How To Become A Successful Teenage Model – 5 Great Steps

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

How To Become A Successful Teenage Model

Do you want to become a successful teenage model, looking glamorous, admired by thousands and earn much income? This article will help you answer some questions that got you uncomfortable as we proceed into some terms.

Before Tyra Lynne Banks popularly known as Banx became who she is today, she started as a model at the age of 15 and was one of the world’s top-earning model. So the question “can I actually become that successful model at my teen age, how do I develop my modeling skills and how do I promote myself to find modeling jobs”, will be answered.

Modeling isn’t quite easy as a teenager because you might have the passion but parental approval restrains your ambitions. So having your parents at your back gives you an upper hand by reducing some of the stress and helps you balance your modeling career with school and other responsibilities.

 As a successful model you need great passion, persistence, focus and hard work. You can’t just wake up in the morning, pick up your phone, take some pictures, post them online and end there. There’s more to it than these. Before we go into becoming a successful teenage model, we have to go through some essentials in other to aid your focus and guide your lead.

What Is Modeling?

Modeling as a noun is the act, art or profession of a person who models. It involves making a representation of something like clothings, sculptures, molding, name it.

Who Is A Model?

A model is a person who makes pattern and displays wears by using or posing with. An example is a woman who wears a designer’s clothes to show them to potential buyers at a fashion show.

The quality of a model should not be confused with the quality of the design that the model represents. A high quality model should provide a representation sufficient to assist the design team in assessing the quality of the design and uncovering design issues.

There is substantial demand for teen models in the the world where by companies and small businesses often hire them to advertise their products for competitive reasons.  Modelling is not for everyone as it fits only but a few. It has it advantages and disadvantages So don’t force your self into it else you’ll have a rough landing.

Becoming A Successful Teenage Model

 Success requires time to hit the top notch. Before we go into how to become a successful teenage model, there are some things you need to know about which are their advantages and disadvantages so as to put you through some decision making.

The advantages are;

1. As a teen model you can easily balance work and school.

2. To begin a career in the beauty industry, starting a model as a teen is a perfect step.

3. It will be glad to say that it is one of the highest paying jobs for teenagers.

4. It is easy to start as a teenager.

The disadvantages are;

Every with an advantage must have a disadvantage so,

1. As you become older, it becomes difficult to get modeling jobs.

2. You will be tagged as a product.

3. Though it is one of the highest paying jobs for teens, you will have to work harder to find these jobs. Just like any other person will hustle to get a job so will you. So don’t think it will come in a platter.

It is interesting to know that the average salary for a teenage model is $24 hourly.  Your salary depends on your reputation, country, and your modeling niche.

What Are The Steps To Take?

1. Discover your model

Though there are no qualifications required to land modeling jobs, you need to master some basic skills whereas being beautiful and photogenic is not what will make you succeed in this competitive industry.

Models are hired if they have the perfect look and attitude for a company’s brand. Some companies want to hire attractive models, while others are looking for something else. That’s why it is important to determine what type of model you want to be.

Are you a petite model? Are you a plus size-model? Are you a fitness model? Keep in mind that not everyone can become the next top model. However, many other types of teen models are making a terrific income.

Types of Models

There are various types of models we’ll be looking at so you can make better decision on which one of them will suit you.

Fashion models do photoshoots for designers who are trying to promote their clothing lines. They usually make the most money in the industry, but it can be challenging to meet the physical requirements to be a fashion model.

Commercial models require basic acting skills. They look like everyday people and promote everything, such as food and household items.

Parts models are in huge demand from companies who want the perfect hands, legs, feet, or other body parts to advertise their product.

Catalog models have a look that appeals to the target audience. They do not have the same physical requirements as fashion models.

Discovering your model first is the key as you will be proceeding into other arms of the medelling industry.

2. Pose Like A Pro

It is time to work your poses once you’ve found out what type of modeling suits you.

Now, the difference between pro and amateur models is how they present themselves to the audience. Avoid local poses.

So, how do you pose?

First, Take pictures of yourself in different poses and ask a professional photographer or experienced model to evaluate your work.

3. Promote Yourself

Nobody will leave their own jobs to come promote you or give you contracts in this industry. You have to promote yourself as possible.

How do I promote myself since no one will do that for me? I will lead you on how you can reveal yourself to the audience.

First you have to create a modeling portfolio;

A portfolio is a model’s most important marketing tool. You sell yourself to the audience with your portfolio. So the heavier your portfolio the greater chance you have.

I must tell you that there is definitely no secret to a great portfolio. All you need is to contact a professional photographer. It can be expensive, but there are some ways to cut costs: Amateur photographers are preferable because they charge less.

Contact local colleges with photography departments and see if they need a free model.

Second, Publish your photos on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others;

In a way, social media is an extension of your portfolio. It is an opportunity to show your personality, lifestyle, and interests. Therefore, building social media profiles is a great asset for new models.

Third, create your own website;

Most professional models have a website where they publish their most recent photographs. Once you’ve added your website to your resume, modeling agencies will take you more seriously.

4. Find Modeling Jobs

Having created a portfolio and website, it’s time to find a job that will accept you without any forms of questioning or doubt.

In modeling, there are agencies that will connect you to potential clients if you do not have a name for yourself.

How will you find a modeling agency that will accept teen models?

Looking for what type of agency works matters, because your type of model must fit their task. If you’re a fitness model for example, it’s useless to contact agencies that represent high-fashion models!

So, to find a modeling agency in your area, type “modeling agencies” in Google Maps.

You’ll be provided with a list of some modeling agencies that accept teen models:

  • Next management, New York, Miami, Los Angeles. You can apply on this page.
  • FutureFaces, New York. You can apply on this page.
  • Whilhelmina Kids&Teens, New York. You can apply on this page.
  • Neal Hamil Agency, Houston. You can visit their website.
  • IMG Modeling, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, Sydney. You can visit their website.
  • Elite Model, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto. You can visit their website.
  • Ford Model Agency, Chicago, Los Angeles. You can visit their website    

We believe that these sites will help you find modeling jobs.

5. Get Hired By An Agency

How do you get hired by an agency? It isn’t difficult.

There are three ways to get hired by a modeling agency:

1. The best way to get hired by an agency is to get a referral. You can get a referral from a photographer you’ve already worked with or a friend who is already a model.

2. Go to an open call. Maybe once or twice a week, agencies arrange open calls where they bring in anyone who wants to be a model and try to find new talents.

3. You should be spotted on Instagram and other social networks.

Sign a modeling contract;

Before you sign contract, make sure you read it carefully with your parents and ask questions about anything unclear. As minors do not have the legal capacity to sign contracts (1), it is impossible to start a modeling career without your parents’ approval. It is crucial to be transparent about your career plan.

In terms of age limits, most modeling agencies require models to be at least 14 years old.


A modeling career is very time-consuming which involves assignments. So it can be challenging as a teenager to balance work and school without the help of your parents or guidance. You need your parental guide and lead because they may also support you financially to pay for the expenses associated with modeling like building a portfolio, owning a website, attending modeling classes, and more.

The essential steps of becoming that successful teenage model is to discover your model, pose like a pro, promote yourself, find modeling jobs and get hired by an agency. Following these steps will guide you and I tell you, you will become one of the top teenage models as well as earn greatly.

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