ICAN Exams 2022 Registration Portal, Requirements, Fees, and Deadline

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ICAN Exams Registration

This article provides detailed information on how to register for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria ICAN Exams 2022.

What is ICAN?

ICAN is the acronym for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. It is a professional accountancy body in Nigeria. And it was established in 1965.

Also, it is one of the two professional accountancy associations with the regulatory authority in Nigeria.

ICAN was created with the sole purpose of encouraging professionalism in the accountancy profession in Nigeria. Also, it started with 250 members. But today has developed to over 35,000 members.

Furthermore, its mission statement is “to produce world-class chartered accountants, regulate and continuously enhance their ethical standards and technical competence in the public interest.”

ICAN is the most recognized accounting professional body in Nigeria.

ICAN Exams 2022

There are two types of exams offered by ICAN and they are:

  • Professional examinations meant for the holders of bachelor’s degrees or Higher National Diplomas in any discipline.
  • Holders of ICAN AAT qualification.

ICAN Registration 2022

You’d like to be recognized as a chartered accountant; therefore you’ve taken the ICAN examinations. However, before registering, you should know the ICAN exam fee 2022. This post will walk you through registering with ICAN.

ICAN Registration Requirements

Below are the registration requirements for ICAN:

1. A university degree or Higher National Diploma from any ICAN accredited Polytechnic.

2. Also, O’level results with at least five (5) credits.

3. Additionally, a recent passport photograph.

How to Register for ICAN

There are three ways you can register for ICAN.

1. You can register as a professional student.

2. Also, as an Accounting Technicians Scheme West Africa (or ATSWA) student.

3. Additionally, as a member.

Registering in ICAN as a Professional Student

To register under ICAN as a professional student, follow this information:

1. Visit any commercial bank in Nigeria and pay the professional examination registration fee of ₦7,000 (not including any charges) via Pay Direct. You can also pay on the ICAN website.

2. After you have paid the fee, go to the website shown on your receipt and register there.

3. Also, get a coloured passport photograph of yourself. Scan it and add it to the registration form.

4. Also, print the completed application form and sign it.

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5. Furthermore, find a chartered accountant sponsor/referee and provide their name, membership number, and contact number.

6. Take your completed application to your sponsor/referee so that they can certify it.

However, if you are registering using your AAT results, you will also need to pay ₦23,500 for induction/conference and add the receipt to your application.

In addition to that, you will need to attach the original PIN voucher, original Pay Direct receipt, and two certified copies of passport photos. After that, your registration will be complete.

ICAN Registration Portal

To register for ICAN, visit ICAN official portal at: https://icanig.org/students/

ICAN Exam Fee 2022

For the ICAN exam, you are to pay a non-refundable amount to the bank. However, with registering with the AAT result, you will be required to pay N23, 000 to the bank.

Also, ensure you get a Pin/Voucher from the bank and your scanned passport. Additionally, applicants will have to stamp the application with a stamp got from the post office.

Unique Privileges for ICAN Members

Over time, they have known the profession of accounting as one of the most reputable professions in the world. This is because of so many reasons.

Apart from it being a recognized profession, it is also a profession that gives you an opportunity to be self-employed.

Also, there are privileges that come with being a member of ICAN. They are:

1. Global Recognition

With this qualification, you can work anywhere as an accountant. Thus, you don’t need to be tied down in a particular country because you felt your B.Sc. or HND would not be accepted in other countries.

Also, with this certification, you can practise anywhere and be recognised. No other career offers the mobility that a Chartered Accountancy’s qualification does.

2. Self-Employ-ability

Chartered Accountants have a solid foundation in economics, marketing, and management information systems. As an accountant, you can take on the role of a business advisor.

Also, you can help at driving business, improving profit margins, and increasing market share for their clients/employers.

Furthermore, many Chartered Accountants also use their expertise to form their own businesses, becoming highly successful entrepreneurs.

With the above information, you should be able to register for the ICAN exam easily.

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