Gogpayslip Login, Reset Password, Change Association & Upload Picture

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Last Updated on May 3, 2023

Gogpayslip Login, Reset Password, Change Association & Upload Picture

Gogpayslip Login, Reset Password, Change Association & Upload Picture. The E-Payslip system is designed by Controller and Accountant General’s Departments (CAGD) for all Government workers in Ghana to create an account and view their epayslip. The CAGD payslip can be downloaded using your Mobile Phone and Personal Computer with an internet connection.

How to Register and Access Your E-Payslip

Explore the Controller & Accountant General’s Departments’ E-Payslip system and find out how to register. This intelligent system is designed for you to have easy access to your epayslip. You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with an internet connection.

If you are a new user, kindly register for E-Payslip. You will need a first-time registration code, which can be obtained from your Head of Department. Please follow the instructions thereafter to login for your gogpayslip epayslip.

1. Visit the CAGD official website here: www.gogpayslip.com

2. Fill in your details

3. Tap on Register

How to Sign in GOGpayslip E-payslip Portal

1. Visit GOGpayslip Portal

2. Enter your Employee Number OR Staff ID (Username) and Password

3. Retype the security code displayed to confirm you are not a robot

4. Tap Login Button

Congratulations, you are now login to your e payslip dashboard.

How to Check, Download and Print your E-Payslip Online

To log into e-payslip mypayslip page, you first have to create an account with Controller and Accountant General’s Departments (CAGD). The follow the steps below to check, download, and print my epayslip for this month.

1. Login here https://www.gogpayslip.com/

2. Tap Continue

3. Sign in with your Employee Number and Password

4. Tap on My Payslip

5. Select the Month you want to view and download

6. Click on Generate

7. Navigate down and Tap on Print or save it as a PDF

How to Change Your Association on Mypayslip Login Page

Here are the steps to follow to change, join or leave a professional association on your GOGPayslip dashboard.

1. Sign in to gogpayslip.com with your Staff ID and Password

2. Navigate to Change of Association

3. Tap on it to see all the associations you belong to

4. Select the one you prefer to change, join and leave

5. Send to complete the process

How to Report Wrongful Deductions

Find out here how to report a wrongful, unauthorized, and over deduction after checking your monthly payslip.

1. Login to your E-Payslip Page

2. Navigate to Wrongful Deductions

3. Tap to select the month and the year with the wrongful deduction

4. Tap on Search Button

5. Check the display menu for any wrong deductions

6. Describe a detailed issue via the comment section

7. Submit Complaint.

Request for Staff Card

All government workers on the GOGPayslip payroll are eligible to request a Staff Card. To request for staff card follow the steps below;

1. Visit your E-Payslip Dashboard

2. Find out how to upload a picture

3. Navigate to “MY Staff Card”

4. Tap “REQUEST”

How to Upload a Picture

To upload a picture on your GOGPayslip E-Payslip Portal, you will need a passport picture with a white background of a size not more than 3MB and with a jpg extension.

1. Tap on the URL: epayslip.com.gh

2. Enter your Employee Number and Password

3. Retype the security code display

4. Navigate to the top right

5. Locate the image icon on your profile next to your name

6. Tap and select an image from your Gallery

How to Change My E-Payslip Page Phone Number

There is an option available on the GOGPayslip E Payslip page for a change of mobile number. To avoid spontaneous loan messages from financial organizations sent to your phone via SMS, follow the steps below to change your phone number.

1. Login E Payslip Portal

2. Enter your Employee Number and Password

3. Retype the security code display

4. Navigate to Change My Number

5. Enter and confirm your new phone number

6. Submit

Reset GOGPayslip Password

Have you forgotten your GOGPayslip E Payslip login password. Kindly, follow the steps below to reset your password.

1. Visit your epayslip mypayslip login page

2. Move below the login page

3. Tap on forgot your password

4. Enter your Employee Number or Staff ID

5. Provide either your mobile number or email address used for registration

6. Tap Submit button

7. A new password will be sent to you via SMS (mobile number) or Email Address

Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) Website

  • URL: https://www.gogpayslip.com/

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