Top 10 Best Flying Schools in Europe 2023

Last Updated on September 26, 2022

Top 10 Best Flying Schools in Europe

Aviation training, likewise the aviation industry as a whole, is gradually acquiring fame and being a high-demand field or profession to seek a profiting career. In whatever career prospect you want to specialize in, a high level of education is necessary for the professional development of those who are related in any way to the field of aviation, whether they are crew members, maintainers, or those in the dispatching unit and many others.

Have you ever considered a career in aviation be it in aviation maintenance, aviation management, air traffic control, or an alternate aviation-related profession, and the aviation training centers in Europe happens to be your preferred choice of location to pursue this professional career to acquire the basic requirements in both theoretical and practical knowledge of this profession?

In this article, we shall be discussing on the top 10 best flying schools in Europe. Keep reading to discover more information.

Top 10 Best Flying Schools in Europe

1. Airbus Training Centre

Airbus Training Centre is awarded as one of the highest places that offer variety of quality flight training with a worldwide training availability, which allows students the opportunity to choose where, how and when they would undergo their training. This flight school provides over 300 training programs for all kind of aircraft and personal profiles which includes pilots, structure and repair specialists, maintenance staff and flight operations and performance engineers.

2. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is among the flight school that’s considered as one of the best when it comes to aviation schools in Europe. It has programs that concentrate on training young pilots who don’t have any flight experience. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy provides a vast range of training courses that develop cadet’s skills and qualifications for their preferred pilot career which ranges from improvement in jet handling skills to competence as a flight instructor.

3. Flying Academy

Flying Academy is one of the Top 10 Best flying schools in Europe which is authorized by the FAA and EASA. This flight school offers high quality flight training with the aim of creating professionals, flight crew members who function effectively and considers safety as a necessity and are perfectly groomed for the challenges in employment opportunities either as a cooperate pilots or first officer including captains of any airlines around the globe.

4. BAA Training

If you are looking for one of the flight schools with first class training centers in Europe BAA Training is to be considered. BAA is regarded as the European standard aviation training centre, where an experience of customized training solution is wrapped in the personal care. With more than 20 years of experience in aviation training, offers many training solutions which are the motive behind the safer aviation industry: Cabin Crew training, Ab Initio, Type Rating pilot training, Ground Handling and lot more.

5. Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile

If you desired one of the best aeronautics and aviation universities in Europe that provides a wide range of training, studies and research activities ENAC comes to mind as its noteworthy of this specifications. ENAC offers a comprehensive scope of 28 higher education programs. It also offers numerous programmes that are available for pilots and lots of flying experience for those who are yet to start building their flight hours. it also provides personnel who take care of both those that fly high above and those that operates on the ground.

6. CTC Aviation

CTC Aviation is also one of the top 10 best flying schools in the Europe. CTA, with 25 years of delivering the fundamental business activities, provides training programmes in airlines managers, aspiring airlines pilots, competent airlines pilots and executive jet owners. CTC Aviation training centre has numerous training facilities which are not only in Europe but also in the US as well as the New Zealand, which is no doubt the reason for it attraction of more students from various countries around the globe.

7. Olympus Aviation Academy

Olympus Aviation Academy is established and managed by veteran air force and civil aviation Flight Instructors, under the highest European Civila Aviation authority (EASA standards). The school offers from 0 to Airline pilots, experienced staff, and high quality training with 365dayd flying. Olympus utilizes the second biggest airport in Greece LGTS with heavy traffic, international hour building, plus advance e-distance learning.

8. Lufthansa Flight Training

Among the list of the best flying schools in Europe also includes Lufthansa Flight Training. This flight school which partners with more than 200 airlines offers lots of several training such as Ab Initio Pilot Training, Cockpit Training, Cabin Training and Business Training. In addition, Lufthansa Flight Training is constantly developing and enlarging its fleet of full-flight simulators.

9. Cockpit4u

Cockpit4u is also one of the top 10 best flight schools in Europe. It training center offers both initial and recurrent training for pilots from around the globe. Cockpit4u has training centers not only in Europe but also in the United State which is a factor for its increase consideration and popularity amongst other centers by international students.

10. Kenya School of Flying

This flying school is located at Nairobi’s Wilson Airport, which has additional flight bases in Malindi, Orly Airpark, and Ukunda airstrip. The school offers a personal training on simulators and aircraft that guarantees students graduating with the required skill to fly for any airline. This professional flying school has characteristic of being the continent’s first aviation school to obtain the Redbird FMX, twin-engine, full motion, a state-of-the-art, and full vision simulator.


The above list of the top 10 best flying schools in Europe amongst other reputable flying schools offer you a greater choice and guide in making the perfect choice of aviation institution that will assist you in acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge that is essential for a successful career in the aviation field.

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