Best Dog Walking Apps For Dog Owners – Android & iOS

Last Updated on September 15, 2022

Dog Walking Apps

Owning and catering for a pet comes with a great deal and a huge task. From their healthcare, feeding, and general maintenance, to name a few, you may want to give them the world because they are wonderful creatures and they deserve it.

The invention of technology in the world today has made it very easy to provide adequate care and support to your pet through the invention of apps that can assist with useful information such as training tips, vital emergency care, and healthcare advice all of which are rounded up to make your pet happy and well entertained.

In this article, we’ll look at the best dog walking apps so you can choose the one more suitable for your pet.

Best Dog Walking Apps

Here’s a list of the best dog working apps for Android & iOS devices.

1. GoodPup

This app is describe as the most effective puppy training program, which has a personalized training plan once you complete your sign up. It is well packed with exciting activities which includes weekly private 30-minute sessions with a trainer, guided daily training tips, and offers a 24/7chat feature with trainers. This is the best add for dog owners who are looking to commit to a full-service package and it offers a free seven-days trial after installation and signup. It’s available on iOS and android.

2. Puppr

This is also one of the best dog walking apps which is also available for both iPhones and android phone users. It is a suitable app for dog owners who are in search of a less formal training resource. This app features training videos, live chatting with trainers, progressive tracking where you log on to check how your dog is faring, and over 100 different lessons, which are tutored by the famous dog instructor Sara Carson and her dog dogs the “Super Collies.”

3. Rover

Rover is one best app that provides dog sitters for those who are not comfortable with living their dog with strangers and needs a dog sitter. It is the destination to meet local sitters that will treat your dog as a friend and family. They also offer services that ranges from dog sitting to dog daycare.

4. MyPet Reminders

My pet reminder is a great app that comes handy for those who have quite a busy and tight schedule, that strive to remember various vet appointments, wondering when to give their pup their medication. All that’s required is to create a profile and it will serve as a reminder on vital action that is required to be taken with respect to your god’s welfare. These includes; vet appointment, flea and tick treatment, birthdays, competitions, vaccinations, de-worming appointment, dog shows, and other custom reminders.

5. Rundogo

Rundogo is also one of the best dog walking apps, which is a very easy to use sport app for active dog owners and dogs. Rundogo can track you and your dog and show you the result in one place. This app makes it very easy to track your daily workout with your pups.

6. Pet First Aid

For those who prioritize the health and care of their dogs this app comes very handy. It’s an app that was created by the American Red Cross and it’s a very efficient app for every pet owners. It provides step-by-step guidelines on what to do in case of emergency, such as if your dog is attacked or ate something toxic. It also has instructions on ways to give your dog CPR including information about early symptoms on emergency and search function for finding the nearest veterinary hospital.

7. 11pets

11pets app is also one of the best dog walking apps that covers everything when it comes to your dog needs. With this app you can keep track of your dog’s medical history, maintenance of upcoming schedules of vaccines and vet visits, including the tracking of your dog’s weight and nutrition. It’s free and available for both iOS and Android.

8. Pawprint

If you are searching for one of the best apps that offer simple solutions to daily problem, this app is just one of them. Pawprint makes it very easy to track medical record of your dog. All that is required in this app is to simply enter your pet’s information, and Pawprint will tracks them down for you and saves a digital copy. It’s also available for both iOS and Android phone users.

9. Airvet

Airvet  is also available on iOS and Android. Alongside other several veterinary telemedicine platforms out there, Airvet is unique because it offers different options. In this app you can either pay a flat fee of $30 for a virtual call with the first available veterinarian or become an Airvet member  and pay a monthly fee, which basically works as a 24/7 concierge service for your pet’s medical needs.

10. Pet Monitor VIGI

This app does not require getting a new hardware like other pet monitoring system does. With a single purchase, you would be able to download Pet Monitor VIGI on every single device you have. It also provides a two-way audio and video for easy interaction with your dog while you’re away.

11. BarkHappy

BarkHappy is also one of the best dog walking and fun apps for pets and also a social media for dog people. With BarkHappy you can connect with other dog owners within your environment or locality, send out alerts to other users in situations of a lost or found dog, and also source for dog-friendly restaurants, stores, hotels, and the likes. It’s free and also available for both iphone and android phone users.

12. PetBacker

This is a brilliant app to consider when you’re looking for someone to hire. It offers same service as Rover which ranges from pet sitter to groomers and dog walkers. The advantage of this app includes its price estimates, reviews and tracking how far your dog has walked.

13. Pup to Date

Utilizing positive procedure and organization, this app helps in training your puppy like a pro would have. It’s an ideal app for those with busy schedule, as you can easily keep records on the duration of events such as the last time you bath your dog, the last time you gave them their meds, the last time you fed them, and whatever else you want to keep track of, and also arrange a specific period of when you want to commence the training. The training also can be sync with you Apple Watch.

14. Dog Log

This is a free and easy-to-use app that is designed by experts to make dog care and maintenance very easy. It enables dog owners to track and check on their dog’s health, weight, vet appointments, well-being, eating habits, medicines, and training and also aids the proper understanding of their dog’s behavioral trends including the regular photos you took of your pup; it’s such a brilliant app.


Technology has really made life very easy of which man is a beneficiary including pet “dogs”, through the invention of apps that could be utilized and have yielded positive results to many users around the globe. The above is a list of the best dog walking apps that can assist you in caring for your dogs in the best possible way to achieve the best possible outcome towards a better life for you and your dog.

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