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Do you wish to check for your KRA PIN application status, or need to apply for a new KRA PIN or just want to know more about the KRA PIN? If yes, then this article is for you. Today we will be sharing with you important information about the KRA PIN Checker.

KRA PIN Checker

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is an establishment owned by the Kenyan government. The organization is principally charged with gathering revenue on behalf of the government. It was originally launched in 1995, but with the constant increase in the involvement of ICT in human life, its activities and mode of operation have been refined to be more efficient.


The KRA PIN is an 11-digit identity number that serves as a valid means of identification for making any transaction with the Kenyan government, especially tax payments, either as an individual of legal age or an organization. Having this pin is necessary but one has to make sure it is active and functional as there are many things you can do with it.

The KRA portal provides multiple services for the convenience of the taxpayer and among them is the PIN Checker. The PIN Checker feature also serves different purposes which include;

  • Confirming the Validity of the KRA Pin Number: The PIN checker is what tells a taxpayer whether their pin number is valid or not. This means that if you have a KRA PIN Number and you need to check its validity, the KRA PIN Checker will carry out the task. Bear in mind that a valid PIN number is generated by KRA Domestic Taxes Department System DTDS). You can generate your number through Cyber’s KRA PIN Registration services.
  • Establishing the Taxpayer’s Details: KRA PIN Checker can also allow one to confirm the details of a taxpayer with a valid PIN Number. This feature generates a taxpayer’s KRA PIN, Name, PIN Status, and Status of that particular KRA PIN Number.
  • Finding Out Obligation Details: Another function of the KRA PIN Checker is finding out the obligation details of a taxpayer without a hassle. With this, you are allowed to check and confirm the KRA Tax Obligations that a KRA PIN Number is registered for on the KRA Portal. Here, details such as Obligation Type, Current Status, and the Effective From Date are revealed.

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These three important functions mentioned above are the only details or PIN Checker results a given KRA PIN Number of a taxpayer can have access to on the KRA Portal.

Once you log into the i-Tax portal, you will be required to provide the required information in order to be able to use the service. And since the entire process is to confirm the functionality of the KRA PIN, the pin is the only information that you will be mandated to provide. Once you put in the pin, you will be enabled to find out whether the pin is valid or not. In other words, you will be able to confirm the validity of the KRA PIN Number on the portal.

How to Request For A New KRA PIN

Applying for a new PIN is the first step if you don’t have a PIN Number or ID Number yet. To apply for a pin, you just have to go to the iTax Portal and click on New PIN Registration. Then Fill out the form. You can also do so through reliable agents such as

KRA PIN Checker

The KRA PIN Checker is an online means of verifying whether a customer’s KRA PIN is properly registered and is currently active. Once you have a pin number, the steps involved are quite straight forward. Simply;

  1. Log into the i-Tax portal using this link
  2. Click on the i-Tax pin checker. It is the first dialogue box on the right side of the page.
  3. input the 11-digit KRA PIN into the main box on the screen. Just below, you will see an arithmetic question, you will need to solve the question and input the correct answer. Don’t worry, it is nothing difficult but just there to provide an extra layer of security in case of any online attack. When you are done with that, just click submit.
  4. The result – upon completion of stage 3, the result is displayed on the screen. This comprises two key parts i.e. Taxpayer Details and Obligation Details.

The Taxpayer Details Contain

  • PIN
  • PIN status
  • Taxpayer name
  • iTax status

The Obligation Details Contain

  • Obligation name
  • Current status
  • -Effective from the date

N.B – In the event that the pin is incorrect, the result page won’t show. Confirm the pin and enter the correct one or you can contact the iTax office for further clarifications.

How to Retrieve a Lost or Forgotten KRA PIN

What if you lose your KRA PIN you may ask? Well, in the event that a customer loses or forgets their KRA PIN for any reason, there is no cause for alarm. The process of retrieving a lost or forgotten KRA PIN is quite easy and very affordable. Check below for a step by step guide on how to retrieve a lost KRA PIN, also provided is the official website that you will be needing for this procedure.

  1. Go to and fill the request form. You will need to provide certain info about yourself and they include – name, ID number, date of birth, mobile number (for paying), email address, county, city, district, postal address (if you don’t have, use 00), postal code (if you don’t have, use 00).
  2. Proceed to pay the Kes 200 fee that this service attracts. Payment is made through M-Pesa Till number 745508 by following the guidelines below:
  3. Go to Lipa na M-Pesa
  4. Select Buy Goods and Services
  5. Enter Till Number: 745508
  6. Enter the amount: Kes 200
  7. Enter your M-PESA PIN and confirm the details
  8. You will get an SMS notification from M-PESA upon the successful payment of Kes 200 to CYBER PORTAL KENYA for your online order. Also, you will receive another SMS notification from CYBER PORTAL confirming the successful payment and receipt of your KRA PIN Retrieval online order service request.

Your order shall be processed by the online support team at Portal. Subsequently, your retrieved KRA PIN Number and KRA PIN Certificate will be sent to your Email Address. You should receive the forgotten or lost KRA PIN Certificate in your mailbox within 30 Minutes.

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