2022 Global Resilience Partnership Knowledge into Use Awards (Win $5,000)

Last Updated on September 22, 2022

Global Resilience Partnership Knowledge into Use Awards

GRP in collaboration with the Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and the International Center for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), through The Resilience Knowledge Coalition, is launching the “knowledge into use” awards in the lead-up to the Resilience Hub at COP27.

The Knowledge into Use awards are for innovative and creative ways of facilitating the use of resilience knowledge. These could be games, cartoons, arts, theater, exhibits of local and indigenous knowledge or audio-visual content (movies, songs, etc). These innovative and creative ideas should be based on sound evidence published in the form of research papers or reports.

About the Award

The broad themes for this contest include Urban, Rural and Coastal Resilience. Harmonising science with elements of justice, equity and indigenous and local knowledge expressed creatively using evidence that exists on these three themes is highly encouraged. The most interesting concepts will be awarded cash awards with the expectation that the award money will act as an enabler for the individual/group/grassroots organisation to implement or express the idea creatively in time for an exhibition within 6-8 months.

The concept note/ idea should be a 200 word brief on the challenges being solved and the evidence generated on enhancing resilience. For instance, mangroves have the potential to act as resilient natural infrastructure to manage storm surges and support community livelihoods. If this knowledge is depicted through an entertaining comic strip, then that could be a contender for the cash award.


  • Submit an entry to stand a chance to be granted $5000 USD, be showcased at key GRP events, and have your work displayed on all our social media channels.


  • Open to individuals, groups or grassroots organisations with a presence in at least one country of a country eligible for Official Development Assistance as defined by the OECD-DAC.
  • The concept note/idea should be brief and evidence-based, i.e. it is necessary to cite evidence in the form of reports or research papers to build a case for the knowledge that is being put into use through creative means. 
  • The medium of expression can be (but is not be limited to) games, videos, podcasts, comics, graphic art, or performing arts, etc.
  • The ideas for the Knowledge into use Awards may be at any stage of completion (ideas that are at concept stage will only be considered if the individual or group has previously executed similar concepts).


Submit the following:

  • An entertaining audio visual in form of (but not be limited to) games, videos, podcasts, comics, graphic art, or performing arts, etc
  • A written concept note in a Pdf or word document that describes the evidence behind the art (max 200 words);

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For more information, visit Knowledge into Use Award.

Deadline: October 20, 2022

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