15 Best Free Government Online Courses With Certificates 2023

Last Updated on January 4, 2023

The information on this page covers the 15 Best Free Government Online Courses With Certificates 2023.

Free Government Online Courses With Certificates

The best free government online courses with certificates of completion allow participants to learn from industry experts and improve their resumes. For most courses, participants are allowed to enroll for free and may be required to pay a minimal amount to get certified.

Enrolling in free online certifications is a great way to improve professional knowledge and skills. These free online government certifications are sponsored by the government of different countries in the world for all to benefit from.

Best Free Government Online Courses With Certificates

1. Certified Public Manager

The Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program is made for people who are in charge of running District Governments.

As one of the government’s free online courses with a completion certificate, it gives people with leadership potential the tools they need to use that potential.

I teach participants how to plan and think strategically to improve their performance as leaders.

2. Code Enforcement Officers

The goal of the Code Enforcement Officers course is to study and improve Florida’s code enforcement through training, the exchange of ideas, and certifications.

The course teaches people what they need to know to make sure that we follow local laws.

3. Economic Development Professionals

In the course Economic Development Professionals, real-world economic solutions are used to solve problems.

People learn how to evaluate, assess, and solve economic problems that their team or organization is facing.

The module of the course is designed to help people get ready for a career in economic development.

4. Introduction to Operation Readiness

Getting Started with Operation One of the free online government certifications is called “Readiness.”

Its goal is to make sure that all organizations have employees who are ready for any kind of emergency.

The theory-based emergency procedures and backup plans are tested and practiced in the course.

This prepares the participants to act correctly in an emergency.

It tells participants about the Central Government Emergency Response Training (CGERT) Course, which gives them the knowledge, skills, and awareness they need to make important decisions during a crisis.

5. Government Property Basics

The Government Property Basics is a five-day course that teaches people about how government property is managed.

When public property is involved, it is very important to use the right ways to run things.

6. County Commissioner

The County Commissioner course teaches people the basics of leadership and how to use it with a variety of skills to improve the way they run counties in a variety of settings.

It is a leadership course for people who want to make positive changes at the most basic level and are in contact with the people on the baseline.

7. Risk Communication Essentials

Risk Communication Essentials is a course about how to manage the sharing of information, advice, and opinions between experts, government officials, and regular people.

This course gives managers the information they need to make moral decisions for their organization.

8. Introduction to Go.Data

The World Health Organization (WHO) and several governments worked together to create the Introduction to Go.Data course.

The program teaches people how to use the web-based platform and mobile application tools from Go.Data.

These tools are used to get data from the field, such as lab, contact, transmission chain, and hospital data.

Go.Data is a platform that is needed to keep an eye on epidemics or pandemics and stop them from spreading (such as Covid-19).

9. Introduction to Competency-Based Learning

The World Health Organization (WHO) also runs a course called “Introduction to Competency-Based Learning,” which is for people who work in health care.

Participants in the program learn the knowledge and skills they need to deal with modern health emergencies, like epidemics and pandemics.

Best Government Free Online Courses With Certificates by the Canadian Government

10. A Self-Directed Guide to Understanding Data

One of the free online courses that the Canadian government offers, A Self-Directed Guide to Understanding Data, comes with a certificate when you finish it.

The goal of the course is to help people understand, talk about, and work with data. I think it to be important for people who work in data-driven organizations.

During the study, participants will have to think about their own data challenges, the data challenges of their organizations, and the national data challenges of Canada.

After the study, the people who took part will come up with ways to deal with these problems.

11. Reaching Efficient Solutions with Computational Thinking

Reaching Efficient Solutions with Computational Thinking is a class that tries to improve problem-solving skills by using both computers and human intelligence.

Participants will learn how to use abstraction techniques and algorithms to solve problems and build new business solutions.

Reaching Efficient Solutions with Computational Thinking is a self-paced online course that looks at what computational thinking is and how it works.

12. Access to Information in the Government of Canada

Access to Information in the Government of Canada is a course that is meant to help people who work in information management for government bodies do their jobs regarding the public’s right to know.

The course makes sure that employees understand the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

It also gives an overview of how to handle requests from individuals and organizations for information and privacy.

Participants will learn how to handle requests for access to information and privacy (ATIP) and make good suggestions about how information should be shared.

The Canadian government has approved this course as one of their free certification courses.

13. Achieving Customer-Centric Design with User Personas

The goal of the course Achieving Customer-Centric Design with User Personas is to find typical end users who can help organizations focus on the products and services that customers really want.

The course is self-paced and looks at how user personas can help businesses by giving them useful information.

In the course, participants learn how to make a good user persona and how to choose data that can help their organization make products that customers will like.

14. Orientation and Self-Discovery for Managers

Orientation and Self-Discovery for Managers is one of the free online government certifications that anyone can use. It teaches managers the basics of their jobs.

The course helps people get ready for management jobs and shows them how to evaluate their own personality traits.

This assessment of self-discovery, on the other hand, is a practice for the second part of this course, which is a virtual course called the Manager Development Program (MDPv).

15. Agile Project Planning

The goal of the Agile Project Planning course is to teach people how to set up the right project requirements and satisfactory conditions.

It’s a class that looks at important planning tasks like making personas and wireframing. The program teaches how to plan a project using the Agile method.

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