Humanity in Action Amsterdam Fellowship 2023 Application Update

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Humanity in Action Amsterdam Fellowship

If you are passionate about human rights, democracy, and social justice, kickstart your activism journey during this Fellowship. In 2023, the Amsterdam Fellowship will focus on the Netherlands’ colonial past and its repercussions throughout the 20th century until today.

The Amsterdam Fellowship is an opportunity for students from diverse disciplines and walks of life, from the Netherlands and abroad, to become part of an action-driven community of changemakers. They collectively analyze the social, economic, and political challenges of civil society today by learning from shared histories.

Programme Details

The Netherlands’ colonial past and active role in slavery have been – and are to this day – underexposed parts of their history. The Dutch government has recently stated an apology acknowledging their role in the horrors of the slave trade, but we can ask ourselves: What does an apology mean? And how do we receive it as we reckon with the racism and discrimination that are deeply rooted in society, both at social and institutional levels?

During the Fellowship, fellows will investigate the ways in which colonial legacies have impacted Dutch society. What are the relationships between minority and majority populations and marginalized groups? How do they explore the topics of wealth inequality, ableism, fascism, and anti-migration rhetoric – and how do they protect their democratic values?

Through workshops, discussions, and community building, Humanity in Action aim to (re)discover ideas and find answers to tackle these human rights challenges. They invite you to think about the state of the world and address such issues by coming into action and developing your own Action Project. After the Fellowship, they offer you personal guidance and a series of training sessions for the following 11 months to fuel and support your activism. With your Action Project, you can become the changemaker the world needs.


  • Applications are open to the following countries:
    • The Netherlands
    • USA
    • Germany
    • Poland
    • Greece
  • Be fluent English speakers (all programmes are conducted in English).
  • People they accept are reflective and self-reflective, critical and self-critical. They demonstrate openness, humility, and a readiness to challenge their own preconceptions.
  • Successful candidates are willing to engage in difficult yet constructive and meaningful dialogue. They appreciate the complex interweaving of many identities and perspectives.
  • Future Fellows need to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and allow space for misunderstanding and mistakes in the process of learning. They acknowledge others’ learning and healing processes.


The Amsterdam Fellowship will hold from June 8 – 23, 2023 (in-person in Amsterdam, the Netherlands). About 20 Fellows from Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and the US will gather in Amsterdam to learn from local experts, community members, and each other.

There are two different application processes for applicants from or residing in Europe and applicants from or residing in the US.

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For more information, visit Amsterdam Fellowship.

Deadline: February 14, 2023

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