Registration 2023/2024 Application Guide And Requirements

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 Registration 20223: This is a guide on how to register for the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) programme. Registration

Youth unemployment is by far one of the biggest challenges we face in Kenya and has been blamed for vices such as the growth of gangs.

There is a wanting imbalance in the ratio between the number of graduates released by Universities every year and the number of jobs available to absorb the graduates.

The Government of Kenya, in partnership with the World Bank, seeking a remedy for this, launched the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP).


KYEOP aims at increasing employment and earning opportunities for youth aged between 18-29 years through various skills training and entrepreneurship support.

The project, which was launched in 2016, targets to reach over 280,000 youth who have an education background of up to Form Four.

The project is coordinated by The Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs (MPYG), through the Directorate of Youth Affairs (DYA).

The project has four distinct components, which are interlinked and aim to reach youth directly and indirectly.

Component 1: Improving youth employability

This is by ensuring that youth are equipped with the right workplace skills by engaging employers in training and providing work experiences to the youth, making them competent enough for the workplace.

Component 2: Support for job creation

KYEOP provides an opportunity for the youth to create their own opportunities by helping them launch their own businesses and promoting innovations

Component 3: Labour Market Information System (LMIS)

The program aims to improve access to and the quality of labor market information for skills matching

Component 4: Strengthening youth policy development and project management

This component provides support for strengthening youth policy development, monitoring and evaluation, and management of the project. Registration Requirements

Requirements for Applicants
  • Should be between 18 to 29 years of age.
  • Have an ID.
  • Proof of education level reached i.e. Form Four certificate.
  • Currently Unemployed.
Requirements for startup Grants
  • Be a youth aged between 18-29
  • Have an education level of up to form four or below
  • Not currently employed
  • Not currently enrolled in school or planning to join in the next 8 months
Requirements for Expansion Grants
  • Be a youth aged between 18-35
  • Have an existing registered business
  • Must be a youth-owned business
Requirements for Certification for Youth with Skills But no Certificate
  • Be aged between 18-29
  • Have education level of up to Form Four or below
  • Not currently employed
  • Not currently enrolled in school or planning to join in the next 8 months
Requirements for Certification of Master Craftsmen
  • No age limit
  • Must be an expert in a certain craft or skill that is useful to the society and have economic relevance viability
  • Must be willing to undergo training to upgrade their skills

Areas of Formal Technical Training

ICT Catering Fashion Design Bee Keeping
Hair Dressing Solar PV Technology Welding Beauty Therapy
Dressmaking Masonry Plumbing Firefighting
Mechanical Operations Baking Carpentry
Oil Pipeline Operations Painting and Decoration Motor Vehicle Mechanics Electrical Installation
Plant Operations Electricals Hospitality Food processing
Horticulture Waste Management    

Areas of Informal Technical Training

Agribusiness Agro-processing Chemical Production Cobbler
Welding and metal fabrication Motor vehicle mechanics Panel beating and spraying Fashion and Design
Event Planning Plumbing Masonry Catering
Bead making Hairdressing Dressmaking Carpentry
Weaving Cleaning Services Landscaping Painting
Handcrafts Leatherwork Cycle Repair Photography
Woodwork Bio sand production ICT Bakery

Training Process

First, successful applicants are required to undergo a two-weeks Life Skills Training that will equip the youth beneficiaries with adaptive and positive behaviour that enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Practicing life skills will lead to enhanced qualities such as self-esteem, sociability, and tolerance.

They will then undergo a two weeks Core Business Skills Training will equip the youth beneficiaries with Business, Financial and Management skills that emphasize practical application of principles and proficiency-based learning approaches which contains 8 modules.

After going through life skills and core business skills training, successful applicants who opt for Training and Internship will receive an eight weeks technical skills training and undergo three months of internship experience with a formal sector employer.

Alternatively, vulnerable youth with limited education and those in rural areas. The apprenticeship duration will be five months and the trainer will be a master craftsman certified by NITA. Registration Process

Youth interested to participate in the project will be notified as follows:

  • A Call for youth advertisement will be placed on a national newspaper/s.
  • A copy of the advertisement and other updates will be placed on the KYEOP website.
  • The advertisement will be aired on selected radio stations.
  • Youth Field Officers of the Ministry of Public Service, Youth, and Gender Affairs at Sub-County level will visit various areas within the County to sensitize about the Call for Youth and assist interested individuals to fill out the forms and submit them online.

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