Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Spain 2022

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Last Updated on August 31, 2022

Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Spain

Spain which is the fourth largest country in Europe offers abundance of rich local culture, modern city life and historical sights that attracts tourist, students and foreigners alike. Are you a foreigner and it has been your dream or desire to work in a country like Spain?

There are many factors to bear in mind as a foreigner before you consider pursuing a career or working in Spain. Part of which includes; the income, tax rate, basic requirements for jobs, the costs of living, accommodation, and jobs that are highly in demand.

This article is going to reveal the best jobs for foreigners in Spain. But before then, let’s briefly look into the basic requirements to consider before moving to Spain.

Basic requirements to consider before moving to Spain

1. Legal Requirements

As a foreigner in Spain you need a Número Identificación de Extranjeros (NIE number). Which officially serves to register international citizens with the authorities. This NIE number is very significant, as it’s considered as a prerequisite for anything whatsoever you want to do in Spain. Which includes, getting a job, renting an apartment, payment of taxes, setting up utilities and more.

2. Cost of Living

In the Western Europe, Spain has one of the more affordable destinations.  Rent and transit pass are relatively affordable. Spain has lots of  food and fish, ham, lamb, fruit, vegetables, and olive oil in abundance, which are extremely affordable. Eating in restaurants cost less than in many other European countries.  However, imported luxury goods such as, electronics are expensive. In Spain you can expect a good standard of living while earning an average salary.

3. Language

Spanish language skills are considered very essential to finding the best jobs in Spain in any field. Although there are other jobs which doesn’t not necessarily requires you speaking Spanish. However,get acquainted with the language would be an added advantage in seeking for the Best jobs in Spain.

4. Accommodation

The closer you are to city centers, the more expensive the rent will be. Accommodations in Spain are affordable though in cities like, Barcelona, Madrid, and other large cities has  highest the prices when it comes to accommodation.

5. Healthcare System

Spain has universal health care. In the country’s healthcare system, both basic and preventive care are guaranteed rights under the Spanish constitution. The Spanish national health system (known as the SNS) is available for both foreign retirees and workers in Spain. Although, many foreigners prefer the comfort and convenience of private insurance, as wait times are greatly reduced.

Having being acquainted with the basic requirements to bear in mind before moving to Spain let’s now consider the Best jobs in Spain for foreigners.

Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Spain 2022

1. Healthcare professions

Healthcare profession in Spain which includes, Surgeons, Physicians, Orthodontist, Radiology, and the likes, earn a high salary per annum, of which experience and qualification are determinant factors for higher pay.

They are responsible for diagnosing, treating, educating and educating patients on the general well being of the human body. Healthcare professions in Spain can earn 4,880 EUR to 14,700 EUR per month in Spain.

2. Law

Law profession is also one of the best jobs for foreigners in Spain. This includes the judges and lawyers. Working as lawyer or judge in Spain can fetch you a monthly salary of 3,380 EUR to 10,100 EUR as a lawyer and 4,130 EUR to 12,400 EUR as a judge in Spain.

Judges are responsible for issuing case decisions and supervise the work of other court staff while Lawyers are responsible for advising their clients on all aspects of the law, representing their clients in legal proceedings and in protecting their clients’ rights.

3. Business Consultants

In Spain you can work as consultant, a collections manager, or as an international financial director under the finance sector. Business Consultants are highly demand, owing to the numerous multinational companies located in Spain. Business Consultants in Spain can earn Salaries range from 1,840 EUR to 5,420 EUR per month.

4. Bank Managers

Bankers are also in high demand in Spain. They are responsible for managing and overseeing the general operations of a bank which is an extremely critical task. Bank Managers earns around 3,190 EUR to 9,490 EUR per month.

5. Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Spain. They earn between 3,010 EUR to 8,910 EUR per month. They are responsible for managing, controlling and directing the overall operations in different organizations.

6. Chief Financial Officers

Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are responsible for risk management, financial and administrative operations in a company. They can earn between 2,820 EUR to 8,330 EUR per month.

7. College Professors

College Professors make good money in Spain. They are responsible for teaching, implementing and coordinating college students’ research strategies. Their per month salary ranges from 2,440 EUR to 7,170 EUR.

8. IT Directors

Every company needs professionals that are versatile in IT field. They are highly demanded in Spain which is due to the high level of technology advancement. IT directors earn 2,130 EUR to 6,780 EUR per month. They are also one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Spain.

They are responsible for managing and supervising all technical operations in an organization, overseeing others IT department team members, and ensure the functionality and efficiency of all technology systems to support the organization’s goals and objectives.

9. Pilots

Pilots are responsible for the save transportation of passengers and cargo. They undergo intense training programs to make they fit for the task in their profession. Pilots earn between 2,070 EUR to 6,000 EUR per month. Which could increase with time and is a dependent factor on experience and the agency you work with.

10. Skilled Tradesmen

Skilled Tradesmen which includes; Plumbers, Electricians, mechanics, welders and the likes, can earn 1,540 EUR  to 4,660 EUR per month. They are also one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Spain. Every now and then, people would always need to build, update, repair and remodel their homes and most especially kitchens and bathrooms. Plumbers and electricians are required for this type of work.


The above list of 10 best jobs in demand for foreigners in Spain 2022 is amongst the numerous job vacancies in Spain. The advantages they have over others are high demand and attractive salary range. Any of these 10 jobs can be applied for by a foreigner in Spain depending on job preference, pay rate, work flexibility and the individual goal and aspiration.

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