How To Write A Good Sales Letter – TIPS

Last Updated on August 19, 2022

A sales letter is basically an effective way that is used to directly reach out to customers and convince these customers to invest in your products or services. You should consider writing and posting a sales letter in order to promote or sell your products and services.

How To Write A Good Sales Letter

What is a Sales Letter?

A sales letter is a written document or pitch that’s used to arouse the interest of potential or prospective customers in a particular product or service. The goal of a sales letter is to attract or stimulate the interest of potential clients in the product or service being promoted, and also how it will be of benefit them. It also serves the purpose of making an announcement on a new product and service which can allow you to successfully bring such product and service to the market. Businesses make use of both online and printed formats of sales letters in carrying out their sales operations. They can be effective in allowing businesses to make a personal connection with both current and prospective customers if composed using the right approaches and using persuasive techniques with strong content.

When to write a Sales Letter?

Sales letters are written whenever businesses seek or intend;

  • To promote their products or services.
  • When they want their clients to invest in their products and services.
  • And also when they want to bring new products and services to the market.

How to write a Sales Letter?

  • Write a catchy or appealing headline that grabs your customer’s attention: This involves telling your clients what they need to know and hear in a brief, clear and simple sentence. It has to be memorable as it might be the only thing they will see.
  • Hook the reader by identifying what they need and why they need it: Identifying the unspoken needs of the sales potential will connect them to your product. Your potential customers are more likely to pay more attention to your words, and as such use that to your advantage by using effective, relevant, and appealing words to explain the benefit of the product and service to them. This can be done by giving practical examples or amazing offers. Showcasing the benefits that are associated with the product and service can help create or induce a desire among the readers or clients.
  • Use bullet points in highlighting key information: Using bullets in listing out points helps the reader to see relevant information that a very significant. You can use this to outline lists of products and services you offer.
  • Use testimonials or statistics: sales letter is expected to show readers the value of your products. Including testimonials and statistics will help readers see valuable information that can help see your product.
  • Initiate the call to action: If you want your readers to purchase your product or service initiating a call to action will help you in achieving such desire. As your sales letter is incomplete without calling your readers to action. Ensure to make the purchase process easy for your clients. You can achieve this by adding some interesting offers or discounts.
  • Offer something that’s limited: Offer something that is both limited in time and in quantity. This section requires you to employ an effective sales technique which includes heightening the immediacy or introducing a timeline for a deal to your clients or potential customers, limiting the number of items available for the offer. Giving your customers a timeframe to take action is an effective way to motivate them into taking necessary action.

What not to include in a Sales Letter?

Ensure to avoid the following in a sales letter;

  • Wrong information about the product.
  • Wrong tone of request.
  • Exaggerating fact.
  • Grammars.
  • Abbreviations.

Why is it important to write a Sales Letter?

A sales letter is important to write because it serves as;

  • A means of announcement to successfully bring a new product to the market.
  • An effective tool to reach out to customers both loyal and potential ones.
  • It helps in stimulating the interest of prospective clients in the product or service being promoted.
  • It can also be used by companies or businesses to inform their loyal customers about the latest discount.


Sales letters both online and printed formats are written and sent with the primary objective of stimulating the interest of loyal and prospective clients or customers interest on their products or services and how these products and services will benefit them. As such, it’s expected to use brief and clear sentences, bear your customers in mind (i.e. what they would like to hear and see), you could include exciting visuals, which involves using simple designs that are relevant to current trends and would grab the reader’s attention towards your product and service.

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