How much is the housing allowance in South Africa?

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Last Updated on April 19, 2023

How much is the housing allowance in South Africa

The GEHS (Government Employees Housing Scheme) is a benefit scheme for government employees in South Africa that offers housing access services. GEHS aims to ensure that employees have access to adequate housing on a sustainable basis.

All people employed in the public service in National and Provincial Departments qualify to enrol for GEHS. To access GEHS services, you are required to register on the GEHS website and provide information about your housing circumstances.

How much is the housing allowance in South Africa?

The housing allowance is R1200 and is paid as a monthly contribution to qualifying employees to assist with the recurring costs of their accommodation. The amount paid will be adjusted according to inflation yearly in July.

There are differences in terms of homeownership as to how the allowance is paid:

  • Employees who own houses will be paid the total housing allowance.
  • Employees who do not own a house (tenants) will have the total housing allowance diverted and accumulated into the Individual Linked Savings Facility until they acquire homeownership. Employees who were employed before 27th May 2015 will continue to receive R900, and R300 will be diverted to the GEHS Individual Link Saving Facility (ILSF). For employees employed after 27th May 2015, the R1200 will be redirected to the GEHS Individual Link Saving Facility.

The GEHS Individual-Linked Savings Facility is administered by the GEHS Office and assists in saving funds whilst earning interest. Employees will receive periodic balances of accumulated savings, and a tax deduction is deferred until the withdrawal of funds.

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