Top 10 Best Jobs In Switzerland For Foreigners (2023 Review)

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Jobs In Switzerland For Foreigners

Switzerland is known to be one of the most developed countries in Europe and also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It’s an attractive place with lots of employment opportunities for foreign professionals around the world to work, due to its high salary and low taxes.

Are you like other thousands of foreigners with the aspiration of getting a job in Switzerland? You are in the right place. As this article will help you explore the best Jobs in Switzerland for Foreigners 2023. 

Without further ado let’s consider the list of jobs with high pay in Switzerland for foreigners.

Best Jobs In Switzerland For Foreigners

1. Skilled workers

This is one of the best jobs that are highly demanded in Switzerland. This category of workers include; Electricians, Welders, Mechanics and the likes. They are highly efficient in handling tools to perform complex mental and physical tasks in building, construction sites and on machines, for the general maintenance of these machines and buildings. A skilled worker Switzerland earns an average salary of CHF 48,591 per year.

2. Sales representatives

Sales representative are also one of the best jobs in Switzerland for foreigners 2022. A Sales Representative is a professional who is responsible for showcasing and selling products to clients. They also manage business rapport with customers. As a sales person in Switzerland you can earn up to CHF 122,521 as the average salary per year.

3. Management/executive staff

The success or failure of any company or organization solely rest on management. Management staff has an integral role to play in every company or organization regardless of the size.

They perform responsibilities such as, defining vision and goals, overseeing the department hiring, budgets, firing, and the general workloads of members in their departments, so as to enhance a smooth operation and function of their department. They can earn an average salary of CHF 124,292 per year.

4. Hospitality workers

These are those that are placed with the responsibility of overseeing the satisfaction of guests. They are typically found in hotels, cruise ships, country clubs, restaurants, amusement parks, convention centers, and the like. They can earn an estimated salary of CHF 114,035 per year.

5. Drivers

Drivers are also one of the jobs in demand in Switzerland. Such as truck drivers, couriers, drivers in construction machinery and public transportation. They are need for the transportation of humans and for the delivery of goods to client in good condition. A driver in Switzerland can earn up to CHF 63 780 as their average annual salary.

6. Administrative and office staff

Administrative and office staffs are those responsible providing assistance or support to a company or organization to ensure that staff can communicate and work efficiently. Their estimated salary is CHF 57,999 per year.

Part of their responsibilities includes; answering and directing phone calls, organizing and scheduling appointments, planning meetings and take detailed minutes, write and distribute email, correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms, develop and maintain a filing system and assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports and other related tasks.

7. Engineers

Engineers are also one of the highly demanded jobs in Switzerland. Engineers are professionals who are responsible for building, inventing, designing, analyzing, testing and maintaining engines, machines, structures, and complex systems. These professionals include chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil engineers. They can earn an average salary of 105,000 CHF per year.

8. Project managers

These are professionals that are responsible for the initiation, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing of projects. They are in charge of the entire project scope, the project team and resources, project budget, defining goals and in ensuring the success or failure of the project. A project manager in Switzerland earns an average salary of CHF 111,845 per year.

9. Lawyers

Lawyers are also one of the highly demanded and well paid jobs in Switzerland because of their high perceived value by their clients. They are trained to prepare, manage, and either defend or prosecute a court action, and also give legal advice to clients that may or may not require court action. Lawyers can earn an average salary of 255,000 CHF per year.

10. Accountants

Every business, either small or big needs an accountant to oversee all financial transactions of a company or an organization. These professionals possess strong accounting and analytical skills. They are responsible for developing budgets, monitoring transactions, and preparing financial reports and documents like profit-and-loss statements, balance sheets and more. Accountants in Switzerland can earn an average salary of CHF 107,207 per year.


Switzerland, as it’s known to be one of the most developed and wealthiest countries in the world has divers opportunities that aid you in pursuing your dream career and make money in no distant time. However, you have to bear in mind that each profession comes with great responsibility; therefore you need to ensure you acquire the necessary education and skills so that nothing can stop you achieving your goals and aspirations.

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