ICPAK Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form Portal

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Last Updated on May 8, 2023

ICPAK Recruitment

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) is a professional body for certified public accountants (CPAs) in Kenya. ICPAK is a full member of the International Federation of Accountants and the Pan African Federation of Accounting.

Table of Contents

ICPAK Recruitment 2023

We are currently recruiting to fill the following positions;

  1. Internal Audit and Risk – Assistant Manager (Grade 5)
  2. Internal Audit and Risk – Senior Officer (Grade 6)
  3. Manager ICT (Grade 4)
  4. Public Policy and Research – Senior Officer (Grade 6)
  5. Capacity Building and Content Development Manager (Grade 4)

Internal Audit and Risk – Assistant Manager (Grade 5)

JOB REF: ICPAK/02/2023

Internal Audit

  1. Plans financial, regulatory, compliance or operational reviews/audits
  2. Conducts audit entry meeting with heads of specific units / departments being audited;
  3. Document audit work and findings in accordance with accepted auditing standards;
  4. Obtains and reviews evidence ensuring audit conclusion are well documented;
  5. Identifies weaknesses in internal control / business processes in the institute;
  6. During audit process engage with auditees seeking clarifications on various exceptions noted before extended to audit report;
  7. Communicate control issues raised during the audit process, offering recommended solutions relevant to business and risk;
  8. Conduct follow up on audit recommendations to assure implementation of agreed corrective actions;
  9. Conducts exit audit conferences with senior management 
  10. Performs special audits as may be requested by the Chief Executive through the Manager, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance;
  11. Performs any other related duties as may be assigned

Risk Management 

  • Designing, implementing and reviewing processes for sound risk management;
  • Facilitating periodic /monthly meetings with the Institute’s risk champions;
  • Ensuring departmental reports on risk management including risk registers are reviewed;
  • Compiling risk management reports from business units and forwarding to Risk Management Committee (RMC) for deliberations;
  • Giving assurance on the risk management process through audit reports;
  • Facilitating risk champions in risk identification, assessment and evaluation;
  • Performs any other related duties as may be assigned;

Check the Institute’s compliance with various legislations, agreements , MoU’s etc

  • Conducts compliance checks to provide assurance on the Institute’s compliance with various legislations, treaties, MoUs etc
  • Highlight in periodic (Quarterly) reports areas of non-compliance and discuss the same with responsible managers;

Reporting & operations of the ARC Committee of the Council

  • Prepare ARC Committee Agenda in consultation with the Convener.
  • Circulate the Agenda within the stipulated timeline.
  • Provide Secretarial Services to the ARC.
  • Follow up on the implementation of the ARC Committee resolutions.

Person Profile:

  • Academic and Professional Qualifications 
  • Degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics or relevant field
  • Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics or relevant field will be an added advantage
  • Professional qualifications: CPA/CIA or ACCA qualifications and a member of ICPAK in good standing.
  • 6 years working experience and 5 years in Internal Audit field in the Internal Audit function (relevant experience).

Internal Audit and Risk – Senior Officer (Grade 6)

JOB REF: ICPAK/03/2023

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Provide assurance to management that internal controls are working effectively
  2. Plans and conducts internal audits of various functions within the Institute including operational and financial audits;
  3. Conducts audit entry meeting with heads of specific units / departments being audited;
  4. Develop audit programs and testing procedures relevant to risk and test objectives;
  5. Document audit work and findings in accordance with accepted auditing standards;
  6. Check the Institute’s compliance with various legislations, agreements, MoU’s etc
  7. Facilitate the effective implementation of the Enterprise Risk Management policy framework in the Institute;

Key Competencies:

  1. International Accounting Standards 
  2. International Standards on Auditing
  3. Ability to plan for an audit assignment
  4. Able to develop audit working papers 
  5. Deep understanding of fraud risk assessment
  6. Knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management
  7. Procurement regulations, procurement act and laws
  8. Audit standards
  9. Performance review methods and techniques
  10. Demonstrable working knowledge and experience in an ERP environment

Person Profile:

Academic and Professional Qualifications 

  • Degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics or relevant field.
  • Professional qualifications: CPA or ACCA qualifications and a member of ICPAK in good standing.
  • 5 years working experience and 4 years in Internal Audit field (relevant experience) 

Manager ICT (Grade 4)

JOB REF: ICPAK/04/2023

The Manager ICT is responsible for aligning ICT to organizational strategy and directing the provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, user training and maintenance of ICT systems and related infrastructure.


  • ICT Strategy, Planning and Control 
  • Develop and implement ICT objectives, strategies and operational plans to support the Institute’s Strategic Plan
  • Prepare and manage the annual ICT budget, as well as approve and manage all ICT operational and capital expenditures in accordance to the Institute’s Strategic objectives
  • Formulate and implement ICT policies, procedures and standards and ensure compliance

Leadership and performance monitoring

  1. Provide effective leadership and management of ICT staff to build a highly motivated and performing team
  2. Prepare and present ad hoc, quarterly and annual reports on all ICT activities and projects;
  3. Advise on ICT staff recruitment and develop the capacity of ICT staff in liaison with the Human Resources Manager;
  4. Monitor and optimize the performance of the ICT department.

ICT Project Management

  • Identify and analyze the Institute’s ICT requirements and propose ICT projects to meet the requirements.
  • Provide technical, functional and organizational guidance and support to all ICT projects
  • Ensure ICT projects are executed efficiently and effectively

ICT Infrastructure and service Management 

  • Develop service delivery strategies and advise on ICT solutions
  • Develop and Implement a service policy and develop appropriate performance indicators within ICT
  • Maximize service delivery and usage of technological and business process innovations
  • Create and maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and relationships with ICT Service Providers
  • Assess the Institute’s standards in hardware, software, and ICT services with regard to Institute’s objectives
  • Prepare ICT technical specifications, as well as undertake feasibility studies of proposed 

ICT systems

  • Plan and direct the implementation and operation of ICT Infrastructure;
  • Direct the selection and installation of ICT resources and the provision of user training

Systems availability security and Business Continuity Planning – weight 20

  • Develop and implement Disaster Recovery And Contingency plans 
  • Ensure systems integrity, availability and security, as well as the operational excellence of all ICT systems in the Institute.


  • Assess the Institute’s challenges and advice on innovative ICT opportunities to address these challenges
  • Advise the management on effective and strategic use of ICT and related resource reduction opportunities;
  • Perform any other lawful duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Person Profile:

Academic and Professional Qualifications 

  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or relevantfield.
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or relevant field.
  • Professional qualifications: CISA or CISM, Cyber security related certification CEH, Project Management (Prince 2 or pmp)
  • 8 years working experience in a busy ICT environment, with at least 5 in a managerial position
  • Member of any ICT body in good standing

Knowledge Skills and Abilities
The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • ICT policy formulation and enforcement
  • ICT strategy, planning and budgeting
  • ICT Project Management
  • ICT resource management and performance monitoring
  • Systems analysis and solution design
  • Process automation, systems development, deployment and review
  • ICT Systems integration, training and support
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • Database design and development
  • Telephone and Data Networking
  • An understanding of ICT policies, ICT best practices and ICT related legislation
  • Business Continuity Planning and Systems security
  • Knowledge of new technologies, ICT management standards and applicable laws and regulations as they relate to ICT

Public Policy and Research – Senior Officer (Grade 6)

JOB REF: ICPAK/05/2023


  • Lobby on behalf of members on matters that create value to them through;
  • Holding consultative meetings with a view to fostering working relationships with the identified institutions.
  • Facilitating selection of suitable candidates for the identified opportunities. 

Thought Leadership and stakeholder engagement

  • Developing position papers on matters of ICPAK’s expertise;
  • Representing the Institute in key national forums and events;
  • Developing opinion pieces in the local dailies on matters concerning ICPAK, Public finance, accountability and the economy at large;
  • Develop and maintain close working relationships and dialogue with Parliament, Government Ministries and other Regulatory bodies with a view to enhancing the public interest role of the Institute.

Advise the Minister of Finance on Accountability and governance within the Public Sector through;

  • Developing a memorandum on key governance, accountability and public finance issues in the country;
  • Arrange meetings with the National Treasury and its departments on matters affecting the Institute;

Contribute to development of Kenya’s legislative frame work in areas of our expertise

  • Undertake review of money/Finance Bills and other relevant pieces of legislation
  • Proactively develop Bills for consideration on core issues affecting accountancy profession and the economy at large;
  • Review for amendment already enacted pieces of legislation

Strengthen and promote the global recognition of the ICPAK brand

  • Proactively recruit members with the relevant expertise to represent the Institute in the County, national and International forums and organizations. 

Contribute to the implementation of devolution in Kenya

  • Lobby for appointments of accountants in both the national and county governments;
  • Strengthen and build capacity of the institute branches to enable them support operational excellence at the county;
  • Undertake a base line survey on the level of county preparedness to take effectively take up devolved functions

Person Profile:
Academic and Professional Qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Public Policy, Analysis, Administration or Economics
  • Professional qualifications: Post graduate degree in Public Policy, Tax, Business or Economics.
  • 5 years working experience with at least 4 years in a Public Policy and Research environment.

Capacity Building and Content Development Manager (Grade 4)

JOB REF: ICPAK/06/2023

Key Responsibilities:

  • Development of the CPD Curriculum Development of the CPD Calendar in a wide and consultative manner involving: 
  • Research into the current trends and emerging issues in the accountancy profession globally and identifying areas for training. 
  • Review of the local Kenyan context on matter be the legal, regulatory or industry trends that impact on the profession for inclusion in the CPD Calendar 
  • Coordinating and synthesizing views from previous CPD calendar including review of members feedback, suggestions for areas of interest and inclusion of the same in the CPD Calendar. 
  • Coordinating input from technical departments in the areas of compliance, Policies, Standards, practice review, disciplinary into the curriculum development process. 
  • Oversee the CPD calendar development including sensitivity to unique branch and regional needs as well as overall harmonization to ensure effective use of resources and consistent quality of CPD events in the country. 
  • Coordinate the review of the CPD calendar and support to the Director Standards and Technical Services in approval of the CPD calendar for implementation. 

Delivery of CPD Programs for the benefit of members.

The tasks and responsibilities involved include: 

  • Detailed development and review of training materials for use in the CPD events. 
  • Selection of facilitators with requisite skills and experiences to deliver trainings 
  • Assist in marketing of the CPD events to attract attendance as per set targets. 
  • Coordination of the other Institute functions and departments such as finance, and marketing in delivering on their direct roles in CPD events 
  • Coordinate the procurement of logistical and other arrangements needed to support facilitators and participants to have a pleasant experience in the training. 
  • Support content development on IFRS, Taxation and Auditing related events through reading and research to identify training, interpretation and application gaps
  • Development and sending of website event information pack.
  • Development of event programs
  • Development of evaluation forms and speakers contracts
  • Identifying, contacting and initiate the contracting process for facilitators for CPD events.
  • Collection of training materials from facilitators 
  • Dispatching of training material to delegates.

Person Profile:
Academic and Professional Qualifications 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant field
  • Master’s degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant field.
  • Professional qualifications: CPA or ACCA or Accounting qualifications recognized internationally.
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a member of ICPAK in good standing.
  • 8 years of experience in Capacity Building Plans for Finance, Auditing, Accounting standards or related areas and exposure in their implementation
  • At least 5 years management experience in leading and managing teams preferably on Content Finance, Accounting, Auditing, Budgeting, Compliance and Standards (Accounting and Auditing), Control and Reporting within a diverse, division-based entity.

Key Competencies:

  • Experience in content development for trainings and development discourses 
  • Experience in paid-for trainings and consultancies 
  • Experience in networking and working with consultants

Method of Application

Interested candidates should submit their applications (including scanned copies of academic and professional certificates, testimonials and updated detailed CV) in PDF format indicating current and expected salary to the following email address: recruitment@icpak.com

Detailed Job Descriptions can be downloaded from our website: www.icpak.com

Applications indicating should be received on or before close of business on Wednesday 17th May 2023 at 5.00 p.m. ICPAK is an equal opportunity employer and qualified candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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