How To Apply For Drivers License In Nigeria 2023

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

This guide is for those who want to know how to apply for a driver’s license in Nigeria.

How to Apply For Drivers License in Nigeria

A driver’s license application is highly mandatory if you want to drive on any road in Nigeria. Regardless of the complexity of the vehicle, you drive, be it a motorcycle, a car, a bus, or a truck, you must comply with the rules of the road to obtain a driver’s license, which serves as an identification of the acquisition of the driver’s education and quality personal identity.

Do you wish to apply for a driver’s license in Nigeria? Here are tips for all types of driver’s license applications. Discover the step-by-step process from the inside!

Requirements for applying for a Driver’s License in Nigeria

  • You need to put in for a driving training course at an accredited driving school by the federal road safety corps (FRSC)
  • You will be required to take the driving test that will be solely supervised by a member of VIO (vehicle inspection officers)
  • After the test has been passed, you will be issued the certificate of driving proficiency instantly
  • Do well to fill the application form and make the payment requested.
  • Once you have passed the driving test carried out by the VIO, choose either of the two methods explained below to proceed with the acquisition of the driver’s license.

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Cost of Applying for a Driver’s License in Nigeria

The price involved in applying for a new driving license application.

Following are the latest fees for new driving license applications in Nigeria.

  • The Certificate of driving school: 8,000 Naira
  • The Certificate of VIO driving test: 1,000 Naira
  • The Certificate of eye test: 500 Naira
  • The fee for the Driver’s license payment: 6,350 Naira (3 years validity) or 10,450 Naira (5 years validity)

How to Apply For Drivers License in Nigeria Offline

  • Go to any DLC (Driver’s License Centre) of your choice, possibly the one close to your residence.
  • You will be required to fill the driver’s license application form at DLC (Driver’s License Centre) of your choice.
  • Before giving you the Driver’s license application form to complete, the officer will ask you to present your driving school learning certificate, learner’s permit, and also your valid birth certificate.
  • You will be Pay the compulsory driver’s license application fee at the approved banks or make an online payment. When going to the bank to make payment, remember to take a copy of driver’s license form with you as they will need your driver’s license application ID to process your payment.
  • Starting from the next step, you will have to visit the office yourself. You aren’t permitted to send other people on your behalf to get it done for you.
  • Submit all requested documents to the BIR (Board of Internal Revenue) and VIO at the DLC to get the endorsement.
  • Get biometric data captured by presenting to the FRSC officer at the DLC all the documents requested.
  • You will be issued a temporary license while you are waiting for the official one to be issued. This temporary version will expire immediately after 2 months.
  • After 2 months of your application, you will need to go to BIR Office to pick up your official driver’s license.

How to Apply For Drivers License in Nigeria Online

  • Enter this website on your browser:
  • Click on the Driver’s License application form feature on the website.
  • A drop-down list will appear Select “New Driver’s License”
  • Enter the test certificate number in the field and click Validate.
  • After the number has been verified. Fill out the application form required online.
  • Put in for the payment of the registration fee online and print out the confirmation form that appears. Some of the banks accepted for this payment includes; United Bank for Africa, UNION bank, First City Monument Bank, and Wema bank.

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