How To Write A Good Request Letter (with sample)

Last Updated on August 19, 2022

How To Write A Good Request Letter

Writing a request letter is not an everyday affair as you don’t necessarily make requests every day, at least on a personal level. In a professional setting or environment, it can be a daily routine. Using a professional letter is considered a very effective way of communicating work-related information, details, or issues to higher authorities or colleagues.

What is a Request Letter?

A request letter Is a formal official document that’s written for the purpose of requesting something from an official or an individual, which could be for; a favor, permission, contract, grant, leave, or academic-related information. It’s basically a formal way of demanding favor, support, and assistance from higher officials or administrative personalities. Which could be written to your employer (it could be your boss or manager). It can also be written to request a job interview, meeting, Holiday or vacation, etc. For instance, a fresh graduate can write to request a job interview, an employee can write to request for leave, promotion, increment of salary, transfer, change of contract or position, location of work, and also a student can write to request for any kind of school-related information. A request letter is also sent by non-profiting organizations e.g. social welfare, to request donations of funds.

When to write a Request Letter?

Request letters are often written for diverse reasons which are depending on the situation, part of which may include;

  • When demanding help.
  • Demanding favor.
  • Demanding approval.
  • Demanding permission or authorization.
  • Demanding for an item, data, tribute, etc.

How to write a Letter of Request?

  • Include a letterhead: As required in every letter, include your name, address, and that of your recipient with the date you composed the latter. When you’re writing on behalf of your company, ensure to use the company’s letterhead which may include; the company’s name, address, website, and fax number if available.
  • Subject: This involves the inclusion of the reason to which the request letter is meant to address.
  • Salutation: Ensure to use the appropriate greeting to your recipient. You can say” Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms., and add your recipient’s last name.
  • Introduce yourself: In the first paragraph, involves an introduction of you to the recipient, as it helps to form an early connection and motivate them to continue reading. You could also remind them of your past interaction, transactions, or professional relationship if you have had any with them in the past.
  • Make the request: This section involves you stating specifically the purpose of the letter i.e what your needs or wants may be. Ensure to make your request very clear and easy for your reader to clearly understand the purpose of the letter.
  • Explain the reason for the request: Here it involves you giving a learning description of what you hope to achieve if your request is granted. It also involves you giving an explanation of the importance or benefit of the request. For instance, you can state that engaging in a professional course or training program would help improve your professional skill and bridge the gap in your profession.
  • Offer to provide additional information: In the next paragraph after giving your reasons for the request, you should offer to provide more details or information that could help the recipient in making decisions concerning your request. For example, you applied for a skill that requires an approval letter from a higher authority. In such a case, you would have to provide information about the organization and links to the course/program.
  • Express gratitude and conclude the letter: In the concluding paragraph of the letter, express your warm appreciation to the reader for reading your letter and considering your request. You can say “Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to hearing positive feedback from you”. End with a professional closing, such as “Regards” or “Sincerely”.

Sample of a Request Letter

Adams Grace

48 Abak Road

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

May 29, 2022

Moses Anietie


Edith’s Enterprise LTD

30 Barracks Road

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Training request

Dear Mr. Moses,

As part of my obligation to bring value to the advertising department, I would like to bring to your notice my intention to pursue additional training so as to properly develop my skill set in advertising. I noticed our department appears to have lapses in generating leads for the company’s products. I’m writing to request that the company sponsor part of my training course in learning how to attract leads and transferring them to the sales department successfully.

I researched training programs where I can acquire the skill needed to generate leads. From my research, a Consultant for Lead generation offers the best value at a favorable cost. This training costs #150,000 for 2weeks workshop plus 2weeks of mentorship which focuses on digital marketing and advertising straight.

While undergoing this training I’d be committed to discharging my duties and maintaining my position as it would not in any way interfere with work schedules. I look forward to hearing from you and providing any additional information about the training.

Thanks for your consideration.


Adams Grace.


In writing a request letter it’s important for you to know your audience as this makes it easy for you to know how to compute the content of your letter or what your letter should contain. Know the purpose of your letter i.e. what it’s aimed at achieving, the relationship between you and the recipient is also necessary to be put into consideration, as it will direct or give you guidelines on the style and tone of request to use in writing your request letter. Be specific in stating your request, be polite in your manner of approach while asking for what you want or need, and also ensure to express gratitude as words of respect and gratitude are symbols of courtesy and politeness.

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