32 Best Gift Ideas For College Students 2023

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

Gift Ideas For College Students

Deciding on the perfect gift to give to a college student from freshman to senior can be tricky, as it’s never a simple task as it seems. While many college students see college life as the best time of their lives, it can however be full of challenges, which may include homesick and anxiety. Gifting them with best gifts can offer the perfect way to enable students in your life have a feeling of belonging and know you’re thinking about them.

Best Gifts For College Students

Below are the best gift ideas you can buy for your college student at any occasion. Keep reading to discover the best fit to buy.

1. Outlet Extender with USB Ports

There are lots of gadgets that kids in college own that requires charging. Although the dorm room never seems to provide enough outlets to plug everything in. an outlet extender will enable them in maximizing the limited charging outlets they are sharing in their rooms with their roommates. It’s important to select the one that is surge protected so as to ensure nothing expensive gets fired.

2. Microwave-Ready Egg on a Bagel Maker

Many of college students living in the dorms only have one gadget they access every time which is the microwave. Interestingly, it is a multi-purpose cooking tool with a little creativity. This device does not only transform eggs into omelet, it however produces a perfect shape for a delicious bagel sandwich. Bagel sandwiches reigns supreme when it comes to grab and-go-foods. Due to the fact that you can include a little bit of everything from whole grains to protein, and including greens makes it a well-rounded meal. With this appliance you are sure there will be no more skipping of breakfast will be a thing of the past.

3. Personal Popcorn Popper

Here’s another gadget that comes handy for college student. Though it may not seem as a great gift but it’s very suitable for college student living on a shoestring budget. Enjoying a satisfying snack while cutting down on waste is a double win for the student.

4. Double-Layer Electronics Organizer

College student according to a study in 2013 study, owns at least an average of 7 tech devices of which the number would have gone up by now. A wallet for organizing and sorting out jumped pile of cords in their backpack.

5. Charging Cord

An extra long power cord is perfect for a college student living in the dorm, as the number of outlets the room may be limited. Having a long cord means they can charge their device at their arm’s reach. The charger is available for many devices, including iPhones.

6. Portable Charger

Portable charger is a perfect gift to give to a college student, because it provides students tell ability to always have their phones charged. It works for all kinds of smartphones both iPhones and Android phones included.

7. Backpack

Backpack is an essential commodity for college students, as they need it to carry textbooks, laptop, or an occasional extra such as workout clothes around. Giving the right size will be perfect.

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Studying is a Paramount activity for every college student and been able to shot out the world to study is a great skill for college students. Noise-Canceling Headphones can assist to achieve such a task. They are designed for smart noise cancellation, they use Bluetooth, do no wire is required, plus it battery lasts for up to 35 hours.

9. Coffee Maker

Caffeine is often required to manage daily routines by one college students. Therefore you can never go wrong by gifting a coffee maker as a gift to a college student, as it will enable them getting the job done and allow them to brew a pot in their dorm rooms.

10. Amazon Fire TV Stick

This type of gift comes very handy for college students missing the free cable in their dorms. The fire TV Stick which gives it viewers access to Amazon Prime shows allows students staying off-campus have a perfect streaming experience in their house. YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, HOB Max, and lot more can also be streamed at the comfort of their homes.

11. Electric Kettle

A server and more convenient way to boil water at ease in the form as a college student is through the electric kettle. This comes handy when a student wants to make warm drinks like tea or fixing a fast meal for days when a student desires a break from the cafeteria.

12. Laptop Cooling Pad

This is a very useful accessory, which has three adjustable pad with white fans that enable student’s computer to be cool on their lap. It’s comfortable to use, lightweight, and very portable which makes it easy to transport. Plus it also has a USB port that allows the connection of an additional device.

13. Planner

A planner is also one of the best gifts for college students as it provides an easy way for student to keep track of their tasks, assignments, responsibilities, errands, and other important notes. A good planner allows students to keep track of goals, visions, classes, ND finances in an exciting and very creative way as possible.

14. Phone Sanitizer and Charger

This is a perfect gift to get rid of germs off your phone. It’s available in several colors and can function both as a sanitizer and along a phone charger. It uses a UV-C bulb to kill 99.99% of bacteria on phones and it can accommodate all types of smartphones.

15. Under-Bed Storage Bags

A foldable underbed bags which allows student to store all their essentials under their beds, as such allows for additional space in the dorm rooms which is often cramped owing to limited storage space. The bag has a breathable and an eco-friendly design which helps to keep stored items fresh.

16. Bedside Caddy

This is also a great gift for college students as it allows them keep important items next to their bed, and it comes very handy if the space in the dorm rooms doesn’t create room for a bedside table. Bedside caddy comes in diverse colors which are simply hooked over a bed frame.

17. Desk Lamp

The perfect lamp serves it purpose during the night study sessions. It has a LED bulb which is easier on the eyes than the normal light bulbs. Part of its features also includes a USB, port for charging and it can also support devices that have wireless charging ability.

18. Instant Pot

This is also one of the best gifts for college students. An instant pot is also one of the better tools for cooking easy, simple and healthy meals in decent quantities. It has numerous cooking capacity for stews, soups n other dishes. The pot also features nine smart functions, including sauté, steam, and slow cook.

19. Storage Ottoman

Finding storage space in the college dorm can be very challenging. The best furniture serves multiple purposes. An ottoman can offer both a storage compact and a place for students to rest their feet. Plus it also features sponge paddling that aids and increase durability and comfort.

20. Lap Desk

Lap desk are great gifts as they call allow make better of the comfortable furniture in their dorms. It features a vertical phone slot, an integrated mouse pad, and also provides a place to study If their roommates are sleeping.

21. Water Bottle

You can never go wrong by gifting a water bottle as it comes handy for college students to Stu hydrated. It’s also a perfect gift for students who are athletes and students with early morning classes. The water bottle has the ability o keep cold drinks cold and coffee hot and allows student with a perfect drinking experience.

22. Photo Clip String Lights

This is one of the perfect gifts you can gift to the homesick college students. A photo clip string lights helps to bring warmth in any room. Students can attach photos of loves ones on the hanged light on their walls.

23. Bluetooth Speaker

A speaker comes handy go through music lovers. It provides a soundtrack for studying or a playlist when friends visit.  JBL Charge 4 is perfect for this specification. It is waterproof and portable with a battery life for up o 20 hours.

24. Night Light and Alarm Clock

This enables the college student in your life to wake up in time for class. It has 3 brightness levels and 48 colors options, and it’s powered by a large capacity battery which can be recharged through a USB  cable in about six hours.

25. Flash Drive

A flash drive can provide a safe space for student to store their most important files, documents and assignments in situations where Dropbox and Google Drive won’t do. Its makes a great option for storage of larger files.

26. Weighted Blanket

Maximizing comfort is very essential e students who are sleeping away from home for the first time, as such a weighted blanket is a perfect gift which makes it one of the best gifts for college students as it offers the ability to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

27. Mini-Fridge

This enables students keep their favorite snacks and drinks. It can also contain up to six 12-ounce cans, medications, and food. It offers the ability to cool or warm, depending on the student’s storage needs. The small design makes it very idea for dorm rooms.

28. Reusable Utensils

This is also one of the best gifts for college students as you can never go wrong by gifting a reusable utensil. It can allow students to eat instant pot meals, ramen, and other snacks on the go. It comes with eight different utensils, including chopsticks

29. Laptop

A laptop is a perfect gift for college students. A Lenovo Chromebook comes very handy for college students who carry their laptops everywhere and need the versatility of tablets. It comes at a very affordable price and also offers all the benefits of the tablet and a laptop.

30. Cookbook

This comes handy for both college students living in the dorm and off campus. A gift that teaches some valuable skills and fills their belies will be well appreciated as it enables them to make a brain-friendly meal for themselves and also their friends.

31. Fitness Tracker

Staying in shape can be quite tough while in college due to the competition of both academic and social life for student’s attention. The Fitbit Charge 4 can assist in keeping track of steps, calories burned, and hourly activity. The built-in GPS can also track pace and distance during runs or walks.

32. Portable Shower Caddy

This is also one of the best gifts for college students due to the challenge that’s posed for sharing a bathroom in the dorms. A portable shower caddy is is very vital as it ensures that the student in your life easily complete their daily routines. It comes in diverse colors which has holes in the bottom that allows water to drain easily. Plus it also offers a compartment that allows users to easily organize their assortment of toiletries.


Finding the perfect gift for college students can be quite challenging when decide what kind of gift to offer. However, we hope that the list above provides a guide to help you choose the best gift for the college students in your life that can serve a purpose and that they will always cherish about and be grateful for.

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