Top 15 Highest Paying Bachelor Degree Jobs For 2023

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Highest Paying Bachelor Degree Jobs

If you are considering going to college for a bachelor’s degree, you might be wondering which careers offer the best value when it comes to finding a job.

Are they satisfying and financially viable bachelor degree jobs? The answer is a resounding yes!

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that also provides an excellent salary, here are some options.

What is a Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is also referred to as a four-year degree because it typically takes four years of full-time study to complete. Some students do finish their four-year degrees in less time, while others need more than four years to complete their education if they’re working a job or going to school part-time. Another reason it could take longer is that the student might change majors. When this happens, a student is required to take more classes.

Most bachelor degree programs require a minimum of 120 credit hours to complete. That averages out to roughly 40 different classes. Some courses are general courses that almost all college students take such as bio, freshman English, and a physical education class. Most students take these classes during the first two years of school. After that, students delve into their major classes, begin internships and other major requirements outside of the classroom.

Types of Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

A bachelor of arts degree is a four-year degree that focuses on the liberal arts and humanities. Examples include a BA in English, a foreign language, or sociology. The program includes courses in language arts, foreign language, sociology, and major coursework.

Bachelor of Science (BS)

A bachelor of science degree is focused on studying some aspect of math or sciences. Degree examples include accounting, business administration, psychology, and math. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Students seeking a bachelor of fine arts are studying a specific aspect of arts such as dance or art history. Students will be trained in a specific field and gain a specific skill set to help them pursue a career in their major.

Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA)

A bachelor of applied arts degree combines practical experience with critical thinking and logic training. Commercial art is an example of a BAA. It combines learning the craft of art or marketing and advertising purposes with critical and analytical studies.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

The bachelor of applies science degree readies a person to work in a specific profession in the scientific realm. Statistics, chemistry, and other majors with a scientific background that also requires hands-on experience can be BAS degrees.

Highest Paying Bachelor Degree Jobs

1. Systems Manager

  • Salary: $151,150
  • Job Growth: 10%

Also known as IT managers and IT project managers, these professionals earn a median income of over 150,000 a year, making it the highest-paying bachelor degree job on our list. While you only need a bachelor’s degree for this career, you will need a few years of related work experience.

2. Engineering Manager

  • Salary: $149,530
  • Job Growth: 3%

These are the professionals who oversee engineering projects, with tasks that include hiring staff, developing plans, and coordinating work. Once again, because this is a management position you will need related work experience to move into this position, usually at least five years of experience to land one of these jobs.

3. Marketing Manager

  • Salary: $141,490
  • Job Growth: 6%

With so many avenues for advertising products and services, effective marketing managers are needed to develop strategies and garner attention for manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses. The best marketing managers are well paid, and a bachelor’s degree, as well as work experience in the career, is usually required for this bachelor degree job.

4. Natural Science Manager

  • Salary: $137,940
  • Job Growth: 5%

A natural science manager needs to supervise and direct the activities of various scientists, which can include chemists, physicists, or biologists, depending on the position. This career only requires a bachelor’s degree, usually in the applicable scientific discipline, although many will find that advanced management and business degrees are also useful. At least five years of professional experience is also required to land one of these bachelor’s degree jobs.

5. Petroleum Engineer

  • Salary: $137,330
  • Job Growth: 3%

While some believe oil and natural gas are on their way out, making room for other energy sources, there is still a hearty demand for this resource. Engineers in this field are as important as ever. With a higher focus on safety and responsible practices, the need for engineers to create and use extracting equipment, as well as develop innovative new methods remains strong.

6. Financial Manager

  • Salary: $134,180
  • Job Growth: 15%

Large organizations need someone to plan, coordinate, and organize their finances, and they turn to financial managers to oversee these efforts. Most financial managers will have a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, although some companies will require a master’s degree as well. At over $130,000 a year for median income, financial education is one of the highest paid bachelor degrees.

7. Sales Manager

  • Salary: $132,290
  • Job Growth: 4%

Sales teams are often the most important unit for a company’s success, and good sales managers are needed to hire, train, and oversee an effective group. These professionals are well paid, with median salaries over $130,000.  A bachelor’s degree is often the minimum required education, although on-the-job experience is often required as well.

8. Airline Pilot

  • Salary: $130,440
  • Job Growth: 5%

While some pilots only need a high school diploma or equivalent, in addition to pilot training, airline pilots will need a bachelor’s degree. There will also be advanced certificates to land this job, including the Air Transport Pilot certificate, which is issued by the FAA. Airline pilots can have bachelor’s degrees in “any subject” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

9. Human Resources Manager

  • Salary: $121,220
  • Job Growth: 6%

An HR manager is the professional who coordinates and administers company compensation and benefits packages. They generally need a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, or management, and at least five years of experience is usually required for these positions.

10. Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Salary: $119,560
  • Job Growth: 2%

While many professionals dedicate their careers to creating and refining software, somebody actually has to create the devices and equipment that make computing possible. Computer hardware engineers literally engineer computer components, and while they have a median salary over $119,000, only a bachelor’s degree is needed (for most positions) and no job experience or on-the-job training is required.

11. Aerospace Engineer

  • Salary: $118,610
  • Job Growth: 3%

Aerospace technology is constantly changing to be more efficient, effective, and safe. Aerospace engineers are responsible for developing new innovations in this field. They work on aircraft, spacecraft, and even missile systems, making them important for national defense as well as business and exploration. They only need a bachelor’s degree in mechanics, aerodynamics, or a related field, and no experience nor training is needed for these bachelor degree jobs.

12. Computer Network Architect

  • Salary: $116,780
  • Job Growth: 5%

Building and designing data communication networks, these highly trained professionals help keep businesses and organizations internally connected, and also help with the organization and utilization of data. Most people holding this type of position have a degree in a tech-related field, including computer science, information systems, or network engineering. No on-the-job training is required, but some industry experience is.

13. Nuclear Engineer

  • Salary: $116,140
  • Job Growth: -13%

At -13% growth, the career of nuclear engineers is not keeping pace with the overall job market, with a projected 14,300 jobs for nuclear engineers by 2029. A bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering or a related field is needed, which calls for an intelligent mind that can handle advanced mathematical and scientific principles.  The BLS suggests taking the path of nuclear medicine could be a more lucrative and sustainable career path.

14. Training & Development Manager

  • Salary: $115,640
  • Job Growth: 7%

The training of employees at large companies and organizations can be such a major task that they often hire someone completely dedicated to this responsibility. Basically, their job is to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees, which should result in a stronger, more productive organization. No training is required, but experience will be needed to be a training manager.

15. Actuary

  • Salary: $111,030
  • Job Growth: 18%

If you are good with numbers, specifically percentages, odds, and statistics, you may enjoy a career as an actuary. These professionals help businesses make decisions by analyzing the potential risk and benefit of any decision. No previous experience is required, but “long-term” training will be needed for these jobs that require a bachelor’s degree.

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