11 Best Invoice Software For Small Businesses In 2023

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Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Invoice Software For Small Business

As a business person or as an entrepreneur who runs a business, keeping an eye on your finance is no doubt a critical factor that determines your success in the line of business Industry you venture into.

Invoicing becomes an integral part of your business growth, although it’s time-consuming, with invoice software you can effectively take control of your finance and gain back some of your valuable time.

In this article, we shall be considering the 11 best invoice software for small businesses. But before we delve into the list, let’s briefly consider what invoice software is, its advantages/benefits, what to look out for when opting for invoice software, and lastly the lists. Keep reading to discover the best invoice software that will enhance your business growth.

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What is Invoice Software?

Invoice software is a tool or software application that allows you to create and manage invoice for the product or services you render to your clients or customers. This tool allows you to automate several financial tasks that involve issuing an invoice, such as calculating totals, adding taxes and discounts keep track of payments, managing your finance, printing invoice as well as ensuring the timely collection of payments while avoiding manual data entry.

Benefits of Invoicing Software

Finding the best invoicing software can be quite challenging if not difficult, due to the numerous choice of invoice software to choose from. However, with the best invoicing software for small businesses you can enjoy lots of benefits such as allowing you to:

  •  customize your invoice
  • Keep track of payments
  • Manage your finance
  • Manage and process payments electronically
  • Monitor invoice
  • Send payment remenfer to clients
  • It allows you to automate task that involves issuing of invoice such as calculating totals, adding taxes and discounts, and printing invoices
  • It helps to reduces missed payments
  • It assists in boosting your company’s reputation
  • With an invoicing software, you can simplify accounting and financial processes
  • It protects sensitive information from hacks
  • It offers unlimited cloud-storage
  • It provides multi-currency features
  • Its offers 24/7 operation
  • It’s ideal for brand identity

What to look out for when opting for an Invoicing Software

When considering opting for invoice software for your business as a business person or an entrepreneur who desires to effectively manage finance and time, which are part of the criteria for business growth should look out for the following in order to experience a smooth business operation, they include:

  • Knowing your business needs
  • Considering your budget is also one factor to consider when choosing an invoicing software
  • The invoice software should have the ability to create quotes
  • It should include taxes, discounts, and shipping
  • Ability to create financial report
  • Ability to provide multiple currency options
  • It should provide an excellent customer support
  • It should possess the ability to process credit cards
  • Safety should be guaranteed
  • It must be easy to use
  • It should provide mobile and web app compatibility
  • It should be able to accept multiple forms of online payment
  • An invoicing software should provide customer management system
  • Ability to track time, mileage, and expenses easily.

11 Best Invoice Software for Small Businesses

1. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is invoicing software that efficiently manages and tracks your invoices while you relax. Its a perfect tool for tracking time, invoice, expenses, sending payment reminder and most importantly, it allows clients to make payment via credit or debit cards and bank transfers. Alongside a free invoice generator, Zoho Invoice, features other free invoice generators such as income tax calculator, revenue forecaster, estimate generator, expense report generator and SHU generator. Zoho Invoice coherently integrates with their own suite of products including Google Drive, Stripe, Dropbox and Google Drive.

2. G Suite

G Suite, is an invoicing software to consider if you’re looking for a comprehensive invoice software amongst the 11 best invoice software for small businesses in 2023, that includes other business tools. With invoice software like G Suite, you have the ability to enjoy features like ability to create and send invoices, keep track of all your expenses, and manage payments.

3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a free invoicing software that assist businesses to build and send invoices online and also get paid faster. With FreshBooks, you can know when clients or customers view your invoices, track overdue invoices, customise invoice, charge late payment fee on invoices, auto-schedule payments, track time, manage payments, send invoive in your clients preferred language and lot more.

4. Wave

Another popular invoicing software is Wave. It’s a free invoice software that offers all-in-one invoicing and allows you ability create and send invoices, keep track of your bills, expenses, and payments. With Wave, you can as well set up recurring billing for repeat customers, view customers transaction history, get cash flow insights, accept online payments and lot more benefit.

5. Paypal

Paypal is free and mobile-friendly invoice software that allows you to create and send invoices in just few minutes on any degital device, automate payment reminder, and save online templates for quick entry. Paypal is also a known payment gateway that processes card and bank payments and accepts payments for clients from anywhere around the world. For over 20 years of existence, PayPal is a free invoice software that offers lots of uncomplicated tool that you can utilized for sending a professional invoice with ease.

6. Nutcache

Another invoicing software for small businesses to consider is Nutcache. With this invoicing software, you are offered  the power of invoicing and project tracking software combined.  Nutcache invoice software allows you to  ceate, monitors unlimited invoice, invoice your project, get paid faster, customize your invoice,  and track delayed payments. It also offers a free plan that includes a maximum of 20/users and 1GB of storage which makes it suitable invoicing software for small businesses.

7. Square

Square is well renowned for accepting POS and online payments. With this invoicing software that works with almost any eCommerce platform, you have the ability of sending a free Square invoice and and estimates which you can easily convert into invoices and also be able to share contract templates alongside your invoices. Irrespective of your location, with Square Invoices mobile app you have the power to track unpaid and paid invoices from any digital device.

8. Xero

One of the well known invoicing software for small businesses on the market is Xoro. This invoicing software amongst others is easy to use and it comes with several features, such as the ability to track expenses, manage payments easily and ability to create invoices.

9. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is another famous option of invoicing software amongst the 11 best invoice software for small businesses in 2023 that offers a wide range of features and is also suitable for businesses of all sizes. With this type of invoicing software you can create, send, and monitor invoices from any digital devices without difficulty and also connect QuickBooks to your bank to keep track of your daily transactions.

10. Brightbook

Brightbook is a free invoicing software that enables involving to be extremely easy. It also operates as an accounting software that offers you with instant insights and allows you to import banking statements and view your day-to-day transactions. Brightbook has a multi-user feature that offers you with selective access for extra safety and privacy.

11. Invoicera

Invoicera is an online invoicing and billing software that features cloud-based free invoicing software that can automates your invoices and allows you to focus on other important tasks in your business. With this invoicing software, you can send payment reminders, customize invoice layouts to make them appear more professional, manage remote teams through a centralized data management and Aldo manage your vendors.


Invoicing software is not a must-have for all businesses, however, it can be an extremely helpful tool that can drive business growth. Several factors such as your budget, your industry, the size of your company, and other personal preferences influence your choice of invoicing software to opt for. We hope that the list of the 11 best invoice software for small businesses in 2023 will assist you in making the right choice of invoicing software you need for your business growth and easy day-to-day financial transactions.

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