10 Best Paying Jobs In Investment Managers 2023

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Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Are you looking for the best paying jobs in investment managers or possibly want to switch careers? Then this article is for you. We’ll give you the best paying jobs in investment manager having surveyed the jobs in this field.

Jobs In Investment Managers

Investment managers work in the financial sector, managing mutual funds, bonds and stocks, currencies and real estate on behalf of clients looking to get the most out of their investments.

Investment managers have always been in demand over the years. However, this demand tends to be larger when there is an economic downturn, when interest rates are low, and when investment returns are high.

Investment managers work full time. They meet with coworkers in a spacious workplace with a comfortable setting, such as an office, conference room, or study, to discuss current financial market conditions, investment methods, or to propose fresh investment ideas.

 So, if you are looking forward to working in investment managers, then make a step even as the job comes with a lucrative salary. Before we proceed in the best paying jobs in investment managers, let’s give you some knowledge about investment managers.

Who is an Investment Manager?

An investment manager is someone who manages other people’s money. In fact, they are the custodians of the client’s property. The role of the fund manager is to manage clients’ money and multiply it by investing it in various asset classes such as stocks, bonds and real estate.

Then pops the question,

Is Investment Managers A Good Career Path?

Yes, because it is crucial for both personal money and business finances, this is a wonderful professional choice.

To locate the best investment options for their clients, these experts put forth a lot of effort. They offer suggestions on how much money to invest and for how long.

What are the Benefits of an Investment Manager?

As an investment manager, you tend to enjoy some benefits which will be enlisted below;

1. High-income salary: The average annual salary for investment managers is $132,000, which is substantially higher than the average for most other occupations. Increasing your income is also achievable, depending on your degree of education and work.

2. Exposure to financial markets: This is another benefit of working as an investment manager, it provides access to the financial markets, which can help you prepare for another career in finance, such as investing in finance.  If you have foreign exchange management experience prior to managing a fund, then go on to work as an investor or hedge fund manager.

Hence we proceed to the best paying jobs in investment managers so you make a good choice that will suit you.

Best Paying Jobs in Investment Managers

Knowing quite well that there are job opportunities in this field, this article will provide you with the best paying jobs in the field of investment management which we’ve surveyed.

1. Business Development Manager

This is one of the best paying jobs in investment managers. You can apply for this job and earn lucratively.

A business development manager assists a company in expanding into new areas and establishing connections with other companies. They are in charge of seeing opportunities and making plans to take advantage of them while also allowing the business to expand and gain more customers.

Managers of business development are typically required to travel frequently and understand several languages. They also need to be effective communicators because they spend a lot of time interacting with clients and colleagues on various initiatives.

The average salary for a business development manager is $130,000 annually.

2. Financial Manager

This is one of the best paying jobs in investment managers. You can apply for this lucrative job.

The responsibility of a financial manager is to oversee the business, organization, or company’s money. They make sure that the money is used on worthwhile and important items with a primary objective to make sure you can keep track of all your spending so you don’t overspend.

They are responsible for supervising all facets of investment management, such as choosing stocks and bonds, managing portfolios, and making sure that funds are wisely allocated among various asset classes.

The average salary for a financial manager is $135,000 annually.

3. Investment Banking Associate

This is also one of the best paying jobs in investment managers with a lucrative salary.

Many components of mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising are carried out by associates. They are accountable for transaction research and analysis, deal strategy development, due diligence on businesses they are considering buying or investing in, and helping senior colleagues with their tasks.

Before helping with other aspects of an M&A transaction, such as negotiations or the writing of legal documents, associates frequently begin their careers by working on term sheets or pitch books.

The average salary for an investment banking associate is $150,000 annually.

4. Financial Analysts

This is one of the best paying jobs in investment managers.

Financial analysts are the collective minds of finance, helping to frame and mold how businesses perceive their own operations. Theycreatefinancialmodelsthathelpcompaniespredictfuturetrendsinearningsandexpenses,aswellashowmuchtheymightusefordividendsorinvestments.

The average salary for a financial analyst ranges from $65,000 to $120,000 annually.

5. Economic Analyst

This is one of the best paying jobs in investment managers.

Economic analysts research the economy and offer their predictions about how it will impact businesses and sectors. They offer investing advice as well as providing economic trend forecasts, and market positioning suggestions for businesses.

An economic analyst’s responsibilities are to examine economic data sources like real estate statistics and labor reports to spot trends in future company activities, project for significant market sectors, such as manufacturing or retail sales, are created.

An average salary for an economic analyst is $104,100 annually.

6. Risk analyst

One of the highest-paying positions for investment managers in the financial services sector is risk analyst. Risk analysts are in charge of evaluating hazards and offering management advice.

Strong analytical and communication abilities are required for them to accomplish this. Typically, these experts hold degrees in finance, economics, or mathematics. But other entry-level jobs could merely need a bachelor’s degree in any subject.

An average salary for a risk analyst ranges from $95k to 145k annually depending your experiences.

7. Financial trader

This is also one of the best paying jobs in investment managers.

The purchasing and selling of securities, including stocks and bonds, is the responsibility of financial traders. They acquire securities at low prices and sell them at high prices, generating income for both themselves and their employers, using their understanding of the financial markets.

The work of a financial trader entails making bets on changes in the value of commodities, currencies, and securities either trading on an exchange or over-the-counter transactions.

An average salary for a financial trader is $80,00 annually.

8. Investment Manager

Asset, investment, and financial management are all handled by portfolio managers.

They are accountable for the performance of the investments they create for customers. In order to optimize client earnings, portfolio managers must be able to make precise projections.

An average salary for an investment manager is $80,000 annually.

9. Investment Analyst

This is one of the best paying jobs in investment managers.

You will be in charge of advising clients on which stocks, bonds, and other securities to buy and sell in this capacity. Making reports about the success of various businesses and industries can also fall under your purview.

Financial industry professionals that work as investment analysts assist investors in making financial decisions. They might accomplish this by researching market trends, developing investment plans for customers, or carrying out other duties.

An average salary for an investment analyst is $70,000 annually.

10. Stockbroker

Purchasing and selling stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments on behalf of investors is the responsibility of stockbrokers.

One of the most significant duties of stockbrokers is assisting clients in achieving their financial objectives by identifying suitable investment possibilities.

Stock brokers frequently work in brokerages or banks and are compensated with commissions for each sale.

An average salary for stockbroker is $60,000 annually.

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