Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Canada 2022

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Canada

Has it always been your age-long dream and desire to work in Canada? If “yes”, then this article is just for you. However, even if it may have not been your desired preference in terms of career pursuit to work in Canada, you might just want to stick around a little bit longer as this article shall unveil the list of the jobs that are available for foreigners in Canada. You just might get lucky and overwhelmed to seeing your dream career among the list if the best jobs in demand for foreigners in Canada and hopefully this might cause you to have a rethink and prompt you to restructuring and to realign your perspective in choosing your career.

Working in Canada

Canada is considered as one of the world countries with a secure economy. There are no better reason that prompts the migration of immigrants to immigrate into a country than for building a career and high standard of living. Therefore, to determine if your chances are bright or not, what’s required of you is to make an evaluation on the jobs that are high in demand for foreigners in Canada and opt for the profession that suits your credentials.

Best Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Canada

Below is a list of the 10 best jobs for foreigners in Canada.

1. Software Developer (NOC 2174)

Software developers ranks as one of the best jobs in Canada as they are highly in demand. Reason being that businesses of all kinds and sizes need developers to create app solutions, develop or maintain in-house software or help implement cloud or other technologies.

They are responsible for writing, modifying, integrating and testing computer code for software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software and communications software.

As the people who write, modify, integrate and test computer code for software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software and communications software, these information technology pros are in hot demand. In Canada, software developers works for approximately 37.5-hour per week, and earns up to $112,495.

2. Controller – Financial Services (NOC 0111)

Controller performs the task of overseeing financial operations and accounting departments of businesses. Also, they are responsible in supervising financial departments or they act as executives in accounting arenas. Controller earns between $80,000 and $150,000 as annual salary and can even earn higher in larger enterprises.

3. Plant Manager (NOC 0911)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for plant manager in the job market was high owing to the fact that employees chose to retire early so they won’t have to attend typical offices.

Although, consumer demand, didn’t cease and as such prompt manufacturers stayed in the game to continue operating and even boosting their efficiency levels and cost savings.

Plant managers in Canada can make an average of $90,000 to $160,000 annually and even earn higher salaries for those with more experience.

4. Computer Applications Manager (NOC 0213)

This is also one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Canada with an annual salary of $142,000. These are the software experts who coach junior analysts and they also manage teams. They are also responsible for the tech that runs an entire business.

5. Marketing Director (NOC 0124)

Working as a Marketing Director in Canada comes with a lot of responsibility. They’re highly responsible for brand messaging, which is a factor that can make or break a business which is a key factor to why they are paid so well. Marketing directors normally have experience in one or more marketing methods.

They supervise their department which usually comprises of several teams and ensure they understand all the facets of marketing, from traditional to digital marketing and even the disruptive technologies, while being able to work effectively with other managers and team members. Marketing directors in Canada can earn up to about $131,250 per year.

6. Sales Manager (NOC 0601)

Top sales professionals can earn salaries of $85,000 to $100,000 even when they are just starting out. They are highly important for business development as they see to the closing of deals, develop new client rapports, and cause an influx of revenue, which is why companies are willing to pay for such a great talent.

They also help in alleviating any anxiety customers might have in dealing with a business and  also in building loyalty to brands which plays a critical role to the long-term success of businesses. They can earn as much as $175,000 annually.

7. Cloud Architect (NOC 2171)

Cloud Architects are responsible for analyzing and testing computer systems, policies and procedures and give critically-important advice on a range of systems issues. They also develop and implement information technology development plans.

Cloud architects are the perfect example of how staying in school and developing expertise in an area can lead to big rewards upon graduation.

These are the people who analyze and test computer systems, develop and implement information technology development plans, policies and procedures and give significant advice on a range of systems issues. They earn an annual salary of $117,195.

8. Electrical Engineer (NOC 2133)

Working as an Electrical Engineer in Canada can fetch you a start off salary within the range of $80,000 to $100,000 and can earn up to $132,600 annually based on a standard work week. Electrical Engineering is also one of the Best jobs for foreigners in Canada and they are highly demanded due to supply and demand factors in the job market.

Electrical engineers that work in energy and manufacturing tend to enjoy the most competitive pay.

9. Construction Project Manager (NOC 0711)

They can work in residential, commercial, and industrial construction firms. Construction Project Manager are in high demand owing to COVID-19 pandemic which has driven job growth in it’s sector. Construction Project Manager working in Canada can earn up to $131,625 as an annual salary.

10. Family Physician (NOC 3112)

Family Physician also tops the list of best jobs in Canada. Canada is experiencing severe shortage of family doctors and it’s expected to continue throughout the next decade.

Right out of school, they earn an average of $83,379; they can also earn a medium annual salary of $83,379. The average annual salary for a family physician in Canada at the high end is $414,390.


The above is a list of the 10 best jobs in demand for foreigners in Canada. Is your job among the list? If “yes” congrats! But if otherwise bear in mind that this is just few list among the numerous jobs in Canada, being a country with a stable economy has more than 3000 occupations which requires professionals so don’t give up just yet, with your skill you still have a shot.

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