How Much Are Braces In South Africa In 2023

Last Updated on January 30, 2023

How Much Are Braces In South Africa

We all want to have a perfect smile. However, not everyone has naturally perfect teeth. Some people have crooked teeth that harm their smile and self-esteem. Fortunately, certified orthodontists can turn the tide. It is prudent to know how much are braces in South Africa for budget planning before consulting your orthodontist.

Did you know that dental braces do more than improve a smile? They are an orthodontic treatment for correcting “bad bite” and malocclusion. They are best installed in people who have already grown their adult teeth to improve smiles, chewing, and even speech. If you need this treatment, you should know the prevailing braces price to prepare adequately for the procedure.

Braces are one of the best treatment options for misaligned teeth, but their success depends on a patient’s ability to follow the instructions given by the orthodontist. This treatment is not necessarily cheap but is worth investing in, especially if teeth misalignment is causing problems.

The best age to start this treatment is between 10 and 14 years because at this age, the milk teeth are gone, and adult teeth have grown back. At the same time, the jaw is softer and more responsive to repositioning. However, they can be installed in people older than 14.

In South Africa, many people have teeth misalignment issues that orthodontists can resolve. Read on to discover the current braces prices in South Africa.

Types of braces

Braces installment prices vary depending on the type of braces to be installed. The main types are listed below.

1. Classic/ metal/ traditional

These are made of metal brackets and wires glued to each tooth in the mouth. The archwire puts pressure on the teeth and jawline, while the elastic O-rings connect the archwire to the brackets.

Unlike before, they are much smaller and less noticeable. Usually, these cost less and are versatile because they can be done in different colours.

2. Ceramic

These resemble metallic ones, but they are the same colour as the teeth, making them almost invisible. They are more costly than traditional ones and are prone to staining without proper care.

3. Lingual

These are similar to the metal type, but the brackets are placed inside the teeth as opposed to outside. While they are not visible from the outside, they are harder to clean and are more uncomfortable.

4. Invisalign

These are transparent, removable, and ideal for people with mild to moderate dental problems.

5. Self-ligating

These are somewhat similar to the metal type. The difference is that they use doors or clips to hold the wire in place instead of elastic rubber ties.

How Much Are Braces In South Africa

Have you been asking yourself, “How much are braces in South Africa?” If so, you should note that the cost varies depending on the doctor you choose, the severity of the problem, the type to be installed, and the length of treatment.

Usually, they last between 12 and 36 months. The average teeth braces prices are listed below.

1. Initial consultation

An initial consultation will cost you an average of R2,600

2. Outside/ labial

Outside or labial braces are those that you can see from outside, and they cost an average of R25,000. What are the current braces prices in Johannesburg? You will pay about R24,000 and a consultation fee of about R500.

3. Inside/ lingual

How much do braces cost? The inside/ lingual type will cost you an average of R42,000.

4. Invisalign

These will cost you about R25,000.

NB: You will dish out more money for coloured braces.

Are there free options in South Africa?

When people ask how much braces are in South Africa, they soon realize that the cost is relatively high. The reality is that some South Africans cannot afford the above prices.

People with insurance covers from specific insurance companies can get them installed at a lower price or free. Some of the companies that cover part or all costs when you visit an orthodontist are listed below.

  • Bonitas
  • Momentum Health
  • Discovery Health
  • Medshield
  • Fedhealth

Do government hospitals do braces in South Africa?

Yes, children and adults can have this treatment option installed in government facilities. You need a school card, Centrelink Concession Card, or Department of Veterans Affairs Concession Card to access these services. However, they are not necessarily free, and having an insurance cover is recommended.

What is the average time for braces to be worn?

The average amount of time they are worn is between one and three years. However, you may need them for a shorter or longer period depending on the severity of your case.

Are you too old to get braces?

Although oral specialists report the best age to have them installed is between 10 and 14 years, there is no upper age limit to have these orthodontic devices installed.

What is the cost of routine dental procedures in South Africa?

The average cost of dental procedures in the country is listed below.

  • General consultation: R300 – R500
  • Back tooth filling: R721 – R963
  • Normal tooth extraction: R490
  • Surgical tooth extraction: R1,188
  • Porcelain metal crown (including lab fees): R5,575

What is the current braces price in South Africa? The amount the orthodontist will charge you depends on the location, severity of the problem, location, and type of treatment. The prices are generally high, but you can lower the costs if you have medical coverage.

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