KUCCPS Placement Results 2023/2024 | How To Check Results Online

Last Updated on January 3, 2023

Did you apply for KUCCPS Placement? Do you want to check KUCCPS placement results for 2023/2024? Here’s how you can get your KUCCPS results once they’re released.

KUCCPS Placement Results

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) opened its online system for first, and second or final revisions.

This is for students who completed KCSE to choose and revise the courses, universities and colleges they want to be admitted to.

After that KUCCPS is expected to process these applications and give the final placement results to students.

Once these are released you can check your KUCCPS placement results easily online.

However, if you made your selection during the first revision window you are likely to have secured a chance in one of the institutions you chose.

A provisional message will be displayed on your dashboard like this;

“You have provisionally secured one of your choices subject to approval by the Placement Service Board.”

If you do not see the message above in your dashboard then it means you have to revise your choices. Do not rush to revise your choices until you are sure that you have not been placed after the first revision.

The best time to revise your choices is during the KUCCPS second revision window.

How To Check Your KUCCPS Placement Results

The process for checking your KUCCPS placement results is simple;

  • Go to KUCCPS students portal: students.kuccps.net
  • Login by filling your details as shown below:
  • Username; Enter your full KCSE index number
  • Year; The year you did your KCSE
  • Password; Your birth certificate number(or your KCPE index no.)
  • Then click log in.

Once you are logged in you will see your kuccps placement results in your dashboard if you have successfully been placed by KUCCPS.

This will include the university or college you have been placed to and the course you’ve been admitted for as shown in the image below.

You may also receive an SMS confirming your KUCCPS placement and admission from your university but this may take a while.

Important Note: you will only be able to know the university you have been admitted to once KUCCPS finalizes the placement process.

This usually happens after the first and second revisions are complete.

For those who have been competitively placed during the first revision you will see a message similar to the one below on your KUCCPS student portal dashboard;

“You have provisionally secured one of your choices subject to approval by the Placement Service Board.”

You won’t be able to know the exact course and university. But, be sure that Kuccps has placed you to one of your preferred courses and university.

What to do with your KUCCPS placement results

Usually students are left confused about what to do after successfully applying and getting their KUCCPS placement results.

KUCCPS mandate is to facilitate and streamline the process of admission to institutions of higher learning.

After that it is the work of the institution which you have been called to, to ensure that you get your admission letters and joining instructions.

So once you have known your placement results, you can keep checking the website of your university or college of choice for more details.

Are KUCCPS placement results for 2023 out?

Kindly note that KUCCPS placement results for this year 2023 are yet to be released.

You can only know where you have been placed by KUCCPS after the placement results are out.

When will KUCCPS placement results for 2023 be released?

The KUCCPS placement results will be released after the first revision for those who have provisionally secured their choices, and after the second and final revisions for those who have been successfully placed.

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