How To Write A Good Fundraising Letter (with sample)

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Last Updated on August 15, 2022

Fundraising Letter

Whenever an organization or non-profit organization wants to undergo a huge project that requires capital or money; It could be campaigns, charity, donations, sponsorship outreach or religious programs, meeting or achieving the above-listed events or programs requires designated bodies of such parties or organizations to engage in fundraising programs which could involve soliciting to individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental bodies/agencies to seek and gather voluntary financial contributions or support aid to be able to achieve/execute their vision and mission towards the program. It’s a means or tool that’s used to source capital for running non-profit enterprises.

What is a Fundraising Letter?

Fundraising letters are letters or documents non-profit organizations send out to individuals, other organizations, charitable foundations, or governmental donors to generate funds and donations, which could be in-kind, contributions, volunteers, time, sponsorships, auction items, and more, needed for the successful running of a project or campaign.

They can be sent on their own or included in a welcome package with certain pamphlets, booklets, and additional information about the program or event that mandates the fundraising. It may seem an old-fashioned way of generating funds but if written correctly they produce an extremely effective response by including appropriate and relevant information and details so the recipients have a better understanding of the urgency and need behind the fundraising request and hopefully choose to partake in the program or event.

When to write a Fundraising Letter

Fundraising letters are written whenever the need arises to source funds or generate capital to fund a program or event and other operations by non-profitable organizations.

How to write a Fundraising Letter

  • Address your recipient personally: This involves addressing your recipient or potential donor by name so as to be sure each reader knows you value their support.
  • Tell a story: Here it involves showing your recipient the situation or problem your organization is working to address or proffering a solution with an illustration or giving a story. Use factual details about the people or individuals involved, that you’re trying to help or support, so your donor can have a clear knowledge or picture of how they (the individuals or persons involved) can benefit from the donation.
  • Define the problem: Here you seize the opportunity to clearly highlight or list the larger issues and problems your clients are facing. Be specific and straightforward as possible when doing this.
  • Explain your mission and outline your goal: This helps explain your needs and how they fit into your overall mission. This also helps your readers understand how their donations will be out to use and who is benefiting from them. Ensure to clearly state and explain the impact your donor’s gift can make and how it will make a difference or what difference it will make.
  • Explain how your donor can make an impact: Donor’s usually like or would want to know how their donations will make a difference in the world before they give, or they would like to know what difference their donations will make or cause in the world b4 they donate. You need to explain how your donor’s donation will solve the problem or issues with their specific actions. For instance, if you’re raising money for children’s welfare, you can specify that a donation of #200,000 will fend for a specific amount of children.
  • Call the reader to action: Here you’re expected to explain the urgency of the situation to your readers, so they can be convinced to move into swift action or response. You can mention what other donors’ gifts or donations have already achieved in addressing the problem and the progress your current fundraisers are making. And provide means by which they can partake in the fundraising for their convenience, it could be through a prestamped envelope for cash or cheque payment, your organization’s website address if they want to donate online 
  • Close: Close your letter by expressing your appreciation in anticipation of their donations, sign and write your name and your title in your organization.

Why is it important?

Fundraising letters are important because :

  • They allow non-profit organizations to spell out their financial needs.
  • It can be used as a tool to raise capital to fund non-profiting events or programs which could be done through sponsorship.
  • It creates an avenue to get help.
  • It helps in creating a powerful and emotional bond with the donor.
  • It helps get donors involved in your program and shows them why their gifts is important.

Sample Fundraising Letter

[Include your organization letterhead]

August 13, 2022

Mr.and Mrs. Bovi

Long Street, Cape Town

Dear Akpan and Maureen,

Widow’s Empowerment Scheme Organization has been in existence for over 5years now and has continued to strive and expand its program by reaching out to the needy and offering to the society and community. We hope that you will be able to partake in one or more of the numerous and exciting events outlined in this month’s program and experience firsthand the pride we take in supporting our cause.

It is our mission to empower 3000 widows with diverse skills so they can be able to earn a living and be independent. And to provide the basic tools needed for them to achieve this purpose in whatever aspect they partake in the training.

In order to meet our mission, provide services and render support to our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies for support. Without your assistance and sacrifice of community-minded driven individuals just like us, we would not be able to serve those in our community.

We ask that you support our cause by making a commitment of cash donation. Our goal for this month is #100million, and we hope that you will be able to make a contribution. Your generosity will make a difference in impacting the lives of 3000 widows at the widow Empowerment Scheme Organization and cause a positive change in society.

For your convenience call us at (09000000000), or visit [URL], or send a cheque in the prestamped envelope included in your letter. Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of the size.

Thanks in advance for your support.


[Type your name and title]


Fundraising is a very effective and significant tool employed by non-profit organizations to raise funds or capital from individuals, charitable organizations or foundations, and governmental agencies in form of contributions, in-kind, volunteers, sponsorships, auction items, and more which are needed in executing or carrying out a program, event, and campaigns, or to fund their operations.

In writing a fundraising letter ensure to focus on the “you” and “we” language in your letter. Your letter should be about the reader and the impact they can make, and it should directly appeal to them. Using “we “and “you” language is important as they help to provide a touch of human interest to your fundraising letter.

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