Top 25 Best Hobbies For Women To Start In 2023

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Are you having the feeling of embarking on some new and exciting adventures or hobbies for women that’ll help you experience fun and move out of your comfort zone, learn something new and feel relaxed? There’s nothing that beats the sense of feeling you derive from doing something you love that makes you feel complete and certified. Hobbies that make you feel happy and offer you a sense of accomplishment are gracious.

In this article, we shall be considering the top 25 best hobbies for women. Stick around a bit with us and discover the perfect fit for your personality.

Top 25 Best Hobbies For Women

1. Scrapbooking

One of the best ways to preserve memories is through Scrapbooking. Lots of women out there, in their teenage and early 20s, love this particular hobby. You can produce cutouts of several things, sort them according to themes, and paste them to form a scrapbook. The interesting part of this is how you decorate the book to suit your taste, you can make use of painting colors, oil pastels, recycled paper, decorative 3D material, and anything you so desire that can help you achieve your aim and purpose.

2. Playing an Instrument

You can go wrong by learning how to play an instrument. Besides, people who play instruments are usually very attractive and are often seemed to be happy and stress-free. You don’t necessarily have to play a difficult or extravagant instrument, what’s important is your determination and consistency in learning how to play it. To make this hobby easy for you, there are lots of blogs and websites, and YouTube tutorials on the internet that you can watch and become a pro.

3. Calligraphy

Calligraphy which is one of the top 25 hobbies for women, is a method of writing that can assist you in creating some elaborate and beautiful fonts. Even if you might have poor handwriting, it doesn’t stop you from learning calligraphy or art.

4. Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a handy tool for introspection and also a hobby that profits you in several ways, such as maintaining daily chores, managing schedules, organizing your thoughts, penning down emotions, and a lot more.

5. Acting

Is it your dream and aspiration to pursue a career as an actress when you were younger? But if you had other responsibilities to pursue, then this one is for you, as giving up on your dream of playing a role is not an option. Whatever the reason for you going into acting may be, be it for money or for fun, starting a hobby as this can never be a bad idea as you will have fun and make a profit too.

6. Singing

Do you have a wonderful voice that everyone loves listening to the melody of your songs while you sing, and then this is the perfect hobby for you to indulge in amongst the top 25 hobbies for women and improve your mood in a blink of an eye? Studies have it that singing can stimulate the release of endorphins which are associated with pleasure and Oxytocin, which alleviates stress and anxiety in the body.

7. Blogging

You can’t go wrong by starting a blog and sharing your thoughts with a wider audience and impacting lives around the world. All you need do is to schedule your writing and posting days so you can efficiently keep up with it.

8. Gaming

We all have enjoyed different games and had diverse gaming experiences at some point in time in our lifetime, either online or offline. It’s no doubt that the 20s is a period where people transit from childhood behaviors to mature ones. Notwithstanding, you shouldn’t shun all the behaviors as well. With games, you can outlet for your excess energy and in some cases provide focus and discipline.

9. Vlogging

Amongst the top 25 hobbies for women is vlogging, which has recently gained a lot of popularity among the present young generation. Vlogging is a way of sharing information through creating video blogs in which many have professionally invested in it and are earning a reasonable figure from it. It can serve as a good hobby and also provide an efficient way of capturing memories.

10. Videography

If you’re aspiring and tasting for more, videography can offer you a better shot if you’re tired of photography. There are lots of things you can do with a digital recorder such as creating your own short or longer films depending on your preference and situation, you can also combine this hobby with blogging and becoming a YouTube vlogger. All you require is a good camera and a great mind to push you into achieving your purpose.

11. Drawing

Learning how to draw allows you to explore your artistic side. Alongside boosting and enhancing your creativity, drawing brings a lot of benefits to you such as improving your memory, enhancing your body coordination, and building up your emotional intelligence. And most importantly, it provides an avenue for you to express your feelings.

12. Makeup

There’s nothing that beats self-love! Nothing. The world of makeup is large, and it allows you the ability to experiment with something as simple as eyeliner or to even attach your idea of creativity to create a whole new appearance. Learning to apply several makeup products can boost your competence as well as your confidence. Makeup is also a skill that could save your salon money in the future.

13. Painting

Painting is also one of the top 25 best hobbies for women and also one of the most relaxing to pursue in the field of art and crafts. Painting is all about self-expression and a means of tapping into your creative ability and reasoning. Alongside making you stress-free, painting also gives you a sense of fulfillment whenever you finish a piece. And you can either paint the traditional way or engage in the paint-by-number trend.

14. Cooking

Just imagine how it would feel to be able to do something really well that others can’t! Learning how to cook can uplift your mood while building confidence. Although some women take it to be a chore, with the perfect approach and recipe, it can be super fun and a perfect hobby for stay home women. It also enables you and your loved ones to enjoy the delicacy you prepared, which saves you the expenses of take-out and restaurant bills.

15. Writing

Are you the type that’s fun of poems, novels, or perhaps short stories? Then this one is for you. You can create your own masterpiece out of your passion. Writing can be seen as a form of art that allows you to express your feelings by saying what you want and how you want it by putting it down on paper. This doesn’t just improve your mood, but it also portrays a sense of satisfaction and completeness whenever you’re done with a piece.

16. Start a side hustle

For those who can’t seem to stop working this is the perfect hobby for you amongst the top 25 best hobbies for women which you can utilize your free time to generate a second stream of income. There are lots of benefits you can derive from starting a side hustle, and one of them is the potential for financial gain. Your side gig also might even become much more profitable than your day job and can also improve critical thinking skills and increase confidence.

17. Gardening

This comes in handy for those who love nature and those who are the stay home type as well. Gardening brings peace and happiness. There is also something to be grateful for when you grow your own food and flowers. However, you must have the determination and the zeal to love nature so you can be a successful gardener.

18. Making Jewelry

There’s nothing that beats the joy and pride in wearing something you made, or making someone else feel special with your homemade treasure. If you’re fond of jewelry, you can lay your hands on jewelry making and if master the art ad get really good at it, you can turn this hobby into a profitable business. This also is another great way to relax and let time pass while doing something worthwhile. All it requires is only a few basic supplies and a good eye for design to make it a successful piece.

19. Digital Illustration

This is another hobby amongst the top 25 hobbies for women who are more of a techy person and love design. You can create artwork from the comfort of your laptop and maybe decide to embrace digital illustration as a full-time job.

20. Photography

Taking pictures of friends, family and even nature can be an exciting hobby whether you are serious about it or not. It is often said that photographers view the world from a different perspective, so you may want to try and see if that is actually true. Photography allows you to appreciate the beauty of life by viewing the beauty of the world through your camera lens. This also is the key to stress-free living, the ability to see and witness the joy, despite all the challenges you may encounter.

21. Documentaries

You can’t go wrong by learning something new. In fact, learning should be part of our everyday life and there is lots of fun while at it. Documentaries are a great way to achieve that. They are not only very informative but are often entertaining even with the dullest of topics. With documentaries, you can understand things and the world around you.

22. Puzzles

Puzzles are considered to be great stress-relievers and they help in improving brain and memory function. They are not just for kids and the elderly as many seem to be, but they are also for adults who find mind games really interesting. And just like finishing a painting and drawing gives you a sense of accomplishment, finishing a puzzle equally gives the same feeling of doing something productive and worthwhile.

23. Learn A New Language

Similar to learning how to play an instrument, this is also a perfect hobby amongst the top 25 hobbies for women who have lots of free time. Although, it’s not a hobby that can be mastered overnight or even in a month. It can take years. You don’t have to become an expert in the new language, but it’s just so fulfilling to know that you can communicate if you ever visit a country where it is spoken.

24. Stretch your body

Imagine being able to play with your kids without worrying about a pulled muscle. Or remembering your to-do list without the aid of your Smartphone. That’s interesting right then try Yoga. Yoga helps your body by stretching your muscles and making you more limber. It also helps your mind by blocking out distractions. It has a positive influence on your body and mental health.

25. Volunteer your time

We often think of hobbies as an avenue for self-benefit, how about we try something different in reverse of that? Who knows? The best hobby for you might just be getting involved in some kind of volunteer work. There are several forms you can partake in volunteering and also combining it with one or two of your other favorite hobbies and creating a super hobby from it. Volunteering also offers great benefits for the volunteer, including increased levels of happiness, satisfaction, and emotional stability.


We live in a fast-growing world, where happiness is a top priority and essential for living a balanced life. Hobbies can be a great way of unlocking your hidden potential by doing something exciting you never imagined yourself doing. We hope the list of the top 25 best hobbies for women will help you in making the most suitable choice of hobby that suits your personality and creates a whole new level of excitement as well as achieving personal fulfillment in your lifetime.

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