Top 10 Highest Paying Banks in Ghana 2022

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Highest Paying Banks in Ghana

Building a career in the banking industry is the desire of many, due to numerous reasons. It is open to all, bankers are well-respected and seen as prestigious individuals, bank employees are provided with lots of exposure due to the nature of the job, they undergo regular training for self-development and above all other reasons, the banking industry is one of the industries that pay highest.

Salaries of Bankers in Ghana

We have received numerous requests from our audience yearning for reliable information as to how much bankers earn in Ghana. It is important to know that the pay of bankers varies considerably for so many reasons.

The amount paid to bankers in Ghana varies based on the position occupied, qualification, years of experience, and status of employment. An entry-level banker does not earn the same as a banker in a managerial position. Furthermore, salaries differ drastically between different banks and banking jobs.

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According to survey, a person working in banking in Ghana typically earns around 5,779 GHS per month.

Be it as it may, for individuals considering a banking career in Ghana, below are top 10 highest paying banks in Ghana.

Highest Paying Banks in Ghana

1. GCB Bank Limited

GCB Bank Limited formally known as Ghana Commercial Bank is the largest bank in Ghana in terms of total operating assets and share of industry deposits, with 14.2% of total industry deposits.

It is also one of the highest paying banks in Ghana. The salary paid to fresh graduates is not quite different from that paid by other banks. Fresh graduates earn between GHC 2,100 – GHC 2,800.

2. Ecobank

Ecobank Ghana is a member of Ecobank, a leading independent pan-African bank, headquartered in Lomé, Togo, with affiliates in West, Central and East Africa.

As a global brand, Ecobank has steered towards the finish line based on its corporate banking and amazing products for even the smallest business person in Ghana.

In fact, Ecobank is one of the highest paying banks in Ghana. Fresh graduates can earn between GHC 1,700 – GHC 2,800 monthly.

3. Barclays Bank of Ghana

Barclays has been in Ghana for the last nine years. As a full subsidiary of Barclays Ltd UK, the bank has commanded a big percentage of the banking industry in Ghana. The bank has an extensive network of over 59 branches scattered all over major towns in Ghana has made it one of the most convenient banks in Africa.

Working with Barclays Bank has a lot of financial benefits. Fresh graduates can earn between GHC 1,700 – GHC 2,600 monthly.

4. United Bank for Africa

United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Limited pioneered the entry of a new generation of foreign banks into the country in January 2005. In fact, it is one of the fasting growing banks in Ghana.

What do new staff receive as monthly payments? As an entry-level staff, you can be paid approximately GHC 1900 monthly.

5. Zenith Bank

This commercial bank has been existing in Ghana since 2005. It has more than thirty branches across the country. Zenith also plays a major role in the transformation of the banking industry into an intensely competitive, customer-oriented, more efficient and technologically inclined industry.

How much can you expect to be paid in case you start working for Zenith Bank? If you get an entry-level job here, you can enjoy getting over GHC 1,800 per month. This might not be the highest paying bank in the country, but it is a nice place for the beginning of your career.

6. CAL Bank

This is a commercial bank that has been operating in Ghana since 1990. CAL Bank is one of the leading banks in Ghana. They also have an extensive network of branches all over Ghana.

CAL Bank is also one of the top-paying banks in Ghana. Entry-level staff are paid between GHC 1,500 – GHC 2,300 monthly.

7. Agricultural Development Bank

This is one of the state-owned banks in Ghana that has been able to effectively compete with private financial institutions. It is a commercial and development bank that is partially owned by the government of Ghana.

How much can you possibly earn as a fresh graduate at ADB? As an entry staff, you can be paid between GHC 1,500 – GHC 2,000 per month.

8. National Investment Bank

National Investment Bank, normally abbreviated to NIB, is a state-owned commercial bank in Ghana. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the national banking regulator.

An entry-level staff with National Investment Bank earns between GHC 1,500 – GHC 2,000 per month.

9. Access Bank

Access bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Ghana. The bank also has a presence in about eight countries on the continent. They’re also one of the highest paying banks in Ghana.

Salaries paid to staff of Access Bank vary considerably. However, new staff earn approximately GHC1, 800 and above.

10. Stanbic Bank

Stanbic Bank is one of the fastest-growing banks in Ghana. The bank has been in existence for over 10 years.

This is the list of highest paying banks in Ghana. However, it doesn’t include all banks. We have selected the 10 best financial institutions, but you can search for other places to work for and enjoy earning a good salary.

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