Best Hospitality Management Schools In The World (Top 10 List)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

ospitality Management Schools

Looking for the best hospitality management schools around the world? It might interest you to go through this article as you find out some world class institutions in your area of search. But first let’s consider some basic facts you might want to know.

What is Hospitality Management?

Hospitality management is a career that deals with a generous reception and entertainment of guests or customers typically in the areas of lodging, recreation, food and beverage, travel and tourism, meeting and event sectors.  

Why is a Hospitality Management Institution Preferred?

Hospitality management schools help educates students by providing fundamental knowledge on the best practices within hospitality sector through various academic course work and practices. There are several opportunities in most dynamic organizations especially, for those with degrees or academic qualifications. This why studying in one of the best hospitality management schools, gives you an advanced knowledge in the operation processes and management skills of hospitality. There is several hospitality schools around the world, some of the best are listed below.

Best Hospitality Management Schools

Here’s a look at the best Hospitality Management Schools in the world.

1. École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

École hôtelière de Lausanne located in Switzerland has consistently gained the recognition of being the current best hospitality management school in the world due to its academic excellence, learning methods and innovations. EHL has good reputation for training students obtain basic managerial skills in hostel and hospitality industries as it offers BS International Hospitality Management, MS Global Hospitality Business, MS Wine and Hospitality Management, and MBA in Hospitality. Most international organizations visit each year to offer employment and internship invitations to students.  It is the oldest and finest hospitality management institution which provides modern and comfortable facilities featuring standard class rooms and auditorium, food court, gardens and lots more with breath taking experience.

2. Glion Institute of Higher Education

The Glion Institute of Higher Education based in Switzerland and the United Kingdom is a renowned private hospitality & luxury management institution. Glion offers MS International Hospitality Business, MS Hospitality Entrepreneurship & Innovation, MS Luxury Management, and MS Real Estate, Finance & Hotel Development with flexible pattern that could fit with a busy schedule. During the first year, Master’s students join a business field trip organized by Glion where they can connect with top companies in the industry. It as well combines coursework, practical education, and professional internships to develop a curriculum that would best train students to become leaders in the modern hospitality industry. Mostly, 98% of job seeking graduating students gain employment at graduation.

3. School of Hotel Administration (SHA)-Cornell University, USA

 School of Hotel Administration of Cornell University, USA, is an institution is famous for providing world-class student experience in hospitality management which is one of the most advanced and innovative of its kind. SHA is known for inculcating essential hospitality skills within all its courses and is well respected in most hospitality industries for providing competent and skilled people. This institution offers undergraduate, graduate, as well as executive education to students and those seeking to advance their skills.

4. Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)

 The Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) located in Switzerland is an institution established to provide managers or professionals for the booming tourism industry. Within a couple of years of its existence, it has made quite a name for itself. Not only have Swiss hotel management school excelled in terms of quality education but also have one of the best campuses in the world which is why it qualifies among the current best hospitality management schools in the world on a regular basis.

5. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Les Roches is situated in the canton of Valais; Switzerland is a successful and well-known private hospitality school of Swiss University. The institution offers a range of undergraduate, graduate and MBA courses in hospitality and hotel management programs. Students here have a wide choice of specialization and areas in management, hotel business, tourism and hospitality technologies: the curriculum combines practical and theoretical studies, as well as mandatory internships on the basis of the best companies in the world. This approach allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in the professional settings of hotels, restaurants and other facilities. Les Roches has an excellent Employer reputation globally which in itself reflects on the quality of this Hotel school

6. Hotel School The Hague

 Hotel school The Hague situated in Netherlands is one of the current best hospitality management schools in the world recognized for providing an excellent teaching method in facilitates students to achieve the best in their academic pursuits. It has a stellar reputation in terms of its Hospitality Management courses which was established to serve the needs of the hotel and catering industry. Most graduates of Hotel school have served in different managerial capacities all over the world

7. The School of Hospitality Business, USA

The School of Hospitality Business, USA is a wonderful choice for students interested in a degree in hospitality management, administration and catering. This school is a part of the highly renowned Michigan State University which was established to provide leaders for most hospitality industry. It offers courses and programs ranging from learning how to properly interact with potential customers and employees as well as understanding how to competitively grow a hospitality business. Due to its high academic standards, it attracts some of the brightest students who graduate to assume leadership positions in several companies around the world.

8. Hotel School Vatel, France

Hotel School Vatel located in France   is a Business School dedicated to the Hospitality industry and as well awarded as one of the current best Hospitality Management School worldwide. Although Hotel School Vatel is comparatively younger than some of the other schools on the list but it has established 31 branches all over the world. This prestigious institution graduates nearly 7000 students every year serving in different managerial capacities all over the world. Its study method involves putting students in the role of managers and competitions are held on a regular basis. Various other innovative approaches are involved in imparting quality hospitality education at this reputed school.

9. Oxford Brookes University (OBU)

Oxford School of Hospitality Management is part of the Oxford Brookes University (OBU) in the United Kingdom. It has improved upon its stature and reputation over the years by creatinginnovative approach to learning and teaching.BSc. in International Hospitality Management is one of the most popular courses here. The University also has hospitality management courses with internship and paid work placement options. Students are given ample opportunities for experience in the industry which helps them in their future roles as managers.

10. César Ritz Colleges

César Ritz Colleges in Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations of tourists and thus the best place to study hospitality and tourism. César Ritz Colleges provides quality education in the field of hospitality management and loved for its beautiful sea-facing facilities and top-notch tutors.


In pursuing a rewarding and exciting career such as hospitality management, enrolling in one of the best schools around the world gives you an advantage of acquiring the basic practices within a hospitality sector, which in turn provides opportunities for connecting and working with dynamic industries.

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