Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Netherlands 2022

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Netherlands

Netherlands, being one of the most populous European countries, with over 17 million people is located in the western part of Europe, by the North Sea, and borders with Germany and Belgium. Netherland is a developed country with a strong economy system, favorable geographical location, skilled labor, effective laws, beautiful architecture and nature, modern democratic institutions and liberal laws. Which is not farfetched as to why thousands of immigrants influx in Netherlands.

So are you then someone who’s looking for a job or does been self-employed seems more appealing to you? Then there’s absolutely no reason to panic as Netherlands has lots of vacancies in both sectors.

In this article we shall consider the best jobs for foreigners in Netherlands 2022.

Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Netherlands 2022

Below is in no particular order the list of the 10 best jobs for foreigners in Netherlands.

1. Jobs in Agriculture sector

The demand for agricultural personnels in Netherland is high, particularly in field like tractor drivers and agricultural machinists. The personnel in this category are responsible for general agricultural production and the must have the technical knowledge of how to operate various machines.

They include agricultural machinists, Pig farmers, gardeners, skilled tree nursery workers, experts in cultivation and green technology and the likes. Working in agriculture sector can fetch you 1,694.00 EUR to 4,176.00 EUR per month.

2. Construction jobs

Construction jobs are highly in demand, with Netherland being the most densely populated country in Europe owing to the migration of people into the country cause the need for housing. Currently, there’s shortage of housing, and there is need to renovate many buildings.

Construction workers are responsible for the maintenance of roads and buildings as well. They include, Surveyors, Planners, Interior designers, Civil engineers, Soil researchers, Project leaders in construction and in civil engineering, boring operations, Pile-drivers, Scaffolders, Bricklayers, Painters, Glaziers, Carpenters and all others specializations in construction works. They can earn a medium salary of 1,350 EUR to 8,250 EUR per month.

3. Retail jobs

We always buy food and other necessary items that we may be in need of. Therefore, the need for supermarket and food stores becomes paramount in Netherlands. Electronics, kitchens/bathrooms, and construction shops needs personnels. Workers in retail jobs can earn a medium salary of 5,320 EUR.

4. Hospitality jobs

Hospitality jobs are also one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Netherland as they are highly in demand despite the pandemic crisis. Businesses need workers such as, cooks and servers in bars. Are you a qualified receptionist, Waitresses, bar staff, Restaurant cooks or you are qualified in any of the hospitality role this is for. They can earn 3,310 EUR per month as a medium salary.

5. IT jobs

They are responsible for maintaining, installing, repairing, and supervising hardware and software components of an organization’s computers and also rectify technical issues as they arrive. They include, data scientists, programmers, and developers and are highly demanded in Netherland. Working as an IT specialist in Netherland can fetch you 4,900 EUR per month.

6. Industrial jobs

Many leading companies around the globe are in the industrial and production sector. In Netherland there’s a high demand for technical and qualified personnels in this areas. Mechanics, machinists, welders and operators, work planners, designer-constructors, and project leaders are scarce and hard to come by in the Netherlands.

Although, work in industries has become greatly automized through the use of high-tech machine and advance technology. Robotization and automation has increased the demand for personnel with IT skills, people who can analyze data, and tech-savvy individuals. So if you have any of these skills in this industries, Netherland has a place for you. Industrial workers can earn a medium salary of 3,380 EUR per month.

7. Installation jobs

Netherland labor market has experienced a high demand for construction and installation personnels. Installation happens to be among one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Netherland. Since maintenance of installations remains necessary for many technical and non-technical items.

The country has numerous solar panels that are installed on houses’ roofs, charging stations for electric cars needs to be installed. Personnels such as, Ground and cable workers, Plumbers, Electricians, Installers, and Security systems technicians are highly demanded to perform this operations. Workers in installation sector can earn up to 5,360 EUR per month as the medium salary.

8.  Transport and logistics

There are numerous vacancies for delivery drivers at all types of companies in Netherland of which some of these delivery drivers can either work as self-employed workers or subcontractors.

Jobs in transport and logistics are highly demanded in Netherlands due to the increase in the number deliveries for people who place orders online. These includes, warehouse workers, logistics workers, and delivery truck drivers. Co-drivers are also in demand for garbage trucks. Personnels in transport and logistics can earn between 2,960 EUR to 8,950 EUR per month.

9. Vehicle service jobs

In Netherlands bicycles are used as a means of transportation. Although, people use cars, busses, trains, and other means of transportation. As such, the need for repairs, servicing, and general maintenance of these vehicles is essential to keep them running. So if you’re mechanic Netherlands is one of the best places on earth to be as there is for plenty of services. Vehicle and bicycle mechanic can earn a medium salary of 1,940 EUR per month. It’s also one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Netherlands.

10. Healthcare jobs

Healthcare workers and Nurses in particular are in high demand. They are responsible for the general welfare and well being of both man and animal. They include doctors, Veterinarians, Physicians, Orthodontist and all profession in the medical field. Healthcare worker can earn 7,220 EUR as a medium salary per month.


Netherlands has a very dynamic economy. Alongside the 10 Best jobs for foreigners, Netherlands offer numerous opportunities for job seekers in Netherlands and other parts of the globe. If it has been your dream to secure a career with a high pay in Netherlands, now is the time to do so for it is a great country to pitch your tent in.

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