How To Get Into Modeling – A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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How To Get Into Modeling

Are you trying and thinking on how to get into modeling? This article will help you with proper steps and guidelines on how to venture.

Modeling isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, it picks only but a few credible ones who have attained the criteria. None the less, don’t let this fact deny you of venturing into modeling.

How do you possibly get into modeling?  First you have to know what modeling is all about, what are the DOs and DON’Ts, what type of model do you want to become, what are the right organizations to connect with?

Having asked yourself these questions, at this point, we’ll be leading you with the guidelines that will help you on how to get into modeling.

What is Modeling all about?

A model is a person who promotes and advertises products as well as posing for photography featured in a number of print media like magazines, books, films, newspapers, internet and television.  Therefore modeling is the practice or occupation of a person who models clothes, work of arts and others. There are types of modeling that you need to know which are as follows; fashion model, fitness model, fitting model, glamour model, fine art model, and body-part model.

Modeling does not involve oral communication or oral skills but your reputation. Yes modeling as persons will say is meant for female but males can possibly be models even as there are some Modeling that they can participate.

Types of Modeling

We’ll be looking at the various types of modeling so as to have a perfect understanding and clew on how to get into modeling.

Fashion Modeling

Fashion models also known as runway models, showcase clothes from fashion designers, fashion media, and consumers. They walk, turn and stand to demonstrate garment key features. Fashion models are “live models” because they perform live on stage.

Fashion modeling includes the following;

  • Magazine modeling.
  • Plus size modeling.
  • Normal size modeling.

Fit or Fitting Modeling

Fit model is a person who is used by a fashion designer or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a ‘real’ human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.

Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling focuses on sexuality and thus general requirements are often unclear, being dependent more on each individual case.

Body Part Modeling

Some models are employed for their body parts. For example, hand models may be used to promote products held in the hand and nail-related products. (e.g. rings, other jewelry or nail polish). Many parts models have exceptionally attractive body parts, but there is also demand for unattractive or unusual looking body parts for particular campaigns.

Fitness Modeling

Fitness modeling focuses on displaying a healthy, toned physique. These models usually have defined muscle groups. Fitness models are often used in magazine advertising; they can also in some cases be certified personal fitness trainers.

Art Modeling

Art models pose for any visual artist as part of the creative process. Art models are often paid professionals who provide a reference or inspiration for a work of art that includes the human figure. The most common types of art created using models are figure drawing, figure painting, sculpture and photography, but almost any medium may be used.

How To Get Into Modeling

How to get into modeling isn’t a difficult task because you can start with yourself and model that is being self employed though you need skills depending on the type of model.

Start Practicing

Having known some various types of models, we’ll be looking at the next step which is practicing.

Like they say “practice makes perfect”, it is very crucial and important to practice the type of model you want to become. For the start, you can practice at home by downloading some Modeling videos and practice their poses and moves. A mirror at home is a perfect judge so you can correct yourself where wrong and adjust. You can practice alongside the videos.

Build Your Portfolio

Building a portfolio is necessary to grow in becoming a model as time goes by. How do you become a model by building your portfolio? It isn’t a difficult task. Get someone or better still a friend with a camera if not a smart phone of good camera lens and take amazing pictures of yourself but a professional photographer is advisable for the start. Wear good clothes and make-ups for a glittering beauty. Take full body pictures to look more attractive with different poses and more importantly change locations because it makes you appear versatile in your viewers eyes.

Look for start-up photographers and let them advertise your pictures. That is how you grow to become a model.

Find An Agency

With a good portfolio, it is now time to belong to an agency. However, modeling doesn’t stop at taking pictures alone and advertising as one will think because it will take you to nowhere or possibly take you a longer time to grow. You might not be known or called for jobs when necessary. So you will need to get an agent who will link you to an agency because clients prefer working through agencies. Take your portfolio as important and drop them in modeling agencies. You can search them to get the top agencies and present yourself.  More importantly, before signing a contract with an agency, make sure you research to verify if they are legitimate.

Promote Your Self

Promoting your self is one of the vital keys to become a model and get noticed by your clients.

How do you promote yourself? Go to any local fashion show that will need models to demonstrate their products and take pictures by your photographer. Endeavour to always have a photographer so shots of you can be taken any where to add to your portfolio.

Another way of promoting one’s self is the internet. With the internet millions of people can view your pictures and videos via different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Tweeter. Through these social media platform, you can build followers and develop. This could interest possible clients who might want your followers to see you wearing their products. If you don’t have a professional social media platform, start to build one.

Submitting portfolios and waiting will take time to get a job or calls from agencies. You’ve got to promote yourself to become a model


Define your potentials, on which of the modeling you can venture. Avoid being afraid, it is not a difficult task. You just need time to grow as a model, so get into it, make a choice of modeling, start practicing at home, build your portfolio. Having done that, locate an agency and promote yourself. That is how to become a model.

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