How Many Grams in A Pound | How to Convert Pounds to Grams

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How Many Grams in a Pound? There are two types of pounds, avoirdupois pound the troy pound. The troy pound is the unit for gold weight. So, depending on what types of pound is converted, the answer to the question of how many grams in a pound might be different. If you are converting from avoirdupois pounds to grams, then there are 453.59237 grams in a pound. If you are weighing the gold, it means you are converting from the troy pounds to grams, then there are 373.2417216 grams in a pound of gold.

The list of conversion factors from pounds to grams:

  • 1 Avoirdupois pound = 453.59237 grams
  • 1 Troy pound = 373.2417216 grams

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How to Convert Pounds to Grams?

There are 453.59237 grams in 1 pound. To convert pounds to grams, multiply the pound value by 453.59237.

For example, to find out how many grams there are in 1/4 pound, multiply 453.59237 by 0.25, that makes 113.398 grams in 1/4 pound.

pounds to grams formula

gram = pound * 453.59237


How to Convert Grams to Pounds?

1 Gram (g) is equal to 0.00220462262 pound (lb). To convert grams to pounds, multiply the gram value by 0.00220462262 or divide by 453.59237.

For example, to convert 100 grams to pounds, multiply 100 by 0.00220462262, which makes 0.22046 lbs in 100 grams.

grams to pounds formula

pound = gram * 0.00220462262

pound = gram / 453.59237

What is a Pound?

Pound is an imperial system mass unit. 1 Pound = 453.59237 Grams. The symbol is “lb“.

What is a Gram?

Gram is a metric system mass unit. 1 Gram = 0.00220462262 Pound. The symbol is “g“.


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