Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Metal Fabrications 2023

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Are you looking for the best paying jobs in metal fabrications or want to switch careers? Then this article is for you. Having surveyed the series of jobs in metal fabrications, we’ve come forth with the best of those jobs available for you so you can make a choice of any and apply.

Jobs in Metal Fabrications

Metal fabrication has many different subtypes such as cutting, machining, punching, folding, stamping, welding, and shearing, which are distinguished by the procedures they use to be finished.

There is a lot of possibility for growth and advancement in the gratifying field of metal production. You can command a high income for your abilities if you take pleasure in working with your hands, paying attention to detail, and producing high-quality items.

So, every step of the process, including the design stage, actual fabrication work, and installation, is covered by jobs in this profession.

 In light of this, a career in metal fabrication is a fantastic choice if you have a passion for the industry.

Let’s look at what metal fabrication is about before we proceed to the best paying jobs in the field.

What is Metal Fabrication?

The process of creating a metal structure through a variety of techniques and then putting the finished pieces together is known as metal fabrication. With regard to raw materials, metal fabrication businesses often provide a variety of services which include sheet metal, structural metal, and steel fabrication.

Who is a Metal Fabricator?

A metal fabricator is an individual who fabricates metal components and structures for a client order.

Their basic responsibilities involve interpreting designs, cutting, welding, and fabricating metal things using sophisticated machinery and hand tools.  To make sure the components adhere to all specifications, they conduct numerous quality checks, record the findings, and keep track of the supplies and labor needed for each project.

Hence we proceed to the best paying jobs in metal fabrications so you make the right choice.

Best Paying Jobs in Metal Fabrication

There are opportunities in the metal fabrication industry. So, let’s look at the best paying jobs we’ve shortlisted for you.

1. Construction Superintendent

It’s important for you to realize that this is one of the highest paying positions in metal fabrication.

For a customer, construction superintendents are in charge of directing every step of the building process, from demolition to inspection to construction. They purchase all necessary raw materials and supplies, such as steel girders, scaffolding, concrete, wood, and sheet metal. In order to shape and cut the metal infrastructure for their buildings, construction managers hire and train specialists. They then schedule inspectors to check the buildings’ structural soundness.They also keep an eye on the project’s budget and schedule.

A construction superintendent typically earns $80,920 annually.

2. Manufacturing manager

This is also one of the highest paying positions in metal manufacturing.

In an industrial context, a manufacturing manager is in charge of monitoring production activity. To maximize efficiency and guarantee that production targets are met, they oversee the manufacturing team’s planning, scheduling, and inventory management activities.

Manufacturing supervisors instruct staff members on the best procedures and methods for accomplishing each of their specific manufacturing specialties. Additionally, they carry out safety training and make sure every employee complies with industry standards for safety.

A manufacturing manager typically earns $84,931 annually.

3. Metallurgist

The main responsibilities of a metallurgist are to professionally investigate methods of extracting and treating metals and alloys. They research the various uses of metals and work out how to use particular metals’ qualities in particular circumstances.

For commercial use, metallurgists determine the best methods for processing and manufacturing metals. They also give manufacturers advice on how to streamline their production processes and use specialized soldering and shaping methods to create cutting-edge products.

An average metallurgist makes $89,408 a year.

4. Industrial engineer

This is one of the best paying jobs in metal fabrication.

Industrial engineers’ main responsibilities include analyzing how production environments operate and creating effective manufacturing solutions. Industrial engineers analyze the most efficient ways to create metal goods, including how to procure raw materials, create production schedules, train metal fabrication workers, and minimize waste. They are also in charge of enhancing quality control procedures and boosting each manufacturer’s output and efficiency on the manufacturing line.

An industrial engineer earns an average salary of$74,344 annually.

5. Plating engineer

A plating engineer also known as an electroplating engineer work with a team to produce conductors according to client drawings and to address any emerging engineering problems. Additionally, they collaborate closely with suppliers to get specifications for any new materials, products, or machinery required to meet client demands.

 Other responsibilities of a plating engineer include offering fixes and improvements for persistent issues, conducting experiments to meet and surpass client plating specifications, and increasing the efficiency of the plating process through the inspection of scraps. You must abide by all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to hazardous waste, industrial waste, and environmental protection.

This is also one of the best paying jobs in metal fabrications if you are interested with an annual salary of $78,000.

6. Laser Engineer

A laser engineer is a subset of an electrical engineer that focuses on the machinery that creates lasers and lasers themselves, occasionally in specialized fields like cutting-edge optics.

Your responsibilities as a laser engineer will likely entail keeping an eye on the laser systems, maximizing their output, and looking into problems with their operation. You might also need to teach other technicians and create documentation about how to use and maintain the equipment.

 You must have the same education and experience as an electrical engineer in order to start a career in this field. You also need to have knowledge of how to use, maintain, and operate laser equipment.

This is also one of the best paying jobs in metal fabrications with an average basic salary of  $85,000 annually.

7. Heat treatment supervisor

The term “heat treatment” in the context of metalworking refers to a number of methods and procedures for heating materials in order to harden materials like glass, steel or copper. It is the responsibility of a heat treatment supervisor to oversee and coordinate other people who set up, operate, and tend heat-treating equipment.

They make sure that their work is completed on time and to the necessary technical standards. Until they are comfortable using the equipment and heat-treating procedures the plant uses, you must supervise the operations of new operators and processors and train them.

This is one of the best paying jobs in metal fabrications which you should know and if you are interested, you can apply. A heat treat supervisor earns an average salary of $53,000 annually.

8. CNC programmer

This is one of the highest paying positions in metal manufacturing.

A CNC programmer creates the software for CNC machines, which effectively cut and produce materials like metal sheeting. To process the resources and create the right quantity of objects, CNC programmers translate blueprints and program instructions. They decide which techniques to employ, create a database of code to include in their programs, and input their layouts into the CNC modeling software.

A CNC programmer earns an average salary of $65,300 annually.

9. Sheet metal foreman

A sheet metal mechanic’s main responsibilities include cutting, shaping, and installing sheet metal parts, especially those for ventilation ducts, roofs, drainage pipes, and air conditioning systems.

They examine the architectural plans for a location and cut the sheet metal to fit the space precisely. The finished product is installed by sheet metal mechanics who also cut and straighten the metal.

This is also one of the best paying jobs in metal fabrications with an average salary of $64,350 annually.

10. Layout designer

This is one of the best paying jobs in metal fabrications if you are interested.

An appealing and well-coordinated overall appearance is achieved by carefully placing photos, text, and other elements in print and online publications. Layout designers also balance layout elements, work with copywriters, conduct editorial functions, and produce prototypes for client approval.

So if you want to work as a layout designer, you need at least an associate’s degree in graphic design or a closely related discipline and practical design software skills, such as Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Advanced computing abilities, creativity, and attention to detail are further requirements.

A layout designer earns an average salary of $42,000 annually.


Having known the jobs available in metal fabrication, it is imperative that you apply for any position of your choice. Of course, you’ll also receive a fantastic wage. All you need do is to apply if you meet the prerequisites for the position.  We sincerely hope that this article about the best paying  jobs in metal fabrication has been helpful to you thus far.

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