International Programme in Public Health Leadership for Emerging Leaders 2023 (Funded)

Last Updated on September 21, 2022

International Programme in Public Health Leadership for Emerging Leaders

The International Programme in Public Health Leadership is an eight-month programme for emerging leaders working in African Ministries of Health.

A flagship programme of the Evans School at the University of Washington, IPPHL expands the policy and leadership acumen of leaders to develop and implement lasting public policy solutions and transform health systems. The curriculum emphasizes the foundations of policy analysis, evidence and evaluation, implementation, and personal leadership development.

Since 2017, IPPHL has trained 118 public health professionals across 22 African countries. The programme is fully funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and partners with the Center for Creative Leadership.


  • There is no tuition or programme fee. IPPHL makes every effort to cover most direct costs associated with the programme, including lodging and airfare for the two-week Seattle Residency and Capstone Seminar.
  • Participants are responsible for covering certain costs, such as visa fees and internet and will receive limited financial support for these expenses either during or after the completion of the programme.


  • Open to mid-career public health professional from Africa, working in government, for a government initiative/partner, or entity at the federal, regional, state, or provincial level.
  • Responsible for managing public health programme(s) with supervisory responsibilities, either individual staff or a team; Accountable for the performance of public health programs and/or for managing front-line health workers.
  • Holds a degree related to public health or  is a medical professional 
  • A citizen and resident of a country in Africa.
  • Strong English-language skills, and the ability to articulate the various policy or programme implementation challenges that they deal with in public health.


A complete application includes the following:

  • Complete online application form
  • Uploaded resume or CV
  • Uploaded Statement of Preliminary Release from your employer in PDF form. This should come from the individual/department with the authority to release you for time spent online in the virtual course sessions, some of which may occur during work hours. You may use the following Letter of Preliminary Release form  or your organization’s own letterhead. 
  • Uploaded Letter of Recommendation from your employer or supervisor in PDF form. Your recommender may (but is not required) to use the following Letter of Recommendation form. Your Letter of Recommendation should include:     
    • Several ways that a leadership and policy program like IPPHL would support your professional development
    • One strength or specific talent you would add to the program
    • Two ways your participation in IPPHL would benefit your larger team and organization
    • A statement of willingness from your organization to participate in elements of the program that require their input such as surveys

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For more information, visit IPPHL.

Deadline: October 13, 2022

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