Jobs In France For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship 2023/2024

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Last Updated on October 10, 2022

Jobs In France For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship

Since France has rapidly become economically develop and in turn requires more skilled workers, most companies have come up with diverse plans to enable them to employ qualified workers from various parts of the globe by offering jobs alongside with visa sponsorship.

This article covers a list of some jobs in France for foreigners with visa sponsorship you might want to know, along with other relevant information. Carefully read on as you get to find out more about them.

What is France Visa Sponsorship For Employers?

France visa or employment sponsorship is when an employer or company in France is willing to get a work visa for highly-qualified foreign national living outside France.

Mostly, this visa is what often gives foreign applicants entry into France for employment purpose when sponsored by an employer or company, who has given them an official job offer. This means the French company or employer is stating that the visa applicant will be working for them, making them a legal working resident of France.

France is a top notched international country desired by most people. Getting a job especially with one as such, there are certain requirements to consider before working in France as a foreigner.

Requirements for Working in France as a Foreigner

If you are from outside of France, you will need to make sure you meet all the requirements for working in France. The requirements for jobs in France for foreigner with visa sponsorship aside might vary from country to country, though the changes may not be so different. However, some of the requirements for working in France include the following:

1. A valid passport or travel document: Applicants travelling to France to work must make sure they meet passport and other travel requirements. Having a visa, work permit or residence permit is considered very relevant.

2. Language requirement:  If you are interested in working in France, it will be very difficult to live in France if you do not speak French.Interestingly, the working language in France is French, and while it is possible to get by in English in some corporate environments, an ability to get along in everyday French will be a basic requirement in most cases.

3. Criminal status: Certificate of criminal record is also regarded important as it reviles the applicant have had no open crime case involvements.

4. Proof of sufficient funds for your intended stay in France: Most times, the French authorities want to know how you will be financing yourself while in France. That is why having the following documents that apply to your situation, as a part of this requirement is important. They include:

  • Applicant current account statements.
  • Employment contract stating your salary, if you will be working in France.
  • Income from rented property.
  • Retirement benefit plan.

5. Bank Account: Since most employers like to pay all salaries and wages by bank draft or by cheque, applicant may need to open a bank account in France.

Companies Offering Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In France

Below are some of the companies that offer jobs in France for foreigners with visa sponsorship:

1. The Coca-Cola Company

2. PWC

3. Google

4. Nissan

5. Taster

6. BMA Models

7.Microtech Global Ltd

8. Reach International consulting


10. Norbert Health


12. Disney Paris

Available Jobs In France For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship


Company: SFSALES005602

Location: Paris (2210-0001), GB

About the Job: This position is responsible for providing best in class support for the day-to-day operations of the company. Responsibilities include generating and distributing reports in order to assist with the management of projects, facilitating monthly priority/status meetings between various departments and organizations, and performing schedule validations and risk assessments.

Qualification required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Associate’s Degree in Engineering or Business


Company: BMA Models

Location: Lille, France

Salary: £23,220 a year.

About The Firm: BMA is a large and renowned talent agency founded in 1983, dedicated to representing diverse, professional, local and international talent in the UK.

Qualification/ Requirements:

  • English Exam for visa application: IELTS B1
  • Bachelor’s degree is an added advantage.
  • Quick learner, detail-oriented and proactive.
  • Be highly motivated and maintain a positive & “can-do” attitude in a fast-moving environment
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent organization, time management, and prioritization skills.
  • Hunger to learn, book and grow in your career as an agent.
  • Open-minded, tolerant, strong work ethic and able to manage stress.

Benefit: This Company provides jobs in France for foreigners with Visa sponsorship for 1 to 3 years alongside other benefits such as: Pension scheme, Casual dress code, Great opportunity to learn and build up experience from a professional agency and more.


Hiring firm:  Simply Private Staff

Location: Mougins, France.

Pay rate: €2,500 per month

Job type: Full-time

Duration: Permanent

Hours: 8 hours per day, 5 days per week

Qualifications required:  Garden maintenance training ideal

Experience required: 2+ years gardening experience


Contact: Dmitry

Location: Nice, France

Salary:  4000-5000 Euro/month

Job type: Full time

Hours: 40 hours/week (5/2, 8 hours/day)

Qualifications required: Teaching English as a foreign language for 7-9 years old children in playing and academic form, general taking care about that age group, home studying, person development and upbringing

Experience required: 3 years+ experience with children 7-9 y.o.


Company: Microtech Global Ltd

Location: France, Europe.

Pay Rates:  £50,000 per annum

About the firm: Microtech Global Ltd is another company on our list that provides jobs in France for foreigners with visa sponsorship. They are seeking to employ exceptional talent to join some of the brightest inventors and engineers in the world to develop products that have real life impact.


  • Master’s degree or PHD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent.
  • 6+ years of experience

Benefit: Visa sponsorship


Hiring firm: COREcruitment International

Location: Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Job Type: Full Time

Work Hours: 8 Hours

Qualification: Graduated from a hotel school – hospitality-reception training (ideally)

Pay Rate: EUR 1700 – EUR 1945 per Month

Job Description: Guest Relation VIP and Receptionist – 5* Hotel – Paris, France Possibility of immediate employment Permanent contract – Employee status – rotating schedules We work with a superb 5-star hotel with more than 80 rooms in the heart of Paris. We are looking for a bilingual receptionist (English & French) at least who will complement a dynamic and passionate team.

Employee’s Role: The receptionist positions will be to welcome customers, inform them about the various services offered by the hotel, sell them to them and do everything possible to make their stays unforgettable. As Guest Relation VIP you will be responsible for welcoming VIPs and ensuring that their stay in the hotel runs smoothly.

If you’re interested about the job, Please send your resume to Arnaud


Company: Platinum Nanny

Location: Cannes, France.

Pay rate: €7,000 per month

Job type: Full-time

Hours:  Not specified

Qualifications required: Not specified

Required language: English

Experience required: 5+ years

To find out about more available jobs in France for foreigners with visa sponsorship, you can use websites provided below.

Websites To Find Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In France

Since France is a Western European country, here are some European websites you could visit to discover more jobs in France for foreigners that comes along with visa sponsorship:



France is one of the countries in the world that hire international workers from across the world to aid their work force. With the list of some companies earlier discussed in this article, you will find out that there are several jobs in France for foreigners with visa sponsorship for anyone who qualifies and desire to work there. Take the chance to apply now and enjoy a wonderful work life in France.

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