How to Track a Lost Phone in Kenya 2023

Last Updated on February 21, 2023

How to Track a Lost Phone in Kenya

If you are looking for how to track a lost phone in Kenya or researching ways how to track a phone this guide is for you. Now, let us start illustrating ways how to track a phone. We have gathered solutions on how to track a phone in Kenya for both Android and iPhone users. Even if you use an iPhone or Android and live in Kenya, you need to know how to track a phone number in Kenya. If you are using an android device in a different region, you can use these solutions. This is so helpful if you would like to know how to track a lost phone using another phone.

How to Track a Lost Phone in Kenya

If you do not know how to track a phone in Kenya, you will waste money by buying a new phone. In addition, you could lose a lot of sensitive data. Here are solutions to know how to track a phone in Kenya.

Google find my phone

Google find my phone is a highly recommended solution to know how to track a phone in Kenya. Android phones have a Google account. The account automatically turns on Google Find My Device. So you can use any internet-enabled device to track your cell phone. 

  • Type in the address bar and click Go
  • It will take you to a Google account sign-in page.
  • Enter your email address click next  
  • Enter your password 
  • Click sign in
  • You will see a dialogue box prompting you to access Google Location Services. 
  • Click Accept
  • On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of all android devices connected to that Google Account. 
  • select the device you are trying to locate
  • If your phone is online, you will see the location on the screen with three options below.
    • The first option is PLAY SOUND.
      • Once you click on this option, the phone will ring out loud for five minutes. If you are trying to ‘Track my android phone location’ within an indoor space, use this. 
    • The second option is SECURE DEVICE.
      • To lock your phone so that no one can access any of the features on it. You can also type a recovery message which will appear on your phone screen.  
    • The third option is ERASE DEVICE.
      • Only use this option if you have lost hope of finding it. Once done, you can no longer track the phone.
      • To do this, click on erase the device.  
      • Enter your Google account password  
      • Confirm the action
      • Even if you find your cell phone, you cannot retrieve your data. 

Use the IMEI number to track your phone. 

Here is how to track a lost phone using IMEI. The Phone IMEI number means the International Mobile Equipment Identity number. It is a unique number attached to each cell phone to differentiate it from any other phone in the world. Some say it is like a fingerprint for phones; only one exists. Below here we have easy guidelines on how to track mobile IMEI numbers to help me find my device with IMEI.

How to track lost mobile with IMEI number

– The phone IMEI number is on the phone pack

– It can also be under the battery of the phone. 

– You can dial ‘*#06#’ on your device to get the IMEI number. 

– When you purchase your android phone, copy the IMEI and keep it somewhere safe. 

If you do not have the phone IMEI number, please skip to the next solution. 

  • Using another android device to launch Playstore
  • search for IMEI tracker 
  • Install and open the app
  • Accept all of the permissions as the app prompts you to. 
  • If there are ads to view, do so before moving to the next step. 
  • Wait for the setup process to complete
  • Enter the IMEI number of the lost or stolen android phone  
  • Tap Track 
  • It will give a list of places where the phone has been and the timestamps. 
  • Pick the current location and report it to the authorities. 

If you had set up the IMEI tracker app on your android phone before it got stolen, you can use this to turn on the alarm, lock the phone, send SMS about real-time location, and do other things on your device. 

  • Lastly, block the IMEI number so that no one else will be able to use the phone. Then, if you find the phone, you can unblock it. 

Use built-in security features.

There are features you can set up on an android device that can aid you on how to track a phone in Kenya. To get the best out of Google, find my phone. Your Google Location Services should be on. With this, you can track a cell phone location for free with Google.

  • Here is another feature to make tracking android phone locations easier.
  • Launch settings
  • Select Security
  • On the next screen, Tap Find my device
  • Ensure you toggle on Find my phone.
  • Toggle on Remotely locate this device 
  • Toggle on Allow remote lock and erase

Create a secure lock screen

If you followed the steps above to allow remote lock and erase, you can use Google to find your device to lock your phone, as indicated in the first solution. It is advisable to add a lock screen message so that whoever finds the phone can return it. 

Three things your message should contain;

  • A contact phone number
  • A location where the finder can drop off the phone
  • An appreciation note thanking the finder and asking them to help return it to you. 

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager uses the Google feature to safeguard and track devices remotely. For example, you can check where your device was lastly used or switched on. Then, turn on Location Services on your device. 

  • Launch Playstore
  • Download and install the Android device manager. 
  • Set it up with your Google account. 
  • Note that the features work just like Google Find My Device
  • When you want to track the missing device, type in the address bar on another phone
  • Turn on location services 
  • Check the location of all devices linked to your Google account 
  • Check for the location of your lost phone

Track phone number

While making a report to the authorities about your missing phone, include the phone number. Network service providers know how to track a number, and they can also take note of all calls made from the device. 

It may be difficult to track the phone number location if the thief changes the sim card. You should also have the IMEI number on hand to track the phone any time it gets stolen. 

Use Tracfone Phone Tracker

What else can I use to locate my android phone in Kenya? Is there an app for tracking phone number locations in Kenya? Here is how Tracfone can help users in tracking phone numbers in Kenya

Tracfone provides both cell service and some android phones at a low cost. If your missing android device is a Tracfone, it can be easier to track. Tracfone emits global positioning signals to cellular towers and satellites. Here is how to track phones using IMEI online:

  • Go to the website of your online tracker.  
  • You can also log into the Tracfone website using your username and password. 
  • Enter your Tracfone ID and phone IMEI number
  • Record your device as lost in the online tracking database 
  • The program will start a search for your device. 
  • Wait till a signal is received.
  • You can take the location to the authorities and have them retrieve your phone for you. 
  • As an alternative, you can contact a cellphone tracking service provider
  • Submit your cellphone number and Tracfone ID to them. 


We hope this was helpful on how to track a phone number location in Kenya. You are not limited to ways you could improve on tracking a lost phone, also consider DCI phone tracking help or ask Safaricom phone number tracking agents to help you.

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