KWS Salary Structure 2023

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Want to know what employees earn at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)? Take a look at our review of the KWS Salary Structure 2023 below;

KWS Salary

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) focuses on the conservation and management of wildlife. This wildlife has promoted various things in the country such as job creation, the source of tourist attractions leading to the country earning more revenue, among others.

KWS rangers are very important persons in Kenya. Have you been wondering what is work of KWS in Kenya? The roles of KWS in Kenya include:

1. Conserve and manage wildlife in Kenya.

2. Provide security for wildlife and visitors in national park, wildlife conservations, etc.

3. Coordination and implementation of ecosystem plans.

4. Promote commercial activities in order to achieve wildlife conservation.

5. Collect revenue from tourists in order to promote the country’s economy.

6. Establish Forensic laboratories.

KWS Salary Structure

So, what is the KWS salary in Kenya? The basic salary of a KWS officer in Kenya is Ksh.37, 890 per month excluding allowances.

KWS officers salary in Kenya vary drastically depending on factors such as KWS rangers ranks, work experience, gender, location, level of education among others.

KWS Recruitment Salary

New recruited graduates in KWS earn a salary range of Ksh.50, 000 to Ksh.75, 000 per month with allowances

Newly recruited rangers earn a salary range of Ksh.25, 000 to Ksh. 50,000 per month including all allowances.

KWS Community Scouts Salary In Kenya

KWS Community Scouts assist in wildlife conservation in the country.

KWS Community Scouts salary per month ranges from as low as Ksh.15,000 to as high as Ksh.25,000 on a monthly basis.

KWS community scouts salary structure is based on the level of the KWS scout.

KWS Vacancies

Job vacancies available at Kenya Wildlife Service include:

a. Head of supply chain management at KWS, Naivasha.

b. Head of corporate communication at KWS.

c. Internal Auditor at Kenya Wildlife Service.

d. Webmaster at Kenya Wildlife Service.

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