How To Write A Good Sponsorship Letter

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Last Updated on August 20, 2022

How To Write A Good Sponsorship Letter

One of the ways non-profiting organizations accomplish their run of the organization is by locating possible sponsors and developing lasting relationships with them, and an effective way to meet this demand is by sending out sponsorship letters for the organization’s events. Of course, gaining sponsors isn’t as easy as sending out a few letters. Writing a sponsorship letter basically has been a tried and true tactic that nonprofit organizations employ in sourcing sponsors for their events or operations.

What is a Sponsorship Letter?

A sponsorship letter is a document that’s written and sent by a non-profit organization to potential sponsors. This letter is used as a means of requesting sponsorship from either individuals, businesses, or other organizations for a specific event program, campaign, long-term support or partnership, or initiative. Basically, there are letters that can help assist nonprofit organizations to establish a rapport with sponsors to support the organization’s fundraising activities. Non-profit organizations can offer incentives to their sponsors through their sponsorship letters.

A sponsorship letter unlike other fund-raising letters that ask for grants, volunteers, donations, time, contributions, auction items or other gifts has a slightly further reach. It’s a letter that focuses on building a long-term relationship with potential donors and reaches out to them like partners, including offering incentives such as; obligatory tax receipt, priority seating at an event, a speaking slot, or inclusion in event publicity, for their support. A fundraising letter is basically for businesses or individuals to contribute to an event, program, or campaign, or to provide long-term support to a non-profit organization.

When to write a Sponsorship Letter?

Sponsorships letters are written whenever a nonprofit organization or individual wants to request support or seek partnership from individuals or other organizations so as to accomplish their events or for running their programs.

How to write a Sponsorship Letter

  • Included an introduction: It’s best to start your letter with an introduction. This section involves you explaining who you are, what your organization does and some details about the upcoming event should be included. Personalize the introductory section of the letter to the reader or potential sponsor so they have the feeling you’re speaking to them directly. This helps them to develop an understanding of both the event and the organization.
  • Explain the reason for the letter: Explaining the reason for the letter is an important factor of your letter as it conveys the purpose of the letter. Since you’re requesting sponsorships for a specific event, considering listing a few points or ways on how the recipient could help is very necessary as it helps your recipient know what your needs are and how they can help in satisfying those needs. These may include financial support, event-specific supplies, volunteers, time, auction items, or other resources your organization needs. It’s best to provide clear detail in this section so that your recipient is fully aware of what your needs are.
  • Provide details about your audience: Another important detail to be included in your letter is a detail about the population or audience to be affected or reached out to i.e. those it concerns the most. Such a letter can help the recipient of the letter feel a personal or an emotional connection to the work of your organization. Establishing such a connection can also possibly increase the chances of potential sponsors committing to partner with your organization for the specific event.
  • Explain the purpose of the event or program: In this section, you should consider including a list of goals in your letter that your organization hopes to achieve prior to the event. Including the goals of the event can help your sponsor see exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish with the event. Sponsors have a better understanding of the purpose of the event and what is needed to make it possible through the goals which serve as a guide to the sponsor.
  • Close: In the final paragraph of your sponsorships letter, thank your potential sponsor for taking out time to read and for considering your sponsor request, as you want to bother those who choose to sponsor and choose not, to feel acknowledged by your organization. Then include your handwritten signature as a show that your organization took out time in crafting a letter with a personal touch as this may improve your chances of hearing positive feedback from the recipient.


In writing a sponsorship letter ensure to make research on organizations that operates in the same manner or have the same vision as yours, i.e. business that shares the same objective and goals as you do. To achieve your goal and aim easily, consider complementary businesses, Social Media for people who are passionate about your cause, involve people or members of your staff, and family members that your sponsors could trust to make connections for you as people are more likely to consider the request of any kind when they come from people they’re acquainted with and trust. Also, approach businesses that have supported you beforehand and people within your locality as people would generally like to support any event or program that would benefit their community. Consider your vendors which are your prime candidate for sponsorship.

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