guidance has been influential, and I know with the knowledge acquired it will help in developing my skills and passion for agriculture and nature at large as I move into my professional career.         

Warmest regards,


Sample 2

Hi David,

I want to earnestly commend your efforts and ever-ready spirit to learn new things, serve, and for a having a good customer relationship. Ever since you came to this establishment we recorded more sales and less shortage all due to your prudent and genuine commitment to your work, you always see the need to make everyone happy and always come back to patronize us even making referrals. I’m grateful for your attention to every detail and for your amazing skills.

I’m very certain and confident that if you keep up the good work without relenting, you would not only advance the business you will go far and higher in life .keep the good work the world is waiting for your manifestation!

Thanks again.



Appreciation tends to let the person you are appreciating know how much value, esteem, or worth you place on their support. In writing an appreciation message you need to be prompt because it has the potential to make a good impression of your manners and efficiency. Appreciation letters for professional connection (contact) should be typed and printed otherwise an email would be more recommended and appropriate. But if it’s personal acquaintance a more casual format can be appropriate. Always consider the situation and make choices.

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