Kenya Prisons Salary Structure 2022 | How Much Is KPS Salary In Kenya

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Kenya Prisons Salary Structure

Are you looking at the Kenya Prisons Salary Structure 2022? Kenya Prisons Service (KPS) is a department within the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. As a uniformed and disciplined entity, KPS is established under the Prisons Act Cap 90 and Borstal Institutions Act Cap 92 Laws of Kenya. KPS IS headed by the Commissioner-General of Prisons (CGP).

Kenya Prisons Ranks

Here is the Kenya Prisons rank structure:

1. Constable of prisons-PG.

2. Corporal of prisons-PG.

3. Sergeant of Prisons-PG.

4. Inspector of Prisons-PG.

5. Chief inspector of prisons-PG.

6. Superintendent of prisons-PG.

7. Senior superintendent of prisons-PG.

Maybe you know very well about the Kenya Prisons but what do you know about the Kenya Prisons salary structure? You don’t? Would you like to know about it? If yes, then you really need to read this article.

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Kenya Prisons has a major aim of containing offenders in human safe conditions in order to administer justice, rehabilitation, social integration, and community protection at large.

The Kenya Prisons pay a considerate salary to its staff. And this is with respect to their ranks in the commission.

Kenya Prisons Salary and allowances were recently increased by the government by a higher percentage.

Below is a table displaying Kenya Prisons Salary scale per month:

Kenya Prisons Staff Salary Per Month
Constable of prisons Ksh.21,000
Corporal of prisons Ksh.28,700
Sergeant of prisons Ksh.33,908
Commissioner of prisons Ksh.141,000

Kenya Prisons Salary Structure 2022

Kenya Prisons Cadets

Recruitment of Kenya Prisons Cadets was announced to the general public and whoever meets the qualifications can apply for the vacant position.

Kenya Prisons Cadets earn a basic salary of Ksh 40,000 exclusive of allowances.

Kenya Prisons Inspector

Are you curious to know how much does inspector of prisons earn in Kenya? Inspector of prisons earn an average of Ksh.75,000 per month including all allowances such as risk allowances, commuter allowances, among others.

Kenya Prisoners Salary

Do prisoners get paid in Kenya? Yes, Kenya prisoners are paid a maximum of sh. 0.20 per day and a minimum of sh.0.10 a day of the work they have done.

The last time inmates’ salary was revised was in 1979. For the best paid convicts, the imprisoned lot salary was set at Sh0.20 per day.

Prisoners of Kenya get paid depending on their skills and job grade.  There are three main job grade for prisoners as shown below with the allocated Kenya prisoners salaries:

1. Grade A Prisoners Salary

Grade A prisoners earn Sh.0.20 per day. These are prisoners who are skilled and are of exemplary conducts

2. Grade B Prisoners Salary

Grade B prisoners earn Sh.0.15 per day. Such prisoners are semi-skilled and of good conduct.

3. Grade C Prisoners Salary

Grade C prisoners earn Sh.0.10 cents. These are prisoners who cannot be distinctly categorized in job grade A or B.

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