ExploreAI Academy Bursary 2023 Application Form And Deadline

Last Updated on January 12, 2023

Applications for the ExploreAI Academy Bursary 2023 are now open. ExploreAI is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and global data company that aims to transform the lives of many talented and young African citizens. ExploreAI Academy was established to further pursue the company’s vision. By providing students with modern skills, the Academy enables them to gain knowledge and build a solid career foundation. A project-based approach is taken by ExploreAI Academy when it comes to teaching data engineering and data science. Having these skills allows candidates to overcome real-world challenges and be better prepared for jobs.

ExploreAI Academy Bursary 2023

ExploreAI Academy is accepting invitations from students to apply for the ExploreAI Academy Bursary for the academic year 2023. The Academy offers bursaries for students wishing to pursue a full-time/part-time degree in Data Engineering or Data Science studies at the ExploreAI Academy.

Applicants for Data Science:

Students at ExploreAI Academy will learn machine learning, data visualization, and Python programming. This program focuses on Data Visualization, Python, MySQL, Power BI,  Jupyter Notebooks, unsupervised and supervised learning. Among the career options are Data Analyst, Data Scientist, BI Developer, and Machine Learning Engineer.

Learn more about the Data Science Course

Applicants for Data Engineering:

Students at ExploreAI Academy will gain expertise in Database technology, SQL and Python along with big data fundamentals. This program focuses on Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Python, data lakes, MySQL, AWS, Apache Spark, and data pipelines. Among the career options are Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Backend Engineer, and Database Administrator.

Learn more about the Data Engineering course.

Three students will receive bursaries worth up to R70 000 that will also cover their tuition fees.

ExploreAI Academy Bursary Eligibility Criteria

  • You have to meet these minimum requirements to apply for the ExplorerAI Academy Bursary 2023:
  • You must be a citizen of South Africa
  • A minimum age of 18 is necessary when entering
  • The applicant must have the interest to study a Data Engineering or Data Science course at the ExploreAI Academy.
  • You must have the facility of remote study with access to stable internet connectivity, a computer and a quiet working environment.
  • It is essential that you are able to devote yourself full-time (at least 50 hours a week) or part-time (at least 15 hours a week) towards your studies.
  • The applicant should not be an ExploreAI affiliate or employee or related to any employee in any way.

ExploreAI Academy Bursary Application

Applicants need to submit their application online at ExploreAI Academy Bursary 2023 Application Form

Important Notes

  • All national, local and provincial laws apply to the bursary programme. In the case of non-compliance, your award will be withdrawn.
  • ExploreAI will reject and disqualify applications that are incomplete/do not follow the rules and regulations.
  • The bursary opportunity is only available once per candidate.
  • You must not enter more than once by using different e-mail addresses and contact information.
  • The number of entries will determine the selection of successful candidates.
  • Award value may vary.
  • Upon selection, successful candidates will receive an email notification within five days.
  • If the final candidates are ineligible/unreachable or not capable of claiming the award within six days of notification or do not return their declarations on time, there will be a retraction of the award.
  • The recipient of the bursary will need to complete and submit a declaration form. After receiving the award news, they must submit this immediately.
  • As part of the application process, candidates must agree to ExploreAI Academy using their names, entries, and likenesses for the purpose of advertising.

ExploreAI Academy Bursary Application Deadline

The last date for submission of the application is 9 January 2023 at 23:59. Applicants must submit their online applications before the closing date.

ExploreAI Academy Bursary Contact Details

The applicants can directly contact ExploreAI Academy if they have questions about the bursary program:

Email id: admissions@explore.ai

You can also fill out the form on their contact page with your queries. Please do not send any questions after the closing date.

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