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Are you interested in the IPPIS salary structure? Then, you are in the right place. Keep reading for more information.

IPPIS Salary Structure

What is the work of IPPIS?

The Integrated Personnel Payroll System is a public payroll system developed by the World Bank and adopted by the federal government in 2007 to improve the transparency and accountability in the management of personnel payroll.

The Integrated Personnel Payroll System operates under the office of the Accountant General of the Federation and is charged with the payment of salaries, removal of deductibles, and management of government’s payroll.

The IPPIS has about 600 MDAs that have enrolled as of June 2020. The IPPIS department is charged with the processing of salaries of federal government workers in all MDAs that have been captured.

 IPPIS Salary Structure

How much do IPPIS employees make? According, to the Salaries, Income, and Wages Commission, the Integrated Personnel Payroll System uses the Consolidated Public Service Salary scheme (CONPSSS). The harmonized salary for the Integrated Personnel Payroll System is as follow;

Grade level 8 (Step 1-9) –   N79,000 to N97,000

Grade level 9 (Step 1-6) –   N82,000 to N131,000

Grade level 10 (Step 1-6) –   N87,000 to N139,000

Grade level 12 (Step 1-6) –   N98,000 to N147,000

Grade level 13 (Step 1-6) –   N114,000 to N158,000

Grade level 14 (Step 1-5) –   N135,000 to N195,000

Grade level 15 (Step 1-5) –   N256,000 to N291,000

Grade level 16 (Step 1-5) –   N342,000 to N467,000

Grade level 17 (Step 1-3) –   N499,000 to N656,000

How does IPPIS pay Salary?

The IPPIS pays salary after the monthly meetings of the revenue mobilization committee. Although there is no specific start or an end date, typically, salaries are paid between 26 – 28 of each month.

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