Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in USA 2022

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Are you a foreigner seeking for greener pasture in the US but don’t really know the jobs that are readily available for hiring and has a good pay? This list includes some of the best jobs in demand for foreigners in USA 2022.

The United States of America as the name implies is the world’s third largest country in size and also the third largest in terms of population. The country is been located in North America and is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Down the northern border is Canada and the southern border is Mexico.

What Makes USA a Good Place to Live and Work?

Before we delve into the list of jobs for foreigners in USA, we shall consider briefly details about USA and what makes it a good place to live and work.

1. Community

The United State of America or USA as its widely known is the fourth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, and China of which its national capital is the Washington DC which is co-extensive with the District of Columbia. It has a total land area of 9,834,6633 with an estimated population of 336,958,0002.

It has 50 states, apart from the 48 neighboring states that occupied the  middle latitudes of the continent, includes the Alaska, at the northern western extreme of North America, and the Island state of the Hawaii, in the middle pacific ocean.

These neighboring states are bounded by the Canada on the north, Atlantic Ocean on the east, Mexico on the west by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico southward. The united state has a major characteristic of great variety. USA has highly variety of population that arises from diverse part of the globe.

2. Economy

In terms of GDP, the United States of America (USA) ranked the world greatest economic power. The country’s wealth is the sum its rich natural resources, its enormous agricultural output and it owe more to its highly developed industry. USA is a self sufficient country and due to its import and export operations it has a major impact on global economy.

3. Sustainability

USA has the ability to sustain an economic life that’s more diversified than any other country on earth, as it provides diverse employment opportunity, good transport system and road network, thriving and affordable real estate, working health care system, security of life and property, needed infrastructure, and providing its habitat with one of the world’s highest standard of living.

Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in USA 2022

Below is the list of the 10 best Jobs for Foreigners in USA that are highly demanded.

1. Medicals

Are you a qualified and licensed medical practitioner from your country seeking for medical jobs in the US? Topping the list are medical jobs, which comprises of; Doctors, Nurses, Orthodontist, internal medicine, physicians and cutting across various specializations in the medical professions.

The salary ranges from between $143,730 and $331,190 as the medium annual salary for medical practitioners in the US. They are responsible for the general well being and health of both man and animal. Aside from it being the highest paid job in the US, medical jobs are well equipped with quality, modern equipments and gadgets that enhance the smooth operation of your profession.

2. Information Security Analyst

Every organization requires security personnel’s who have strong understanding or knowledge and are willing to acquire technical skills and continue to grow. Due to the high rate of hackers and cyber attacks which are increasing on daily basis, information security analyst work to prevent cyber theft and the destruction of data, investigates data breach, protection of sensitive information, developing security standards, identifying risks vulnerabilities that occurs in an organization’s network systems. Information Security Analyst earns a medium salary of $103,590.

3. Truck Driver

Are you a qualified licensed driver looking for driver’s job in the US? Truck drivers are one of the professions that is making wave in the US. With the evolution of modern technology and the invention of driverless vehicles, and with the knowledge and aid of Google maps truck driving is made easy as it’s no longer jobs for hard guys.

Truck driving is also one of the top 10 best jobs one can get hired for in the US and it’s also one of the professions that does not require higher level of education or background, also it does not requires more time to get licensed unlike doctors. Truck drivers earn a medium salary of $59,942 in the US.

4. Software Engineers

This is also is also one of the best jobs for foreigners in the US. It’s ranked the fourth on the list of jobs you can get hired as a foreigner in the US because of its high demand which is due to the rapid growth of information technology.

Software Engineers are responsible for performing specific tasks such as; designing, developing, maintaining and evaluating software applications or systems that makes a software works. The average annual salary for software engineers is $93,820.

5. Financial Manager

Financial is faced with a competitive job market. They perform responsibilities such as; seeing finance of major agencies and companies. They also rank account and produce financial reports, cash-flow statements and profit projections. Apart from working with numbers they also help other members of the organization understand complex reports, which need relevant communication skills. A financial manager can earn a medium salary of $181,000.

6. Data Scientist

Who are data scientist and have vast knowledge on technology? They are those that make use of technology to gather perceptions from large amounts of data they gathered. This is a profession that requires skills such as; statistic, quantitative reasoning and computer programming skills.

In addition to that, you need to have a good communication skill so you can be able to give a comprehensive report and explain vividly how they can how they can be implemented in solving a particular problem. The medium salary earned by a data scientist is $98,230.

7. Security Guard

Are you an experienced security personnel, ex-enforcement agent or military personnel with clean background void of criminal record?  As a foreigner in US this can come very handy, as its also one of the best jobs you can easily apply for in the US.

Security guards are in high demand in the US as they are required to be on the lookout for lives and properties against illegal and hazardous incidence that possess threat to life and properties.

This is also one of the jobs in the US that does not require higher level of education, but a serious minded and alert individual who can detect any suspicious activity. As a security you are liable to earn a medium salary of $31,050 per year.

8. Plumber

Does that sound surprising? Oh don’t be! It’s not farfetched that plumbers are also highly demanded and required in the US as they are highly required as there would always come a time you would need to carry out maintenance for your water system, blockages on your building no matter how modernized the building construction may be.

It’s of no doubt that cities construction and maintenance needs the attention and service of a professional plumber. Plumbers are also one of the best jobs in the US and they earn a medium salary of $87,940 per year.

9. Electricians

Electricians with a medium salary of $52,652 as annual income is also highly demanded and are required to perform significant task in maintaining, upgrading of electrical systems and repairs both in new and old buildings in the US right now.

Qualified electricians are required to oversee the construction booms that are taking all over the states. It also does not require much education before you become licensed to practice, just the basic technical know-how on the rudiments of electricity. An electrician earns $52,652 as a medium annual salary.

10. Mechanic and Service Technicians

Are you qualified mechanic or rewire as the name implies, a pro in handling tools or you are good with your tools and you know them just like the back of your Pam, then be sure that there are numerous manufacturing companies and service outlet’s waiting for you with an open arm in the US as a foreigner as long as you meet the necessary requirements to guarantee your stay and allow you to work.

This profession is also one of the best jobs in the US. With the required knowledge comes the possibility of you owning your own workshop, become independent and also earning a living. Mechanic and Science Technicians earn $49,101 as their medium salary.


USA has great jobs opportunity for foreigners irrespective of your educational qualification and background, as it’s a country with a booming economy and versatile in technology as well as in infrastructure and basic social amenities for an exciting work-life that makes your stay worth the while.

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