Top 20 High Demand Products To Sell Online 2023

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Are you looking for a product to sell online that is lucrative?  Online sales can make you rich! But that can only happen if you sell high demand products that people are looking for.

High Demand Products to Sell Online

The secret to finding new products, varieties, and categories for your store is ensuring they are not only popular now but have the potential to be consistent, long-term best-sellers. In other words, avoiding short-lived trends and opting instead for products that will not only boost sales but grow your repeat customer base – both of which are vital to staying on top in the coming year.

As you probably already know, eCommerce competition is expected to be fierce this year, and being able to not only quickly spot possible product trends for your brand but market them in a way unique to your specific store and market is going to be absolutely vital if you want to keep up.

Also, you will want to go for products with minimal or average competition. Selling highly-competitive products lessens your chances of hitting a home run.

How do you find such products, if at all they exist? Digging deep into data might help, but it will eat deep into your time. But not to worry as we have done the heavy lifting for you. In today’s post, we will share the top 20 trending products that will likely make you a lot of sales this 2022.

How to Find Lucrative Products to Sell Online

Finding the right product to sell can be a nightmarish experience, no doubt. First, you have to deal with an oversaturated market – everyone seems to be selling stuff online these days.

Then there’s an ever-changing consumer taste and preference to worry about. On top of that, you have fierce market competition to battle.

Nevertheless, you can still find the right products to sell and make a fortune out of them, regardless of these obvious obstacles.

Here are tips to go about it:

1: Look For Trending Products

As much as we don’t want to be Captain Obvious here, looking at consumer buying trends can help you spot products that will sell like wildfire.

But how do you find trending products?

Follow discussions on Reddit. You will get hints about products people are looking for.

Better yet, check out Google Trends – it’s a whole goldmine on its own.

2: Check Buyer Reviews on Amazon

What are people saying about a product on Amazon? Is there an additional feature they would like to see on a product?

Checking shoppers’ reviews on Amazon – or any other online selling platform – can help you spot product gaps in the market.

3: Look For Products That Solve Problems

Many big businesses were born out of the desire to solve problems for people and make life easier.

If you follow the same principle in your product hunt, you might amass wealth for yourself.

4: Check Google Keyword Planner for Search Queries

Knowing what people are searching for on Google and how frequently they search can help you find products with high demand and low competition.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool for this purpose.

High Demand Products To Sell Online

Ready to find out what these best selling products are? Of course, you are! Let’s get down to business.

1. Athleisure

Once again, athleisure makes it to the top global trending product lists. Since its initial rise in 2015, it is showing no signs of slowing down.

You just have to see the success of eCommerce brands like Lululemon, Uniqlo, and Unbridled Apparel to see how much potential this niche offers.

This is a large, highly competitive niche with a lot of product potential. Here are just some of the top trending athleisure products worth adding to your store in 2022.

2. Blazers

As expected, there was a slight dip in popularity during the pandemic’s peak in 2020. However, blazers are back on product trends. One of the biggest reasons blazers have been consistently growing in popularity is their versatility in terms of niches (casual or corporate), styles (short- or long-sleeved), and seasons (fall or spring).

3. Crop Tops

Another trending product that makes a comeback is crop tops. They are popular across almost every apparel niche, but have also risen to fame in athleisure niches. Don’t be fooled by their slight downturn. This is generally more of a summer product and will be back on the upswing by spring.

However, with the right marketing and creative styling, that’s not to say you can’t win big with crop tops all year round. Here’s an example of current long-sleeve and sweater crop top styles on Dolls Kill.

4. Cropped Jackets

It’s not just cropped tops that make the best-selling product lists; cropped jackets are also a growing trending product to sell in 2022.

This is another product type that can be paired with various styles and designs to cater to many apparel niches. Here’s just a small taste of possibilities from the online store Cropp.

5. Joggers

Like sweatpants, joggers are all about comfort. Lighter in material weight and offering more design variations, joggers have become a popular all-year-round athleisure product.

Joggers have been growing in popularity since 2014. However, at the end of 2020 is when they really came into their own, gaining popularity globally. Take a look at the Google Trends graph and region map. In the words of Hansel from Zoolander, they’re so hot right now.

And their popularity has given rise to a wide variety of styles and designs to suit many apparel niches such as casual wear or cocktail outfits. You can find joggers and other fashion trends on fashion blogs such as Fashion Rules to help you Identify design trends to incorporate into your store.

6. Loungewear

Given 2020 events, it should be no surprise that loungewear – casual apparel designed for relaxing at home – is trending considerably this year.

Particularly popular in the UK, think of loungewear as pajamas that are stylish enough to wear both inside and outside the home. It’s all about comfort. Some inspirational brands to find best-selling loungewear styles include Oyun Studio, The Sleeper, and Tribe Kelley.

7. Leggings

If you thought legging trends were slowing down, think again. Dominating best-selling product lists since 2019, leggings are more than just consistent climbers; their popularity leads to variation trends every year. And this year is no different. Here are just some of 2020’s biggest product trends to sell on your store in 2022:

  • Yoga leggings
  • Side-pocket leggings
  • Black leggings
  • High-waisted leggings
  • Patent leggings
  • Ribbed leggings

Apparel Product Trend Alert: Ribbed leggings are one of the newer legging trends at the moment, climbing considerably in popularity in the winter of 2021/2022.

8. Puff Sleeve Apparel

Coming in a variety of styles, puff sleeve styles were a 2021 trending product that did well across seasons. Starting with top designs, they have given birth to a wide variety of popular apparel trends.

Although popularity drops off in winter, puff sleeve tops are expected to be a consistent seller in 2022, specifically in the US, UK, and Australia.

On the other hand, puff sleeve dresses are just getting started and expected to be a top-selling product in the summer of 2022.

Like tops, puff sleeve dresses offer a lot of versatility in terms of style and can fit into many apparel niches.

Another product variant taking advantage of puff sleeve trends is bathing suits; which brings us to the next trending product to sell online in 2022.

9. One-Piece Swimwear (Summer)

Although one-piece swimwear took a bit of a dip over 2020 due to canceled vacations and summer lockdowns, but made a comeback in 2021 – with expected upwards trends this yet. And although styles vary, the product niche itself is a consistent seller, regardless of design trends.

10. Quilted Jackets

There is still time to cash in on a big winter apparel trend and add this best-selling product to your store for 2022. Quilted jackets have made trending product lists since 2010, making them a consistent seller.

Cashing in on the latest design trends, add this consistently best-selling product to your store. Some of this year’s most popular quilted jackets include:

  • Quilted leather coats
  • Single-breasted quilted coats
  • Quilted puffer jackets

11. Reversible Jackets

As you can see below, reversible jacket trends are booming in the northern hemisphere right now. Still, their popularity will head south when the seasons change – making them a good all-year-round product for eCommerce brands selling apparel globally.

12. Waterproof Pants

If you think waterproof pants are reserved for hiking and outdoor brands like The North Face and REI, think again. As more and more cities move to alternative transport like scooters or city bikes, waterproof pants are becoming more mainstream. Additionally, as more people opt for outdoor exercise over gyms – either by choice or necessity – the market for sports pants that are waterproof and thermal is also gaining popularity.

As you can see, waterproof pants’ popularity is global, and as rainy seasons widely vary, they have a lot of potential all year round.

13. Minimalist Wallets

As you may have noticed, minimalist apparel is a general trend theme in best-selling and trending products. However, one accessory variant worth taking a deeper look at is minimalist wallets.

Particularly popular in North America, a prime example of a brand winning at minimalist wallets is Herschel.

14. Crossbody Bags

If you’re looking for a constant trending apparel accessory that stands the test of time, look no further than crossbody bags.

Like with a lot of apparel accessories, crossbody bags dipped in popularity in 2020. However, they overcame the slump and are back on the upward trajectory. And with so many styles and designs, there are very few apparel niches that can’t take advantage of their popularity to boost sales this year.

Although the baby clothing and accessory eCommerce market was also not immune to pandemic-induced changes in 2020, this niche segment’s revenue potential is expected to make a quick recovery. Baby clothes alone are estimated to increase by 17% to reach over $41 million by the end of 2022.

15. Baby Bottles

There is no more constant product for the baby niche than bottles. Although this product is hardly new, more and more new parents in North America, the UK, Australia, and South Africa – to name a few – are opting to buy these online rather than in-store.

You really want to pay close attention to specific types and styles that are trending, such as glass, silicone (the newest baby bottle type), and newborn bottle sets.

16. Baby Bouncers

Next on our list of best-selling products to sell online in 2022 are baby bouncers. Like with baby bottles, bouncer popularity has been growing steadily since 2014 and has turned into a best-selling product with longevity. As you can see from the Google Trends graph below, not only is this a consistent seller, but it has a global reach.

The trick is finding a way for your baby bouncers to stand out. An excellent example of this is the 4moms mamaRoo bouncer, which put high-tech baby bouncers (and other baby accessories) high on the trending product list. This smart bouncer mimics a host of movements automatically, designed to help parents rest weary arms. We recommend looking at their full list of specialized products to get inspiration on where high-tech baby product accessories are headed. Check out their store here.

Pro Tip: Baby swings are different from bouncers in that they swing – naturally – rather than bounce. Unless you’re selling high-tech products like the mamaRoo mentioned above, which offers rocking, swinging, and bouncing in one product, it may be lucrative to add baby swings and rockers to your store as well.

17. Baby High Chairs

You only have to look at some of the most popular baby blogs to see how quickly baby chair trends are shifting. Whether your brand focuses on natural products and includes adjustable wooden baby chairs, or you’re a baby-tech brand that can offer a new, cutting-edge design – the possibilities are truly endless. One thing is sure: online high chair popularity isn’t slowing down.

The overall trend to bear in mind when looking for new high chair product ideas is adjustability.

In fact, there are eCommerce brands that were created solely around the idea of fully adaptable high chairs, like Froc.

18. Baby Water Play Mats (Rising Trend)

Baby water play mats, designed for ‘tummy time,’ are relatively new and have been trending since 2019. If you’re not familiar with this product, check out this video from Simply Novelty.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes, catering for baby to toddler ages. However, it’s important to note that this product is currently only popular in the US, UK, and Australia. There is a lot of potential here if you’re selling in the baby accessory niche.

19. Breast Pumps

When it comes to consistent sellers for new parents, you can’t go wrong with adding breast pumps to your baby accessory store. Their popularity has a broad reach, meaning global appeal for stores selling in multiple locations.

To really capitalize on this product category, you will want to keep up-to-date with new technology and popular brands as trends change. For example, at the moment, wearable breast pumps are on a trend high.

Pro Tip: To stay ahead of the competition in this very competitive niche, follow big parenting blogs and marketplaces such as Babylist for new, popular trends. Their content will also help you fine-tune your product messaging to answer buyers’ most prominent questions and/or pain points.

20. Nursing Pillows

Despite nursing pillows varying in style and size, they generally sit on a parent’s lap to provide a stable position for newborns while nursing. Here’s just a fraction of what’s available online, from Babyshop.

The trick to turning this consistent seller into a best-seller or trending product on your store is making the style unique. Not necessarily in the shape of the pillow, but the fabric design, color, or positioning. Here’s one example from Nook.

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