How To Audition For Britain’s Got Talent 2023

Last Updated on November 22, 2022

Britain's Got Talent Audition

Are you interested in Britain’s Got Talent? Are you ready to show your talent to the world? We are here to help you figure things out. Check out our guide below on how to audition for the show.

How To Prepare For Your BGT Audition

It’s a good idea to start with the show’s eligibility requirements. You can be any age, but if you’re under 18, you must have a parent or guardian sign up on your behalf and fill out special paperwork.

Advice on Auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent

  • Believe in yourself, do not listen to the voices in your head that say, ‘Hey, you’re not good enough for BGT, you’re not good enough to beat that act that you saw tonight, don’t go audition.’”
  • Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident. Listen to some pump-up music before you go on to get all motivated and excited. My third tip is to be with calm people…. Another tip is to warm up. If you play an instrument, play some scales. If you’re a juggler, juggle a little bit, shake it out. My last tip is to have fun and make sure to be yourself. Don’t try to be anything that you are not. It won’t go well.”

According to the AGT audition page, here are some words of wisdom specific for performer categories:

  • For variety acts:  “Make sure you plan an act that would work on a stage in a theater filled with 1,000 people or more. If you have any acts that are not able to be performed in the audition room, please submit a video or video link of your act before the audition.”
  • For dancers: “It is best if you perform to one or two songs for your audition rather than a mix or medley of songs which can be hard to clear for television. Make sure your choreography is tight and you bring lots of energy. Incorporating tricks and new, unique choreography is always a great way to stand out to the producers and judges. A good way to show your personality and unique style is through your wardrobe/costume. If you are a big group it’s always a good idea to dress in your team uniform or another fun costume.”
  • For singers: “You want to shine at your audition. You should have a verse and chorus prepared, so please start off with your strongest. Remember that you can choose any part of the song to perform, so pick the part that best shows off your vocals. “Please have a cover song prepared as well if you choose to sing an original. Most singing auditions are a cappella but it’s a good idea to bring a backing track should the producer request to hear you singing with a track.

How to Audition For Britain’s Got Talent 2023

Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible, you can register on the BGT audition website. Even if you’ve registered before, you will need to do it again for the next season. You can even request text alerts for information on upcoming auditions. Be prepared to choose a category for your act, such as “Singer” or “Magician.” Don’t worry, there’s also a “Variety/Other” category if yours doesn’t quite fit into anything else. If you’re auditioning in a group, only one person will need to sign up.

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