How To Write A Good Recommendation Letter (with sample)

Last Updated on August 20, 2022

How To Write A Good Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter of any kind is a letter written as a supporting and informative letter that helps any organization, institution, or any workplace understand the personality basic character, strengths, personal qualities, specialties, and accomplishments of the person who is being recommended either for a job, an award, scholarship or for admission into an institution or for any special purpose.

Writing a recommendation letter for someone at times might seem like a big responsibility. Making some research on features of the individual or candidate and formatting requirements can be very helpful in endorsing someone’s ability.

What then is a Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation letter is a letter that provides information regarding a person’s or applicant’s character, personal qualities, and his/her achievement which serves as the basis of fundamental criteria for getting or attaining their dream job, gaining admission into their desired institution of study, which is written by a third party who is familiar or acquainted with the applicant he/she is endorsing or recommending. In such a letter you have the liberty to outline the characteristics, capabilities, and qualities which make the applicant or individual the right person for the particular opportunity or any special purpose. A good recommendation letter is required in a competitive world or environment as it improves the chances of the candidate being considered for a particular position or admission. It helps in informing the recipient (hiring manager or admission officer)of the letter of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, which ultimately helps them in making a final decision in the selection process.

When to write a Recommendation Letter?

Recommendation letters are written whenever we want to recommend or endorse an individual or a candidate for a job, admission, sponsorship, or any special purpose.

How to write a Recommendation Letter?

In writing a recommendation letter it is expected that it should be relevant, professional, and personalized. Below are steps to guide in creating an effective recommendation letter:

  • Following the traditional formal letter format: A recommendation letter is a professional letter and as such it’s expected you follow a standard letter writing format. This includes the address and name, of both the sender and receiver of the letter. In salutation, you can use Mr./Mrs./Ms and include their name but if you don’t know the name of your recipient you can use “To whom it may concern”.
  • Begin with brief praise of the candidate at the beginning of the letter: Begin the letter positively by expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity to endorse the candidate. This arouses the hiring manager’s interest or attention as they would desire to know more about your excitement in recommending the candidate.
  • Outline the purpose of the letter: This section involves you stating the intent or the purpose of the letter, your relationship with the candidate, and how long you have known the candidate; also you can briefly include your job title as well. Being able to explain your relationship with the candidate shows that you’re qualified to give a sincere assessment.
  • Details why the candidate is the best fit for the position: Here it involves you giving detailed explanation of why the candidate is a good fit for the job offer or position. It involves stating their achievements in their previous role or job. Making some research on the company’s goal and culture can serve as a guide in making a comparison with a candidate’s goals, values, and personality. If the candidate is making a change in career, explain why they will be able to thrive in the new role or industry. For this to be successfully accomplished, the candidate should share details of the job description with you as this will help you have a clear understanding of the duties, roles, and responsibilities that are related to the position. The proper information will help your letter of recommendation to be well-tailored, strong, unbiased, and insightful and also reassure the hiring manager the candidate is the best for the job position.
  • Include positive personal qualities of your candidate: Mention some specific positive details about the candidate’s experience, skill, qualifications, and what benefit they can contribute if they are hired. This will provide an idea of how the candidate works in their day-to-day operations. Providing at least 3 or more specific qualities and explaining how they can use them successfully to perform the role they are applying for can add credibility to the letter.
  • End the closing statement: End the recommendation letter by recommending the candidate and stating why you think they would be a good fit for the opportunity. You can also offer to provide more information or details about the candidate recommendation they consider necessary. Leave your contact details it could be your phone number or email address and close with a professional closing you can say “Sincerely”, or “Best regards”, write your name and sign below.

Sample of a Recommendation Letter

Gabriel Akan


Sunny’s Enterprise LTD

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

April 20, 2021

To whom it may concern,

I have the pleasure of endorsing Elijah Moses for employment in your prestigious organization. I have known Elijah for over five years since he worked as a sales executive in my office.

I was extremely impressed with Moses’ attitude and efficiency all through the period he worked with me. Moses is equally very clever and highly professional. I am positive that he will display a high level of commitment and complete his job duties and responsibilities with determination in your organization. He has a fast learning ability and has demonstrated such in absorbing a large volume of information. Mr. Elijah has displayed the ability to perfectly express information and ideas in both written and verbal forms.

Elijah has also been successful in his efforts to engage the media for our product promotion campaigns and outreach program. He has been able to convince clients to not only invest but to also purchase and mobilize other clients to do the same.

Mr. Elijah is a risk taker and also committed to adding extra hours to work. He does not shy away from opportunities to reach out to people and involve them. I personally appreciate Elijah’s team spirit and his voluntary desire to render services in a better manner.

I recommend Mr. Elijah without reservation. I am positive that he will quickly build rapport with your staff and stakeholders. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information and inquiry regarding this cause. You can contact me on (the phone) or by (email).


Gabriel Akan



When writing a recommendation letter ensure it’s specific, clear, and relevant. They should be written correctly and based on the candidate’s personal qualities or attributes which are fundamental for deciding if the hiring manager or recipient would consider the candidate for the admission or position they applied for.

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