How Much Is Doctors Salary In Canada Per Month?

Last Updated on February 13, 2023

A doctor is a medical specialist who treats patients. Doctors diagnose, treat, and advise people with illnesses, ailments, and injuries. Their many responsibilities include patient examination, collecting patient information, performing diagnostic tests, and directly treating diseases.

Doctor Salary In Canada Per Month

Medicine is one of the most prestigious courses in the world. Generally, doctors from different parts of the world earn good salaries every month. How much does a doctor earn in Canada? Salaries vary by location, area of ​​expertise, and experience.

Doctors Salary In Canada Per Month

In Canada, like anywhere else in the world, your salary as a medical doctor isn’t the same all over the country. Instead, it depends on your location, that is, your province.

Here’s a quick table showing the average medical Doctor salary in Canada by location:

ProvinceSalary Per MonthSalary Per Year
New Brunswick$25,177$302,123
Prince Edward Island$25,424$305,091
British Columbia$22,750$273,000
New Found Land$22,470$269,646
Nova Scotia$21,614$259,368
The average medical doctor salary in Canada differs by location.

Average Medical Doctor Salary in Canada by Specialty

The different specialties in Medicine are not rated the same when it comes to salary. Not trying to put favour over some areas, but generally, there will be some specialties in which doctors earn more than others.

According to the CIHI, here are the average medical doctor salary in Canada by specialty:

Medical SpecialtyGross Annual Salary
Thoracic/Cardiovascular Surgery$600,000
General Surgery$452,000
Orthopedic surgery$426,000
Internal medicine$400,000
Plastic surgery$377,000
Physical Medicine$279,000
Family medicine$277,000
Table showing the average medical doctor salary by specialty

So, straight up from this data above, you can easily deduct that the highest paying medical specialty in Canada is Eye surgery which is Ophthalmology earning an average of $749,000. Some Eye doctors even make as much as $1 million!

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