Top 15 Highest Paying Aviation Jobs For 2023

Last Updated on January 23, 2023

Highest Paying Aviation Jobs

Looking for the highest paying aviation jobs? You’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll get to know the best paying aviation jobs as well as what every position in this field offers.

Aviation offers a wide range of job options. To mention a few potential careers, there are mechanic, flight attendant, pilot, aviation engineer, air traffic controller, and airport worker, system engineer, search and rescue pilot, electrical engineer, space researcher, customer service, depending on what you want to achieve and your qualifications.

Each of the fields listed come with an interestingly juicy salary the fact that this field has to do with piloting in the air, above sea level, with people in the plane to grant a safe trip.

Before we proceed to the list of the highest paying aviation jobs, let’s look at what aviation job is about.

What is an Aviation Job?

An aviation job simply has to do with designing and constructing different aircraft, managing production and operations, and flying or repairing aircraft as its main tasks in the sector.

So the duties of aviation is to  establish flight plans based on the aircraft and the weather, complete inspections of the aircraft before each flight, follow safety requirements and aviation laws for a safe takeoff and landing, communication and coordination with air traffic control are also required.

Is Aviation a good career path?

Yes! It is a good career path. It is one of the most interesting and lucrative professions in the world is flying. Young people who want to travel the world will always find a highly intriguing lifestyle in the aviation business.

A commercial airline pilot must complete extensive coursework, training, and flying hours before being certified. Becoming a commercial pilot demands a lot of commitment, hard work, and devotion, but it may be a rewarding career option for anyone who loves to travel and enjoys a challenge.

Hence, aviation comes with some benefits. It promotes travel, trade, connectivity, economic growth, job creation, improved living standards, reduced poverty, serves as a lifeline for isolated people, and allows for quick emergency response.

If you want to start a career in this extremely active and fast-paced sector, then it’s good. We’ve put together a quick overview of the highest-paying positions available.

15 Highest Paying Aviation Jobs

Here are some of the highest paying aviation jobs for you to apply for and earn lucratively.

1. Thermodynamics Engineer

This is one of the highest paying aviation jobs with an annual salary range of $116,500-$225,500.

A sort of aerospace engineer known as a thermodynamics engineer is responsible for developing, designing, and testing missiles, aircraft, and spacecraft. As a thermodynamics engineer, you conduct material research and test machinery using computer models. Computer, creativity, and problem-solving skills are essential for this career. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, after which you can enroll in a certificate or graduate-level mechanical engineering programs. A master’s degree can open doors for career progression in this industry. Five years of relevant work experience is often preferred by employers. You might need to have a particular level of clearance to work for some companies.

2. Aircraft Engineer

This is one of the highest paying aviation jobs with an annual salary range of $100,000 to $114,000.

An aviation engineer controls the manufacture of preexisting aircraft designs or creates new ones. Your responsibilities as an aircraft engineer center on applying engineering, mathematics, and physical principles to flight issues and ways to enhance aircraft design. You strive to make comfy interior amenities while also enhancing a plane’s fuel efficiency, speed, and safety features. You frequently participate in sizable teams that manage the planning, estimating, and manufacturing of new aircraft. Some engineers oversee the daily upkeep and safety inspections of airplanes at airports.

3. Airline Pilot

This is also one of the most lucrative aviation jobs with an annual salary of $137,330.

Being a pilot is, unsurprisingly, the ideal job for millions of individuals, thanks in part to the prestige and responsibility of the position as well as the extremely alluring financial benefits on offer. Although this is more often the exception than the rule, an Airbus A380 captain flying long-haul flights for a large commercial airline can comfortably command a pay of $200,000, for example. Before applying to airlines, the vast majority of pilots obtain their licenses privately through flying schools, where they also receive the requisite instruction on the necessary aircraft and certification.

4. Flight Instructor

This is also one of the highest paying aviation jobs with an annual salary of $137,330.

For individuals who desire to change careers from the tough work and long hours of a professional pilot, this is a fantastic job opportunity. Both in the air and on the ground, flight instructors provide instruction. Both components get students ready for the written and practical exams they need to pass to get their pilot’s license. The job permits educators to work either full- or part-time.

5. An aerospace stress engineer

This is one of the highest paying aviation jobs with an annual salary of range of $81,500 to $146,500.

An aerospace stress engineer’s responsibilities include examining and testing the outside aircraft systems and structures. To evaluate materials and structural designs for stability, performance, and ability to satisfy safety regulations, you will be responsible for conducting stress tests and working to model flying circumstances.

In order to improve performance, safety, and efficiency, you collaborate with a team of aeronautical engineers to change configurations. The outcomes of your tests and simulations are then presented to lead engineers or other management-level staff members.

6. Flight test engineer

This job comes with an annual salary range of $95,000 to $135,000.

As a flight test engineer, it is your responsibility to supervise the testing of aircraft operations and performance in accordance with FAA rules and manufacturer recommendations. Planning, organizing, coordinating, and carrying out a wide range of aircraft testing, including tests on all mechanical and electronic systems, are typical duties in this position. Depending on the kind of aircraft you work with, several aspects of your job change.

Engineers that specialize in flight testing may deal with everything from big military aircraft to single-engine commercial aircraft. Meeting the requirements for a security clearance, reviewing instructions and technical manuals, getting in touch with component manufacturers, and having outstanding communication skills are frequently necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities of a flight test engineer.

7. Aerospace Engineer

This job comes with an annual salary range of $81,500 to $135,00.

Aerospace engineers produce and design missiles, satellites, aircraft, and other aeronautical and astronautical products and technology for research, development, commercial, and military applications. In addition to commercial and military aircraft, propulsion systems, navigation systems, instrumentation, communication, and thermodynamic and aerodynamic materials used in flight, they also record and assess the manufacture of aircraft and aircraft technology.

 Aerospace engineers model, create, evaluate, and simulate parts, goods, and vehicles using extremely complicated computer systems and software to ascertain whether ideas are financially viable and whether designs will adhere to safety and regulatory standards.

8. Aviation Safety Officer

This is one of the highest paying aviation jobs with an annual salary of $98,610.

 Pilots, mechanics, and other professionals with knowledge of the aircraft industry act as aviation safety inspectors. These inspectors typically possess knowledge in a couple of specialties that enable them to do their duties successfully.

 Aviation safety inspectors are in charge of monitoring aircraft operations, assessing mechanics, fixing various parts, and determining the safety of the aircraft and apparatus.

9. Airport manager

This is a job that comes with an annual salary of $89,000.

In essence, the job of an airport manager is to manage airports. Their key duties include communicating with numerous parties, employing new staff, and ensuring that airports and airlines follow all rules and regulations. Every manager’s goal is to ensure a smooth operation and promote an efficient atmosphere.

10. Propulsion Engineer

This position comes with an annual salary range of $91,000-$126,500.

An engineer who works on propulsion systems contributes to the development of missiles, spacecraft, and aircraft. Designing, constructing, and testing propulsion systems are among their work responsibilities. Additionally, they might create methods for testing equipment’s viability.

 A propulsion engineer frequently collaborates with mechanical and aeronautical engineers on big teams.

11. Airframe and power plant mechanics

This job comes with an annual salary of $66,680.

 A&P mechanics, commonly known as airplane mechanics, are in charge of everything else on an aircraft and avionics technicians are in charge of the electronic systems on an aircraft. In a similar manner, they look after the plane’s brakes, landing gear, and engine, inspecting, maintaining, and fixing any problems.

12. Flight attendant

This job comes with an annual salary of $56,650. It is also one of the highest paying aviation jobs.

Flight attendants provide passengers with more than just food and beverages. Flight attendants attend a pre-flight briefing before the aircraft takes off to learn all the important details about the trip. To make sure there is enough food and everything is in place, they must inspect the emergency supplies and equipment. After that, they welcome passengers as they board the aircraft, see to it that their bags are stored safely, and check that they are seated in the appropriate rows.

 They provide refreshments and safety instructions to passengers throughout the journey. In an emergency, flight attendants are crucial to keeping passengers safe while fleeing the aircraft.

13. Flight coordinator

This job comes with an annual salary of $52,078.

 Prior to takeoff, flight coordinators or dispatchers generally communicate with pilots to prepare flight plans. Weather conditions, emergency preparedness, and all facets of fuel management must be considered in this.

This can be an extremely stressful job because they also take into account flight cargo, passengers, and any other factors that could hinder the flight’s ability to take off or land on schedule.

14. Airport Security Screener

This is one of the highest paying aviation jobs with an annual salary range of  $32,500-$97,500.

An airport security screener conducts screenings at the airport. In this career, you work for the Transportation Security Administration or TSA. Your responsibilities are to check luggage and cargo for illicit items using an x-ray machine. You also check passengers for illicit items by using scanner machines and hand wands.

Many airport security screens are stationed at an airport security checkpoint to conduct a screening. Your duties include reporting anything suspicious to the airport police officer on duty. Ultimately, your job is to maintain airport security.

15. Airport Planner

This is also one of the highest paying aviation jobs with an annual salary range of $47,000-$88,500 annually

Airport planners or designers help with layouts and designs for aviation infrastructure. As an airport planner, one of your responsibilities may be to do research and analysis of the area to determine the ideal locations for the airport’s runways, terminals, maintenance facilities, and roads.

You might work for non-profit airlines and direct the location of cargo facilities and non-commercial airports. Airport planners are also involved in major projects for airport upgrades and additions, as well as specialized projects to lessen noise pollution or enhance traffic flow.


Being an airport employee may be an exciting experience where you get to meet intriguing people and get to witness a unique aspect of daily life you’ve never known.

Consequently, if any of the positions on this list of best paying aviation jobs appeal to you, make sure you apply without hesitation and earn lucratively.

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