Top 10 Highest Paying Countries For Nurses In The World 2022

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Highest Paying Countries For Nurses In The World

Nursing is one of the most respected and highest paid professions in the healthcare industry. The primary objective is to provide care to individuals, families, and communities with the goal of ensuring their optimal health and recovery from injury and illness.

Highest Paying Countries For Nurses

Below is a list of some of the highest paying countries for nurses around the world.

1. Canada

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $71,590

Canada is an ideal place for English-speaking nurses and nurses in general. The average salary is one of the highest in the world making it extra attractive. International applicants for the nursing license will have to go through some background checks, interview questions, and an examination. The process costs $340, but this can vary with individuals and the registration process can be anything between 3 – 18 months.

2. Switzerland

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $85,927

The salary for nurses here can rise to $251,442 which almost makes Switzerland a perfect place to work for nurses with their shortage in the workforce and their stable economy. However, the Swiss have a strict policy with regards to foreigners coming into the country for work purposes, and the process to get licensed is a rather tedious one.

3. Australia

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $75,000

The lack of language barrier for English speakers and the presence of multiple international health and medical agencies and companies make Australia a great place to practice nursing.

4. Ireland

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $42,000

Another country with a fairly tedious process to get licensed to practice as a nurse. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) has a set of tests, exams, and checks they make applicants go through before accepting their application.

5. United States

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $75,300

This number changes depending on your location in the U.S, various states have different averages, but the figure above is the general average.

6. Chile

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $47,000

The standards of living in Chile are pretty decent, and this extends to their medical industry. Nursing here is a very profitable profession and it comes with a lot of opportunities.

7. New Zealand

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $60,000

The laidback lifestyle, rugged landscapes, and a private/public mixed healthcare system make New Zealand a great place to work in.

8. Germany

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $49,000

Germany is also one of the highest-paying countries in need of nurses. Their salaries vary with expertise, but the average German nursing salary is usually enough to cover the basic human living expenses.

9. Norway

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $50,000

Norway like its Scandinavian neighbors is a stable country, with a stable economy and high life expectancy. Obvious pointers that their medical system is in very good shape.

10. Netherlands

Average Annual Nursing Salary: $60,000

The Dutch healthcare system is often deemed the best in the world, coupled with its very stable economy and very hospitable citizens.

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